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Why do so many people pay for “6-pack abs secrets”?

The other night, I sat up for hours researching a number of topics, as I often do in the evenings.

I found myself side tracked into reading a ‘marketing case study’ about a guy who sells a series of products online (eBooks, home study courses, CDs, etc.) aimed at “Revealing the true secrets to 6-pack abs” - not the real title, I’m hiding the true identity here to keep my opinion ‘not personal’ - as what I have to say could apply to a number of these online schemes and product offerings.

Anyway, so it all starts with eBooks that promise to reveal the truth about 6-pack abs, and they lead people to buy other products, and so on. But the reason this guy and his products were being written up as a ‘marketing case study’ is because this 1 man and his small team of staff, is making over $1 million USD per month in sales of these products!!! Wow! I’ve sold some online product myself over the years, but nothing close to a million Dollars a month, that is AMAZING!

So I read more, genuinely interested in learning about this case study, and the author of the case study was saying “Abs products really sell, people buy this stuff like crazy”, especially in the US market where this man and his team are based. And I got to thinking, there is a real twisted irony there - the nation that is regarded “the fattest nation on Earth” where now fully two thirds of the population are either overweight or obese, and they are buying up home study books and CDs promising 6-pack abs at an incredible rate! It seems the mathematician in me wants to plot a graph to show “the inverse relationship between buying 6-pack abs products and actually achieving 6-pack abs!”

Marketing tricks

That thought rolled around my mind for a while:  “there seems to be an inverse relationship between buying ‘6-pack abs’ products/promises, and actually achieving 6-pack abs”

  • So marketers KNOW - people LOVE to buy products with “6-pack abs” in the title
  • But it seems the more of that stuff people buy, the fatter they are getting
  • Over a million US Dollars per month in sales, just one small product

So I took a look at the product itself, the product this guy sand his team sell making more than a million Dollars per month, and it’s basically pretty poor! I Googled the name and found more reviews calling it a scam, than testimonials saying it works!! People have bothered to create websites at - I.E. the name of this man’s ebook, plus the word SCAM on the end, just so they can blog about what trash it is and how it rips people off. Honestly, I impartially searched the name of this multi-million dollar product on Google for about 20 minutes, and found MORE negative comments, and abusing posts about what a scam it is, than positive comments about how it helps, it works and people like the results. I hardly found anyone with anything good to say!

Start on Amazon

The author of the case study had said his “starting place” is Amazon Kindle, he sells the most copies of the base eBook there, then up-sells people to higher priced products. I looked up the eBooks on Kindle store and they average only 2 stars average review (our of 5), out of thousands of reviews. Sure, there are some 4 and 5 star reviews, but there are thousands of reviews at 1 star saying “this is rubbish, this is a scam, the eBook is little more than a sales tool to get you to buy more, it’s a con, don’t buy this, you won’t learn anything…”

Stuck in a trap

So let’s just look at what’s happening here. Many people are getting fat because they eat too much, they eat the wrong things and they don’t move their bodies enough. They suffer very real emotional torment and pain, and they are becoming ill, and this leads them to search for ways to lose weight, improve their health and improve the self-esteem. I understand the crippling weight of low self-esteem, I understand it very well. For many people, the ‘healthy eating advice’ of governments and doctors either hasn’t helped, or has been drowned out by the advertising power of the food industry, but clearly ‘traditional healthcare and modern medicine’ is not preventing the rising obesity epidemic.

In their search to feel better and look better, they are tempted to buy products boasting “6-pack abs” - I suggest this underlies the Western notion that: “6-pack abs = sexy. Sexy = I will get laid more. Laid = I will feel loved.”

It’s a primal sub-conscious thought, people see these images, of ‘hot models’, and instinctively the brain connects that looking this way will get you more activity between the sheets which means you will be loved. Ultimately, we all want to be loved.

So they buy this man’s 6-pack product, even though thousands of people say it’s a scam and write ‘warning, don’t bother’ reviews. And the guy is making over a million per MONTH!!!

MND does not promise 6-pack abs, there is no scam here

This all fascinates me. Unlike the scam products, does not propose that there are any SECRETS to good health and a fit, sexy body, MND tells the TRUTH, that good health comes from simple clean eating, regular varied exercise and a consistent healthy lifestyle. MND is not promising 6-pack abs because, frankly, actually cutting your body fat down to a point where you have visible rippling abs is very hard to do and unlikely to be a result that 99% of the population will ever achieve. almost every person I have ever met who got their body fat low enough to show off a 6-pack, says it was murder getting there and they couldn’t stand it staying there for long!

Further, I believe it is actually slightly healthier - even if not so sexually desirable - to be able to just pinch-an-inch (just one mind you, not 6!) than to have low enough body fat to show a 6-pack. Read this eBook to learn why - The MND Guide to Body Composition  This FREE (no scam!) eBook explains about optimal levels of fat and muscle. Download it and read it now, it will not be available for free for much longer, so get it while you can folks! If that other guy can make a million per month, I need to stop giving this book away for free! So read it now while you can - by the end of 2014 it won’t be free online anymore, it will be a paid download on Amazon for your Kindle!

There are no ‘secrets’

There are no great secrets. Books promising to unlock “the secrets” are mostly sales and marketing tricks, scamming people of their hard-earned cash to deliver complex weight lifting plans that few will follow, and detailed meal plans that make no allowance for the fact that one size does not fit all and everyone needs something different to attain their own personal goals.

MND delivers genuine education. No scam, no marketing b/s. But MND isn’t [yet!!] making a million per-month! Of course, I wish it was, but I never, ever want to Google “MotherNaturesDiet” and find the word ‘scam’ associated with MND. I never want to see people saying that about MND. I want to deliver genuine knowledge, genuine help, and see people enjoy genuine results. I can’t promise 90% of readers will end up with 6-pack abs, of course they WON’T, because there is not a ‘diet’ or system or weight-loss-plan on Earth that has EVER delivered those results, yet people still fall for the same scam time and time again.

Read more about “secrets”…please, take some time to really read these links below - you’ll find more GENUINE VALUE, genuine advice and help FREE in these links that you will find in many eBooks and home study products which cost 5 bucks, 10 bucks, 20 or more. Stop looking for secrets and just get with the MND 12 Core Principles NOW!!!

Unlocking the SECRETS of weight loss and good health

Amazing Fat Loss Secrets!!

Magazine explains how to walk? Whatever next…

Statistics can be misleading

Beware of health and wellness industry rip offs

RANT – good health is SO SIMPLE!


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  1. ryanprobert #

    Another great post, Karl!

    June 15, 2021
    • Thank you Ryan!
      I hope you are well mate, enjoy the summer!

      June 15, 2021

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