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Your most frequently asked questions about the Mother Nature’s Diet healthy lifestyle.


Grains and carbs!
Why do you recommend not eating starchy processed carbs, such as bread, rice and pasta?


More on grains and carbs:
If I have to avoid grains, what about other starchy carbs, the ones that don’t contain gluten, the popular ‘good choices’ – such as couscous, organic oats, sourdough bread, white potatoes, oat groats, quinoa and einkorn?


Low-carb or not?
You say Mother Nature’s Diet isn’t a low carb diet, you just avoid grains and processed starchy carbs. So what carbs are best then?


What about legumes?
Living the MND way, can I eat legumes - beans, pulses and sweetcorn?


Eating the MND way, how do you get so many servings of fruit and vegetables in every day? Eating the MND way every day - 17-a-day average!
Packing in my green veggies!
Another typical day eating the MND way


I have a sweet tooth, I crave sugar and carbs, what can I do about that?
MND TV Episode 2 - sweet tooth


While we are on the subject of carbohydrates and sugars, how much fruit should we eat? Is there too much sugar in fruit? Will fruit make me fat?
Here are the answers on fruit: MND TV Episode 7 - all about Fabulous Fruit!


Core Principle 3 and pasteurised dairy. 
In Core Principle 3 you say “eliminate pasteurised dairy”. Does that mean all dairy is completely out? Can you explain please?
This is a great question, get the short answer here.


Is it healthy to drink coffee?


Some people say “A calorie is a calorie”, and some say “there is no need to eat clean, just stick to your macros” - please help me to understand - are all calories created equal?
Are all calories created equal?


You promote giving up alcohol. Do I have to give it up completely?
MND stance on alcohol


What oil should I use to cook with?
What oil to cook with?


I run and cycle, I love endurance sport - don’t I need carbs for energy?
Eating to Fuel Endurance Training and Long Distance Races
London Marathon 2014 – post-race report


Motor neurone disease
MND and motor neurone disease. Is there a connection?


Health and diet industry rubbish - snakeoil salesmen, bullshit detox diets, and overpriced supplements - what do you make of it all?
Mother Nature’s Diet is not a ‘fad diet’ and we do not sell supplements nor promote ‘secrets’ or ‘magic cures’.
Here is the MND opinion on -
Alkalizing and alkaline diets
Supergreens, superfoods and expensive supplements
Supplements and value for money
Carb-blocking pills
Fitness gadgets and gimmicks
How people are now spending more money on health and wellness than they are on food


More FAQs coming soon - thanks for your patience while I complete this page!



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  1. Dorota #

    Hello, I think its a great site .I’m just wondering, how often do you eat meat ( in a week ) ? I heard that eating too much protein causes problem with kidneys . What do you eat on a day without proteins? Thank you for answer :-))

    March 19, 2022
  2. Hi Dorota, thanks for your question. I eat meat every day, often several times per day, I believe this is our natural diet…but it must be ‘good clean meat’ - grass-fed, pasture-raised, outdoor-reared, organic meat.
    I ate meat every day for about a year, then had my blood tested to ensure good liver and kidney function - please see the results at
    As you can see, after that time, I was in excellent health, inside and out, so it seems absolutely fine. Keep an eye on this site, as soon as my free eBook is ready for download, you will be able to read much more and I will explain in detail why I believe we should eat meat and fish and eggs every day.
    Thanks again, do let me know if you have any other questions. Karl.

    March 20, 2022
  3. Dorota #

    Hi Karl thank you for an answer 🙂 I look forward to reading your ebook 🙂

    March 20, 2022
  4. Reg Cole #

    Hi what’s the best diet for someone suffering from hyperthyroidism? It looks like I need to cut out gluten, iodine, wheat, dairy, sugar & salt & now go for mainly organic stuff & grass fed animals. Help!!

    June 10, 2021
    • Well that would all be a great healthy diet, for sure.

      Do you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism?

      Oily fish is good, green vegetables, yes avoid excess iodine, fresh berries.

      What advice have you had from your doctor?

      June 11, 2021

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