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The 12 Core Principles of MND - printable download for your home use.

127 Weight Loss Tips from MotherNaturesDiet. 127 Weight Loss Tips Book from MotherNaturesDiet 2.1

The title says it all! For those who need some help and motivation, here is a solution for you, and one that won’t cost you any money, and it doesn’t involve buying supplements, so-called ‘superfoods’ or some new-fangled piece of home workout equipment. Please download this free book and share it with your friends and family if they are interested in being healthier and losing unwanted excess weight.

The MND Guide to Body Composition 2013. The MND Guide to Body Composition vers 2.2

This free book will help you to understand how fat is ‘too fat’, how thin is ‘too thin’, how much muscle is healthy, and how much muscle is too much. This little book explains how much fat and muscle a healthy body should carry for optimal good health and longevity. Download it now and feel free to share with friends who might be interested.

In time, I will have more downloads for you here. While you are waiting, visit my YouTube Channel to see MND videos, thanks!

Thanks for your patience!

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