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The MND Guide to Body Composition - free eBook

How do we know what is ‘too fat’?

How do we define ‘too thin’ at the other end of the scale?

Should men all aspire to the stereotype ‘6 pack hunk’ and are women unfairly pressured by the media to be ‘rail thin’ like catwalk models?

Is it healthier to be ‘a little chubby’ or ‘skinny as a rake’ or somewhere between the two?

Is it healthier to be ‘build like a brick outhouse’ or ‘built like a racing whippet’?

In short, what is the optimum amount of fat and the optimum amount of muscle men and women should aim for in order to achieve supreme good health and longevity.

This little book will answer those questions for you.

Download your free book here: The MND Guide to Body Composition. 2013.

A few words from the start of this little book…

Have you ever wondered why it seems so easy to put on fat? All you have to do is sit around watching TV all the time, eating pizza and cake and you can get real fat, real easy, right? On the other hand it seems really hard to build muscle. Those bulging biceps and the 6-pack abs takes lots of hard work down the gym, lifting weights and eating the right food. Have you ever wanted to know why it is so easy to gain fat, but so much harder to build muscle?

Have you ever wondered what’s the right amount of fat, or the right amount of muscle? We all broadly accept that being obese is not healthy. We know that too much fat is bad, but is it also unhealthy to be too skinny? We know that anorexics are too thin, but at what point does not-enough-fat become unhealthy? Where is the healthy balance between too much and not enough?

And then what about muscle? Are these huge body builders healthy? Is it good to be loaded with big muscles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being big and muscly? Is there a ‘too much or too little’ happy balance for muscle, the same as there is for body fat?

MotherNaturesDiet is all about health, longevity, disease prevention, resisting ageing and remaining healthy and disease free for a long happy life with abundant energy. This little book will answer these questions for you and explain to you just how much fat and muscle is optimal for a healthy life. MotherNaturesDiet is not another ‘get yourself a 6-pack’ Internet-based diet plan, the goal of MND is to inspire and help as many people as possible to find the best natural way to achieve supreme good health and abundant energy. It’s not about looks or vanity; it’s about the healthiest way to live for the long term.

The MND Guide to Body Composition. 2013.

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