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Harming young minds, the impossible standard of ‘Airbrush beauty’ in the media

It would seem, sadly, that just being slim and healthy and being a gorgeous model isn’t good enough anymore, the aresholes in the media have to set the bar impossibly high, such that no one will ever reach the goal of looking like the images we see in magazines and on billboards.

airbrush bullshit

As long as they keep pushing these impossible standards, people keep buying the crap they are selling…diet pills, slimming powders, vitamin supplements, contour shaping underwear, skin creams, botox injections, make up, beauty products…it’s all bullshit.

It’s just bullshit marketing, designed to make money, it’s bordering on being as irresponsible as pushing drugs, nicotine and alcohol. On the one hand, they try to sell alco-pops and beer as “cool” and “desirable”…yet drinking that shit makes you fat and unhealthy. Then they use other media images to tell you to buy diet and beauty products because the media is trying to convince us all we are fat and we are not beautiful enough.

No matter how many young girls starve themselves, no matter how many women are made to feel inadequate, no matter how many young men grow up thinking love is like in a porn movie, no matter how many fat middle-aged men can’t see their dicks under their beer bellies and suffer erectile dysfunction, no matter how much diabetes is on the rise yet slimming products have had all the fat taken out and been replaced with pancreas-damaging sugar…they just keep photo-shopping fake images of perfection, pushing us harder every year to spend money buying into false, unachievable ideas of perfection.

Ban the airbrush.

Stop the bullshit.


Be beautiful on the INSIDE first, then the outside will follow.


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