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Summer Berries Smoothie

Yippeee it looks as though Summer has finally arrived in the UK and I love it!

This morning breakfast is a delicious smoothie of summer fruits (pineapple, raspberries, home-grown strawberries, blueberries from the farm up the road, crushed ice and a handful of raw almonds and a few leaves of mint) and some research reading.

I am re-reading ‘The Vegetarian Myth’ by Lierre Keith, as I am trying to learn more about anaemia in vegetarians. I also just managed to get a copy of Weston Price ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ which is the grand-daddy of all Paleo nutrition books, so I am keenly getting stuck into that.

Happy Sunday folks 🙂

Sports Products and Sports/Energy Drinks

BBC Panorama just aired a TV show titled “The Truth About Sports Products” which told us that sports drinks, running shoes and supplements are basically all a total waste of money.

The presenter closed the show by saying that the best approach to sport and exercise for 99% of us is “to eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plain old water as and when we feel thirsty, and get out in the fresh air and exercise, often.”

Sounds exactly like the basis of what I have been saying, really. 🙂
MND is just good common sense.

p.s. The show explored bare foot running. For further reading on the topic of barefoot running, check out the superb book ‘Born To Run’ by Christopher McDougal.

Living the MND way - 42 yrs old Today!

Hey!! It's my birthday! I'm 42 years old today!

As from today, I am 'officially' living by my 12 Core Principles completely now. I have pretty much been living this way for a the last 6 to 9 months anyway, but now I am being more strict.

What you can measure, you can manage

That old business saying is true, you can only manage what you measure, so I think the best way to start is with a full set of my stats, as follows:
•Age: 42
•Height: 6 ft 1 in (186 cm)

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Home produce

Come on British Summer Time…where’s the sun?!?!?

Our home strawberry patch can produce a bowl or two PER DAY when the sun shines, but this last week or so, with no sun and endless rain, all those delicious, nutritious, tasty organic strawbs are going mouldy in the damp soil before they have even had a chance to ripen under the sun.

Caution: stupidity may damage the human race


I just opened a packet of cashew nuts. They are plain, unprocessed, unsalted, plain old cashews. The packet has no list of ingredients, refreshingly, as they are just 100% plain natural cashew nuts. On the front of the pack it says "Cashew nuts" and basically nothing else. On the back, at the top, it repeats "Cashew nuts" then underneath that, like 2 mm away, it says "Allergy advice: contains nuts"!!

OMG come on! I'd want my money back if it DIDN'T contain nuts!! I mean really, seriously, do they need to write that? What judge would support a court case against Morrison's "You didn't warn the complainant that the product contained nuts..." really? It's called NUTS you f*****g stupid people!

Seriously, in all honesty if you are so thick that you buy a bag of nuts and eat them, not knowing they are NUTS, and you have some savage allergic reaction, then it would really be doing the world a favour if you die, because that level of stupidity needs to be eliminated from the gene pool in order to further our species. Really...madness.

But there is a serious message here...

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