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Camping and Pizza Express

I took two of my kids camping and hiking for the weekend, and it was great. In terms of healthy eating, we did pretty well...however the visit to Pizza Express definitely strayed 'off plan' for me!!

We left for our trip straight after the kids finished school on Friday afternoon, and after almost 5 hours in the car, we finally reached our campsite. I had pre-cooked a meal earlier in the day (a tasty chilli) made using organic meat and veggies, so I just re-heated it for a late supper when we arrived.

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Teaching our children

I am going with two of my kids for the weekend, I am taking my two sons camping and hiking for the weekend - and I can’t wait!

We are heading for The Peak District, for 2 nights camping, eating wholesome food, fresh air, hiking, rock scrambling, sunshine (wishful thinking??) and fun outdoors.

For the kids, this means no TV, no games machines, no junk food.

For me it means no email (heaven!), no screen, no Internet (can I survive???) and lots of Daddy-bonding with my boys.

Core Principle 11 says - time outdoors in nature. That’s what this time is all about. This weekend we are all about Principle 11…I hope to engage my boys in the beauty and wonder of nature, the thrill of water, rocks, mud, forests, hills…while feeding them good food and keeping them fit using their bodies. This is a big part of what fathering is all about, I can’t wait!

Mint tea, or Lemon and Ginger tea - yummy without caffeine!

I must admit, I find quitting coffee the hardest of all the things I have given up...but I don't drink caffeinated coffee! I quit caffeine back in 2006, so I know my love of coffee is just a mental thing, I like the taste and I drink it decaf, black and unsweetened, so I struggle to reason with myself why I should quit.

However, on virtuous days, when I can manage without those couple of cups of black decaf to start each day, then I will often have replace my coffee with this healthier alternative.

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Controversial Rant #2: The latest FAD Diet book or “diet system”…

You know, one thing that REALLY bugs me is the over-complication of food, the over-science-ification of nutrition. Where scientists and nutritionists and doctors are trying to help us get to the truth then I applaud them, but I find WAY TOO MANY commercial interests even among seemingly open folks.

Some of my heroes
•I love the work of Mark Sissons - but he sells supplements.
•I love Dr Mercola - but he sells supplements.
•I love Charles Poliquin - but he sells supplements.
•I love Dr Robert Young – but he sells treatments and supplements and chemical products.

And so it goes on...and once these folks have products to sell, particularly supplements, it becomes SO hard to separate opinion and science and facts, from their commercial interests.

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Drop a dress size

Yay!! I just received an email from Helen, one of our readers, and she has been following this blog for the last 4 weeks and following my 12 Core Principles roughly 80/20…and she’s down a dress size already!

Way to go Helen! Congrats! 🙂


One of the things I have been trying to do is massively reduce the amount of chemicals I use on my body and in my home. This ticks 2 boxes for me – better for my health and better for the environment, but it also has lesser benefits, saving money and reducing waste.

In particular, I have cut right back on the amount of shower gel I use – it really only takes a tiny amount, I think most of us tend to pour far too much out every day.

I no longer use air freshener...have you seen what’s in the stuff, and have you ever read the warnings on the can? If it’s that bad, I refuse to use it – just open a window! Anyway, if you quit beer and eat a healthy diet, your poops won’t smell half as much as they used to, mine don’t!

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Vegetarianism and Facing the Harsh Reality of Animal Cruelty

I wasn’t going to blog today, but I will, as this discussion came up in another chat-group that I am a member of, and I feel compelled to share my thoughts. Having written the below for the other thread, I will amend a few words and re-post it here.


We were discussing the quite disturbing movie Earthlings.

The movie is frank, open, somewhat biased, and quite graphic and disturbing, and the message is vitally important. If you have a strong stomach and want to watch it, you can view the whole thing live online, at

I have to admit, this movie really IS pretty heavy! It’s hard to watch for anyone with a loving soul.

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Principal benefits of juicing

I was recently asked about the health benefits of juicing.

Interestingly, someone said “I know we should, I know it’s supposed to be good for us, but why?”

Confusing science

Juicing, especially drinking alkaline, green, vegetable based juices, has a load of benefits, and I have 9 or 10 books on the subject of alkaline health and juicing, and I have been to a couple of seminars about it, so it’s quite tricky to answer in just a few sentences. The more you study this subject the deeper it gets and then the more there is to learn. As I study the subject of acid-alkaline balance more, I find great inconsistencies in the science. I find I am troubled by the science, but it would take me the next 20,000 words to explain, so let's stay 'on the surface' for now, we can always go deeper another time.

I'll attempt to summarise the 'main stream' alkalising argument for you here.

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Taking a COLD Shower

Over the last few years I have read various articles about the health benefits of taking a regular cold shower. Some say cold showers improve your circulation, some say they help weight loss, some say they radically improve your libido and sexual stamina, some claim cold showers boost your immunity, some say they relieve depression and some say they just make you feel cold.

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