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Running Marathons and Goal Setting

Today’s picture is from April 2011, I was running in the Exmoor trail marathon (a CTS event run by EnduranceLife – excellent events, I can thoroughly recommend them) and I finished 1st in ‘Male Veterans’ and 9th overall, with a finish time of 4 hours 40 minutes and 59 seconds. The course was approximately 27.1 miles and included well over 5000 feet of ascent, including one very big, long, steep climb just 5 miles from the end, which was torture on tired legs.

This time of year, with New Year just around the corner, I always spend time thinking about goals and challenges. I ran a lot of marathons in 2011, that year my fitness was one of my big goals and I pushed it to an all-time high. As well as a ‘first-place-in-age-group’ marathon finish, I ran a sub 3:15 road marathon in Copenhagen, aged 40, I ran a 10k PB of exactly 42 mins, I completed the National 3 Peaks Challenge inside 24 hours, I completed 1014 good-form clean push-ups in 1 hour and I cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End in 9 days, a total of 963 miles. I certainly was ‘fit’ in the sense of cardio-vascular performance and the mental attitude for endurance sport.

Broader goals

As regular readers of this blog will know...

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MNDs Christmas Survival Tips!

It is almost Christmas, and we all know that the holidays are a testing time for anyone trying to lose weight or get fit, but in truth I don’t see any reason why we can’t enjoy Christmas, indulge in a few extra luxuries, relax a little, but not throw weeks or months of hard work in the bin.

This is my approach to surviving the Christmas period without my waistline and energy levels paying the price.

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Statins and cholesterol

Hey folks. Check out this site:

You could also see more at:

For any of you regular readers here, and if you have bought any of the books on my Recommended Reading list, you will recognise Dr Malcolm Kendrick (The Great Cholesterol Con) and Justin Smith ($29 Billion Reasons To Lie About Cholesterol)

What can I say - buy the movie! And buy a copy for a friend, spread the word!

Nuff said!

What to eat for snacks

I was chatting to a friend earlier, who embraced MotherNaturesDiet and understands the basic principles, but she wanted to know about snacks. What is good and healthy to eat as a snack?

Let's face it, we can plan all the meals, write the lists, do the shopping, organise our days...but there are times, no matter how well we have planned thins out, that we all still need to grab a snack. And snacks, like other forms of ‘convenience food’ are where many people make the biggest diet mistakes.

The world of snack food, within mainstream Western society, is a world of sugar and junk carbohydrates. Avoid!

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Respect for your age

I have been pushing some pretty intense workouts the in recent weeks, training hard with weights, and I notice how when I really work my muscles hard, it now takes me at least 3 days to stop aching and fully recover. I don’t mind pain, I could train after 1 day or 2 no problem, but I will get progressively weaker. In order to train and get progressively stronger, I now need 3 days between really heavy, intense workouts.

It's an age thing!

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