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The more you just ‘do’, the more you will continue to do 

I observe people quite a lot in my life.

My work is very varied, and involves public speaking, training people, working in groups, coaching people, leading people in outdoor activities, meeting friends and colleagues, mentoring people, working on collaborative projects and so on. Throughout this varied work, over the last two decades, I have observed that it’s only really quite a small percentage of people who ‘just do’ things, compared to a majority who live somewhere on the periphery of action - usually either right ‘on the cusp’ observing, wanting to take part, vicariously living on the edge, but never quite stepping up, or others tend to be further back, watching the action from something of a distance, or even way back, along with the ‘wall flowers’ of our world.

It takes all sorts, as they say.

Allow me to explain what I am talking about.

I find that few people ‘just do it’ as the expression goes. By it, I mean all kinds of things. Most people move into adulthood and fairly quickly settle into a set of circumstances that are familiar and comfortable. When the suggestion comes up to do something different, to push into unfamiliar territory, they default to a bunch of ‘reasons’ (ummm, excuses I call it) to hold back.

It might be trying a new sport, going on a trip, or changing a familiar routine, but people resist new, they resist change, and this can go on for months, for years, for decades. If you are one of those people, maybe you realise, it can go on for an entire life time.

All the excuses

I’ll write using the terms “I” and “you” but these are not about me, and you, they are just generalisations, about many people.

Last weekend I led a couple of friends to climb their first ever mountain, so that seems like a good place to start.

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Beware of seemingly healthy options

Whenever I am travelling, I look at food that is available 'on the road' in my quest to try to help people make healthier choices.
This blog shows a classic example of how hard it can be to make the right choice.
This Vanilla Bean & Maple Syrup Smoothie caught my eye, the label design and the words, create the impression of a fairly healthy snack option.
SUMMARY of this post:
• This product is 10% protein, 17% fat and 48.5% sugar
• There are 11 teaspoons of sugar in this product
• There are so many calories in this small drink, that it would exceed the meal size for a number of calorie-controlled diet programs
• Beware the seemingly healthy options. Packaging can be deceiving, and indeed it is often purposefully designed to do just that
• The big companies pack sugar into everything
• If it has a label, you probably shouldn't eat it. Real food doesn't have a label

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Exercise while you travel

When away from home, as well as finding it harder to stick to a clean diet, many people find it harder to fit in regular exercise.

While I was on holiday with my family, I didn't have my home gym available, and there was not a commercial gym to be found for miles around, so I had to improvise. The good thing about being experienced in using my own body weight for exercise, is that I can usually work out any time, any place, without too much trouble.

Squat the kids!

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Moving this blog to a new home

When I set up, about 9 months ago, it was my first blog ever, and I knew nothing about blogging, so I was just learning as I went along. I thought a blog, was a blog, was a blog, and I was not aware of the massive differences between the different blogging sites and the software they use.

It turns out, I picked a rubbish place to start, and that's why this site is so ugly!! I have learned since then, and I recently built a new site at using WordPress, and it is SO much nicer and SO much more professional, the new site looks clean and smart, so I am going to now totally start again with and create this over on WordPress too.

I have registered on WordPress, and I will start building there. Once I have moved the whole thing over, then I will redirect this domain name to point at the new site, so eventually (and this could take easily 6 weeks or more to complete) then both domain names will all end up in the same place, and this ghastly green mess can be closed down!

So I won't be posting much over the coming weeks, sorry, but there is already about 100,000 words on here, and the more I add, the more I will have to then move to the new site, so it makes sense to stop adding here, and just get "settled into my new home" so to speak then start again.

Making MND my permanent lifestyle

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What to eat for snacks

I was chatting to a friend earlier, who embraced MotherNaturesDiet and understands the basic principles, but she wanted to know about snacks. What is good and healthy to eat as a snack?

Let's face it, we can plan all the meals, write the lists, do the shopping, organise our days...but there are times, no matter how well we have planned thins out, that we all still need to grab a snack. And snacks, like other forms of ‘convenience food’ are where many people make the biggest diet mistakes.

The world of snack food, within mainstream Western society, is a world of sugar and junk carbohydrates. Avoid!

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Sometimes you have to bend the rules!

Travelling can be the hardest time for anyone trying to eat a healthy diet. When we are away from home, in unfamiliar surroundings, away from our usual choice of shops and markets, when the food shopping and cooking is not 100% under our control, this is the hardest time to stay comfortably in charge of what you eat.

Any of you who have been following this blog and are familiar MotherNaturesDiet and the 12 Core Principles (See page ‘The Rules!’) will know that Core Principle 12 allows me to apply the 90/10 rule, and not just as a get-out clause or an excuse for ‘treats’! (In my mind, they are not treats, they are mistakes, set-backs on the road to supreme good health.) ‘Rule’ 12 is in there mainly because I am a realist, and I know that it is virtually impossible to always get organic veggies, organic clean fruit, free-range eggs, outdoor-reared free-range meat, and so on. As low-level stress is a major health challenge these days, getting would up over your food choices is not good for your health, so Rule 12 is there to help us all relax a little and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.

Away from home, limited food options

Over the weekend, I was struck by just how hard it is get the things we want when away from the familiarity of our regular ‘home turf’. I went to a medium-sized supermarket, and there were almost NO options on free-range, organic, outdoor-reared meat or open-ocean caught, sustainably-caught fish. This supermarket had just a couple of free-range whole chickens available, and that was it, there were no other options. No outdoor-reared grass fed beef, no outdoor reared pork, lamb, nothing. There were a few organic veggies, but the range was limited and over-priced.

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Camping and Pizza Express

I took two of my kids camping and hiking for the weekend, and it was great. In terms of healthy eating, we did pretty well...however the visit to Pizza Express definitely strayed 'off plan' for me!!

We left for our trip straight after the kids finished school on Friday afternoon, and after almost 5 hours in the car, we finally reached our campsite. I had pre-cooked a meal earlier in the day (a tasty chilli) made using organic meat and veggies, so I just re-heated it for a late supper when we arrived.

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June 2012 Health Retreat visit in Spain

I just returned from a lovely week at the wonderful Obsidian Retreat on the Costa Blanca, in Spain. Obsidian is a great place full of lovely friendly staff and guests and I enjoyed a fabulous week drinking healthy green juices and soaking up the sunshine. I have know the owners Andy and Carol for a few years and they have become dear friends of mine, they are such a great couple, deeply passionate and enthusiastic about helping people rediscover good health.

The retreat is mainly focussed on weight loss and diabetes reduction, promoting an alkaline vegan diet, and raw food and juicing. I personally don’t need to lose weight and I don’t have diabetes, but still I can thoroughly recommend a week relaxing at Obsidian just to enjoy good food, good health, good company and good weather. It’s a great place to detox and de-stress and enjoy relaxing in a healthy environment.

I enjoyed loads of delicious nutritious juices, and some wonderful salads and vegetarian evening meals. I lost 4 pounds over the week, despite trying not to lose any weight, and I am sure my body enjoyed relaxing walks, chilling by the pool and soaking up the sun. Many guests go to Obsidian to quickly lose a lot of weight, and those choosing the all-juice option typically lose about 10 or 11 pounds each week they are there. Many stay for several weeks. This weight loss is very fast, but it’s healthy, as the juiced raw green vegetables provide all the wonderful nutrients your body requires.

Picture shows me with one of my lovely new friends pinching what’s left of my belly - I was complaining about my tum, because I can’t yet see my 6-pack, and she was teasing me!