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Cooking in India

Hey folks, sorry for my lack of posts, obviously I am travelling and I am working very long hours here, and to be honest, when I am not working, I just want to spend time with my friends here and explore this wonderful country, so blogging here on MND has not been #1 priority! Sorry about that!

Yesterday I had a chance to cook which was most excellent. I managed to create a 99% MND-approved carb-less meal, and proved tpo my friends that we don't HAVE to have rice, bread and potatoes with every meal we eat!

We found a butcher selling boneless skinless chicken breast fillets for about £4.50 per kilo (half the price we pay in the UK), which is NOT prohibitively expensive to the Indian wallet. That same butcher was selling chicken thighs, minced lamb, minced chicken, leg of lamb and shoulder of mutton, all at affordable prices. So myth #1, 'big cuts of good fresh meat are hard to come by out here, and silly expensive' is not true. Sure, such meat would be beyond the reach of the poorer half of the population, but for anyone wealthy enough to have a PC and be reading my blog, then eating an MND diet in India IS possible.

I cooked an Italian style meal, chicken and veggies in pesto with herbs, it was nice, simple, easy, and tasty. My friends said they loved it and will eat this way often going forwards.

A vegetarian adaptation for MND

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2013 10k Challenge!!

There is a popular school of thought that says it takes ten thousand hours of practice to master something, which in many cases, means about a decade of regular practice. I have heard this many times, and it is also used commonly in physical development, especially in martial arts, where it is said that you need to practice a movement or drill 10,000 time in order to master that movement.

I was thinking about this earlier today, and I got to thinking about my favourite exercise, the wonderful push-up. I feel quite certain it does not take 10,000 repetitions to ‘master’ technique. Someone can be shown how to do good push-ups, with good form, in just a few sets each with a handful of reps. I was thinking about the 10,000 repetitions, and about what it might mean in relation to push-ups, could this theory be applied to push-ups.

There are literally hundreds of ways to do push-ups, which is why I love them so much.

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Stand up and be counted!

I read a short but interesting article on the BBC News web site about posture. See the link at the bottom of this post, if you want to read the article yourself.

According to the article, sitting at a desk all day every day is bad for you in more ways than just promoting lower back pain...the lack of activity also contributes to making you fat. Wow, who knew?

Pass out the Nobel prizes for this piece of innovative and creative research. Sitting all day you get fat, standing all day helps burn more calories. Damn, I wish I had gotten a PhD for that.

Who knew?

Oh, I did

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Eating MND in the carb-centric world

Eating by the low-carb MotherNaturesDiet (MND) 12 Core Principles is hard enough living in's way harder here in India.

Back home in the UK, the typical supermarket is a carb-jungle. Cereals, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes are everywhere, and all those so-called food items in tins, packages, bags, boxes and shrink-wrapping, are loaded with refined sugar and processed syrups, the worst crap carbs of all. However, in the UK we do have options, and there are plenty of choices for buying meat, fish, fresh organic vegetables and fruits, and other foods that fit to the MND plan.

Here in India, eating revolves around carbs.

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Back-to-back over the last 6 years

In several recent posts, I have mentioned that I have gained about a stone (14 pounds, 6.3 kilos) in weight over the course of 2012, and my chest measurement went up 2 inches in that time. With my chest measurement up, it seems as though much of the weight I have gained is muscular weight, and that was my plan, as I have been training my upper back to try to increase that desirable 'v shape' male torso, and also to increase my pulling strength, for rock climbing.

Now I have added some strength and muscle, one of my goals for 2013 is to cut my body fat from the current level, which is about 11.5% to 12%, down to below 10%, without losing any muscle mass.

The V-shaped back

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2012 in Review, 2013 The Year Ahead

Happy New Year to you all!

New Year’s Day seems like a good day for me to assess where I am and how I’m doing.

I have lived on MotherNaturesDiet for most of 2012. I was formulating the rules during the first half of 2012, and living by them fully in the second half of the year.

My aims since the start have been to live on an all-natural diet, adhering to my 12 Core Principles, and it has always been my hope that living this way will prove that this is the best, healthiest way to live, eat and exercise, and that living on MND will help me achieve my best health and best shape ever.

So how am I doing?

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