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3 quick Top Tips for a Healthy Weekend

Happy Weekend!!

Here are my top tips for a HEALTHY weekend:

Tip 1: Eat REAL food

  • That means things that grow in the mud or from a tree (think apples, broccoli, carrots, parsnips, pears)…   - and things that run, swim or fly, things that make noises and move (think chicken, lamb, salmon)
  • These things are REAL food. Think about it, think about what other animals eat - the herbivores eat grass, leaves and other plants ALL the time. Cows don’t have a side order of grass with their microwave lasagne, and sheep don’t eat a few dandelion leaves to wash down their chicken fajita wrap. These plant eating creatures just eat, well, plants. And the meat eaters, they eat meat. No one ever saw a lion eating anything else, just meat. And then Nature’s adaptable omnivores eat the lot. Chickens are super omnivores, left to their own (free range) devices, they scratch up worms and insects and bugs all day, they rummage in the undergrowth and eat insects, and plants, seeds and berries, all kinds of stuff.
  • Now look around a modern supermarket. There are humans going through the day from Chocolate processed flakes of wheat for breakfast, to processed sliced white bread, with processed reformed ‘meat’ for lunch, to half a bottle of Pinot Grigio and oven pizza for dinner. And we wonder what’s gone wrong with out health? Just eat REAL food. Try a whole weekend of eating ONLY food that has NO LABEL and no list of ingredients. No bar code. Go to the supermarket and TEST yourself, ONLY buy things that have NO label, NO list of ingredients and ONLY buy things that you can imagine or envisage in their natural state, growing in the mud, hanging from a tree, or flying, swimming or running around. If you BUY only real food, you’ll EAT only real food.

Tip 2: Get some exercise, move your body

  • Get out and move your body, try going for a long walk, take your kids, take your friends, make it sociable.
  • The benefits of walking are so under-rated these days it’s a crime. If you can, make it a sociable event. If you plan to visit with friends or family this weekend, arrange the visit around taking a walk together.
  • Since I quit alcohol, refined sugar and junk food, I find that meeting friends for a social catch up is best arranged around going out for a walk. Pubs and coffee shops are full of sugar and junk, so instead of meeting for lunch for 3 hours, why not meet for a walk for 3 hours instead? Take lunch from home, and meet for a walk ‘n’ talk. I try to do this with all my social engagements now, it’s the way to go, conversation is so much better out walking in Mother Nature than sitting over lunch in a pub somewhere with a TV on the wall distracting you from the conversation. If you plan to see friends or family this weekend, arrange your gathering around a few hours walking in the fresh air, for everyone’s benefit.

Tip 3: Drink more water

  • At least 2 litres per day…you don’t need to measure it out, just think to drink a regular sized glass of water approximately once every hour that you are awake, that will easily total 2 hours over the course of the day.
  • If you have to go pee about once an hour, you’re getting it right.
  • You would be amazed how many people overeat because they are dehydrated. Often, your body wants water, but people mistake the signals as hunger, and they eat when all they really needed was water. Over time, this is a major cause of excess weight gain.


That’s it, 3 tips, pretty simple huh?

  • Just eat real food - no list of ingredients
  • Get out for a long walk, enjoy the fresh air
  • Drink plenty of water, don’t mistake thirst for hunger

It’s not rocket science is it folks? But you know, if you are overweight, out of shape, and wondering why you can’t shift that ring of flab that sits on your waistline, these 3 tips, applied this weekend and EVERY weekend for the rest of this year, could be all you need to do to make the difference. Don’t let the profiteering ‘diet industry’ convince you that it needs to be any more complex than this. It doesn’t.

MotherNaturesDiet - keeping it simple in 2014

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