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You think my food is boring? Try taking a look at your LIFE!

Someone recently said to me “Oh man I know it’s healthy and all that, but a lot of your food looks really boring, you eat the same thing all the time, eggs and greens, nuts and fruit, meat and veggies, it’s so boring. Don’t you want Chinese take away and pizza and chips and curry and loads of different things every week? Come on mate, you only live once, have some fun! Don’t you get bored?”

Erm, no, I don’t, thanks. Fortunately, I actually have enough going on in my life that I don’t need to look to my evening meal to find something thrilling and exciting in my day. I’m 43 years old, I run a publishing company, I’m trying hard to write a best seller (3 actually), I have a wife and 3 young kids (aged 6, 8 and 10) who I love to spend time with, I like to workout pretty much every day, I am trying to build MND into a business, I have at least 130 really interesting health and nutrition related books piled up in my office which I want to find time to read, and my Amazon wish list has 648 more waiting after that. I run two blogs, I have aspirations of helping hundreds of thousands of people enjoy better health and a longer life, one day I want to build an MND foundation and fund research into disease prevention, cancer, autism and longevity, I’m training for events, the London Marathon, then more after that, I’m planning holidays, trips, adventures, taking my kids to the mountains, camping, exploring, I am on-the-go from 6:00am til 11:00pm 7 days per week, I love making new friends and meeting new people, I’m planning to tour around the country talking to people about MND and healthy living, I’m energetic, passionate, adventurous and fun loving. I am a busy man, I get about 400 emails per day, I don’t have time for TV, celebrity-watching, trash magazines, gossip columns, virtual farming games, online war games, candy bloody crush or any other such trivial garbage. I like to stimulate my brain, not waste it.

I don’t need DINNER to excite me, I have REAL things going on in my life that excite me every day. If a Domino’s pizza and a tub of ice cream is the most exciting thing that happens in your day - you need to GET A LIFE. Sorry to be judgemental, but perhaps this slap around the face is the reality-check you need.

Once or twice per week, I cook a big family meal and we sit down together and chat and celebrate good food. After a long 2 or 3 hour exercise session on a Sunday morning, I cook a big tasty brunch and damn well enjoy it. But the rest of the time, what I eat is JUST FUEL…it’s fuel for living my life. Your car doesn’t get excited about you filling up the tank, that’s just fuel. If your car gets excited about anything, it’s tearing up the open road, it’s the thrill of the race, the open country, the miles ahead, the speed, the chase, the crazy cornering and the dash across the finish line.

My life is exciting because of who I am and what I do, and where I am going. I don’t need spicy BBQ ribs to feel my day has meaning.

Get over your issues with food, most of the time it is just fuel, don’t let it be the focus of your day every day. Habitual overeaters and those who blame their spare tyre on ‘having a sweet tooth’ pay particular attention!

All said with best intentions, sorry to those who disagree!
MotherNaturesDiet - keeping it real 24/7

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