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WHY MotherNaturesDiet?

The other day, I was attending a training event, and it was a massive day of learning for me, it was an excellent event. It was the first of 12 such days, I have one each month for a year, which is very exciting.
The day helped me think a LOT about what MotherNaturesDiet (MND) actually IS, from the angle of “Why do I do it?”

I thought about the main reasons why I started MND, why I keep writing and what I am trying to really achieve.

Obviously, if you have read My Story  then you will already know that I spent the last 25 years trying to figure out how to be healthy, and only the last 8 or so of those finally getting it right. In that time, I have transformed my own life and learned more than I ever imagined about being healthy.

But that is my own experience, that forms the basis of the knowledge I try to share with you, but that in itself is not what drives me, that’s not actually WHY I do it…I have been thinking this week about “Why do I keep pushing MND?”

I write MND because I believe everyone deserves a shot a enjoying supreme natural good health.

It is my experience, that feeling really healthy, is bloody great, and I want you to experience how great I feel.

I believe you deserve to have abundant natural energy, to feel as good as I do physically, because I feel younger and stronger in my mid-40s than I did in my 20s.

I believe in taking all that diet and nutrition complexity, and delivering it to you as simplicity.

The latest fad diet superfood rip-off

I believe that the diet and wellness business, like so many other industries, has been hijacked by marketing bullshit, by companies selling you some powdered yak’s testicle, or some special freeze-dried berry extract that only comes from the flanks of one mountain deep in frozen Siberia, and they are telling you this will make you look 40 years younger and you’ll never get sick, and it’s total bullshit, they are ripping you off and it really, really bugs me.

I think these companies pray on peoples emotions. People just want to be happy, feel good and have fun, they don’t want to die and get sick, they don’t want to lose the ones they love. Steve Jobs once brilliantly said “Nobody wants to die, even people who want to go to heaven, don’t want to die to get there.” I see so much sadness and loss in families torn apart by diseases - MANY (not all) of which are entirely preventable - and the answers are mostly very SIMPLE.

People are fighting against a tide of utter shit in our shops, and it’s called food, and it’s making people fat and sick. Last month I watched a movie and there was a man taking 52 pills per day, prescription medications. I met that man after the movie and shook his hand, and he is a lovely sweet, funny, good humoured and kind hearted man. I don’t wish to put doctors down, but I am afraid to say that in my belief, any doctor who puts a person on 52 pills per day has lost sight of what “health care” is all about. As the prescriptions mounted up, why did those doctors not stop to ask “What the hell has gone so wrong that this man needs all these pills?” This man is not an isolated case, I have heard of MANY others on 40 to 60 pills per day. INSANITY. And we think that we in the UK, in the 21st Century, are supposed to represent the pinnacle of human evolution? We, society, are sick, and I want to help try to fix the problem.

We are awash with “nutritional bullshit” and I want to de-mystify the confusion and lead people to a clear future, based on common sense and a deeply respectful understanding of our place in the NATURAL order of our beautiful planet. I want to help people, animals, farmers, air, water, topsoil, land. I want to help explore ways we can live sustainably, healthily, naturally, in kindness to animals, and in harmony with our environment.

If I can do it…YOU can do it

I am just one man, and MND is…more than my hobby, it’s my passion, my obsession. I don’t suggest that I have all the answers, I cannot help everyone, I do not pretend to be a doctor nor promote MND as a cure for all ills.

But I know my own history - I was an obese teenager, I was over weight for more than 20 years. I yo-yo dieted up and down for decades, in and out of obesity in my teens, 20s and 30s. I smoked for 20 years, I was a heavy drinker, I enjoyed plenty of recreational drugs and I ate plenty of junk food. In my 30s, if I had not changed, I was destined to be ‘fat for life’, a likely diabetic statistic in my 40s, a probable heart disease candidate in my 50s, and very possibly, like so many others, a cancer death in my late 60s.

But I changed, at 35 years of age I said NO, I was not prepared to accept that as “the best I could do” and I learned how to look after myself, and now, at 43 year old, I am slim, lean, strong, healthy, fit as a fiddle and genuinely healthy inside. I look the best I ever have, I have had blood tests and scans and I am healthy inside. I never get sick, I never run out of energy, I run marathons and lift weights and go rock climbing. I’ve not smoked for 8 years, I’m tee total and never been clearer thinking. I changed, and my life is now infinitely better for it. I have gone from being ‘way below average health’ to be a shining example of supreme good health, and I hope the next 60 years prove that the lifestyle I live is perfect for slowing the signs of ageing and avoiding degenerative disease.

I promote MotherNaturesDiet because I have changed, I have learned how to be healthy, and I love it, and I just want to help other people to do the same.

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have a decade of incredibly valuable experience, and I am passionate about trying to help others to learn from what I have done.

That’s me, that’s MND, no bullshit, just plain, natural, awesome good health.


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