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Taking a holistic approach to supreme good health

Today, I feel the need to have a little rant. Well, maybe not a rant, more of an impassioned plea, or a ‘call to sanity’ perhaps.

I have a line of thought that’s been rolling around my mind for a few days…not about any one person in particular, but sparked by several separate conversations with several people over the last 2 or 3 weeks, but this stuff applies to ALL of us.

This is so important, I hope I can put it into words intelligently, with care and respect.

Health : Balance : Being an all-rounder

MotherNaturesDiet is all about ‘supreme good health and abundant natural energy’.

  • It’s not a crash weight loss plan
  • It’s not a fad diet (I hate even using the word ‘diet’ because it’s so often wrongly used to mean ‘temporary weight loss plan’ and that is NOT what the word diet really means!)
  • It’s not a ‘6-pack abs’ plan
  • It’s not a ‘build bigger muscles’ or ‘get huge’ ‘get hench’ ‘get jacked and ripped’ plan
  • It’s not just for endurance athletes to help them run a faster marathon or complete their first Ironman
  • It’s not a cookery course
  • It’s not an exercise class
  • But it can HELP with all those things


MotherNaturesDiet is a LIFESTYLE to help you achieve supreme good health and have abundant natural energy. The goals of MND are to help you live longer, feel great, have more energy TO DO MORE with your life, to SHOW UP with more vibrancy and energy in your work, your relationships, your family, your chosen sport, your whole life!

Yes, MND will help you maintain a lean healthy body, you can use MND to lose weight, to get ripped, to build muscle, to run faster or further and much more, but only because MND is all about being HEALTHY on the inside, it’s about getting your body working optimally, removing the blocks that are stopping you from making forward progress in any area of your life, so you can do more, be more and have more of whatever you want. So if you WANT to build big muscles, get a 6-pack, run a faster marathon, complete an Ironman, put more drive and energy into your career, put more passion and energy into your intimate relationship, have more energy for parenting, for your chosen sport or whatever else YOU want, then MND will help you to be healthy inside and out, to act as the BASE platform for you to build, be or do whatever it is you want. MND can’t do it all for you, but it will help you to have loads of energy, feel great, not get sick and perform at YOUR best to do whatever you want to do.

This is what ‘supreme good health and abundant natural energy’ is all about.

During my live MND 1-day Workshops, I focus a large part of the day on understanding the holistic nature of being in good health in all areas of your life. This is SO important, but this is an area that is missed by so many people.

I meet people every day who are WAY out of BALANCE, and this negatively impacts their health in the long term.

I meet people such as…

  • The guy who works out like a maniac and has huge muscles and looks ‘jacked’…who is ill literally all the time, he has some bug or cold or headache almost constantly, rarely without some ailment to complain about
  • The ‘gym queen’ lady who can’t wait to smash the WOD down at her local CrossFit box, she is insanely fit, lean, muscular, strong…while her marriage is in tatters and she barely has time for her children because she’s addicted to exercise
  • The London business man who earns a fortune, drives an Aston Martin and lives in a huge house in Surrey…but his beer belly hangs way over his belt, he hasn’t seen his manhood without the aid of a mirror in years and his sex life at home is non-existent, while his wife gets excited thinking about her Personal Trainer
  • The buff young gym goer who has big strong biceps and a sexy rippling 6-pack…but he hates his job, he’s arguing with his boss all the time and he barely earns enough to feed his wife and two kids, and he loses sleep at night worrying about how to pay his credit card bills
  • The married couple, the endurance junkies running marathons every other weekend and he’s training for a double-Ironman while she plans to paddle a canoe 400 miles up the Yukon…he feels alienated from his children, his wife is like a stranger and his job for a running shoe company is the only place he feels understood…while she lives on quick-cook rice and noodles and she works out so much she can’t maintain bodyweight and she hasn’t had a regular period in years
  • The vegan yoga goddess who lives on organic home-made dehydrated raw kale chips, a few sprouted beans and a bowl of chia seeds…who’s struggling through her second divorce and hasn’t got 2 pennies to rub together and all she does is meditate while her life collapses around her


Seriously, I’m not making these people up! I’ve met these people, they are out there, and they’re everywhere.

fresh air

Now I’m not saying MND is the answer to all the problem these people face, but I’m trying to help you to understand an important point about holistic health – it all MATTERS. That job you hate, that toxic relationship, those stressful credit card debts, these things will all have an enormous negative impact on your overall wellbeing. Supreme good health will only be yours when you get your entire life in balance. You need more than just muscles. I see people who are total exercise addicts (to some people, maybe I appear to be such! I work out maybe 9 or 10 hours per week average, that’s ‘moderate’ in my book!) and they have hard lean fit strong bodies, yet every other area of their life is a mess! I see people who are “all career, no health and fitness” and I wonder where they think they are heading? Richest man in the graveyard?

I meet endurance athletes who do no strength work. Strength athletes who pay no attention to a healthy diet. I meet rich people who are dying of poor health, and I meet some people who spend hours every day working out but they are flat broke. I meet people who use their sport or the gym to hide away from relationship problems, yet the state of your intimate relationship is one of the single most important determining factors in your overall happiness in life. You can be fit-as-a-fiddle but feel like ‘death warmed up’ if your relationship woes are getting you down…or you can be a fat, smoking, unhealthy, junk-food eating mess (as I once was!) and feel great and full of energy if you have a new partner and you are falling in love!

I’ve read extracts from MANY studies that prove “you can’t out-exercise a crappy diet”. Even if you are not getting fat, if you eat a lot of crap, it will have other consequences on your life further on down the line, mental health, organ health, gut microbiome integrity, blood ‘health’ and bone density…there are many long-term reasons to eat a clean healthy diet high in nutrient-rich foods and low in junk and sugar.

So what is the point of this post? Well, I have written about all this before – see links below – and I guess really I just want you to understand that you MUST be a big picture thinker, you must work on all these important areas of your life. You cannot out-exercise a crappy diet. Lifting more weights won’t fix your marriage. Running another ultra-marathon won’t move you up the career ladder. Supping endless protein shakes won’t help pay off your credit card bills. The answer to a LONG, FULL life, the secret to adding years to your life AND life to your years, lies within you, you need supreme good health, abundant natural energy, and a life RICH in love and laughter and LOW in stress and conflict.

I hope you are a ‘big picture thinker’…come to an MND 1-day Workshop and learn more about getting your whole life in balance and making supreme good health the FUNDAMENTAL bedrock beneath all that you do.

With love and respect.




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