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How eating an extremely nutrient rich diet can help you resist the signs of ageing

I’m putting my opinion and belief out there today. I’m stretching the ‘100% proven’ science a bit here, piecing together facts and theories. Why? Because I believe I’m right, and I think there is value to you in sharing these thoughts.

WHY is nutrient dense food important?

This is an important point that so many people - particularly YOUNG people - overlook. JUST having enough of a certain micronutrient to sustain function is one thing, but having enough LEFT OVER for non-essential jobs inside your body, that’s another thing altogether.

Now, if you are a qualified nutritionist or doctor, just bare with me for a moment, I’m going to massively over-simplify the world of nutrition here for a moment…you won’t like it, but stick with it and you can comment at the bottom if you think I’m wrong.

So there are these RDA’s - Recommended Daily Amounts - of vitamins and minerals. It is suggested that we take these amounts in order to maintain energy, combat disease and stay generally healthy.

Now let’s just take 1 micronutrient, say, Vitamin A (A seems like a good place to start!). Vitamin A does a massive amount of things inside your body - among them, there is thyroid function, skin growth, eye function, protein synthesis, immune system function, calcium assimilation (for bone growth) and much more.

Central Processing Unit

Let’s say there is some kind of CPU (you know, the brains of a computer, the Central Processing Unit, the big microchip running the show) in your body and it instructs all the functions going on in your body, every day. In a variety of ways, your body does have a CPU. It has 3 really, the brain (running the central nervous system), the gut and the liver. For the purposes of this post, let’s think of your liver as the CPU, filing away various vitamins and minerals in different organs and tissues, putting things where they need to be using a variety of hormones and enzymes and so on.

Let’s just say the RDA for Vitamin A is 100 units (100 is a nice round number). So it has been calculated (by the people who set RDAs) that if you receive 100 units of Vitamin A every day, your body will have enough Vitamin A to do the important jobs well enough that you don’t get sick. So 100 units of Vit A ensure your bones will grow, your thyroid will function, you can synthesise proteins and your immune system will function. You won’t get sick.

But then imagine, the pollutants and the stresses and strains of modern life come along. Your skin is exposed to cosmetics, petro-chemicals in deodorants, make-up, after-shave and so on. Your eyes are forced to stare at a PC screen for 12 hours, then a TV for 5 more. Your hair is bleached and coloured and sprayed. Your nose breathes burnt exhaust fumes, and your food is filled with chemical additives and preservatives. ALL these things INCREASE your bodies need for micronutrients, including Vitamin A. You need more vitamins to ‘clean up the damage’ caused by these pollutants and toxins.

Limited internal resources

Now if you ONLY eat 100 units of Vitamin A per day, you just might not have enough ‘spare’ to tackle the harmful effects of all these additional demands and ‘attacks’ caused by modern life. Your body’s CPU may continue to direct the available Vit A to your immune system, to help fight off the car fumes and preservatives, so that leaves you without enough spare Vit A for “the non-essential stuff” like repairing a few skin cells, replacing a few hair cells, and rebuilding a few eye cells.

So what, you might say. And a lot of young people, personal trainers and ‘flexible eating nutrition gurus’ are saying just that. ‘The man’ in government says you need X to meet your RDA for each micronutrient, and you ate that amount, perhaps in your 5-a-day, and that’s enough to stop you from getting ill, and you’ll eat it again tomorrow, so you are good, no drama. Right?

But this little ‘internal struggle for resources’ keeps happening. In most NORMAL people, who eat less than 5-a-day, who eat a diet high in processed foods, who enjoy ‘treats’ like beer and chocolate, pizza and ice cream, oven chips and a take away. In these normal people, every day they only eat 90% of the RDA, and they overload their body with these incoming toxins, pollutants and other hazards.

Day after day, the body has to allocate the limited available resources to the most essential functions - organ function and immune function taking priority. Over time, the non-essential functions fall more and more behind, like a department in a company that is not allocated it’s share of internal resources, the department starts to fall apart. With just enough money to pay the staff, but not enough to decorate and buy new computers, the department starts to look really shabby, and it’s staff lose their competitive edge, as they are running outdated machine and outdated software, which is prone to attack by viruses. I believe the same thing happens in your body. If there is never enough resource available for those few skin cells to be repaired, in time, you suffer dry skin, wrinkles, cracks, lines, blotches, spots, and poor elasticity - you call it AGEING.

Over time, the hair becomes dry and brittle - you call it AGEING.

Over time the eyes degenerate and you need glasses - you call it AGEING.

Worse…the thyroid falls behind - you blame ageing and when the doctor says your thyroid function is a bit slow, you feel it’s not your FAULT, your body has let you down. Perhaps YOU let your body down, because you didn’t eat Vitamin A rich foods enough? You put the wrong fuel in the tank - there really isn’t much vitamin A in a frozen pizza.

Worse…your calcium assimilation falls behind, bone density drops and you blame your brittle bones on ageing, or because the government stopped giving out free milk when you went to school.

Do you want to ‘just survive’, or do you want to THRIVE?

You see, I can’t PROVE any of this beyond doubt, I am linking together a number of scientific findings, theories and separate facts here, but I am pretty certain that there is more truth in this theory than most doctors would care to admit.Eat Real Food

I believe that we should focus on eating a super-high-nutrient diet. Forget RDAs, and don’t look at supplements to pack those nutrients in. Just eat real, nutrient dense foods all the time, smash way over those RDAs, I’d rather give my body 300% of everything and take no chances - especially as the scientists don’t agree on what RDAs should be anyway. If you are busy and having trouble fitting in lots of fresh vegetables and pastured meats, or wild caught fish, then consider a freshly extracted vegetable juice as a supplement - not pills and powders in plastic bottles!

Here is a thought: In the West, the biggest killers -

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Medical errors and correctly prescribed drugs

That’s right - the doctors, surgeons and nurses, the experts we trust and pay to treat our health, are the 3rd biggest killer out there. Not because they are bad or evil (quite the opposite, they are good caring people), but because they are human, and they make mistakes, and because the pills and potions they describe, are a chemical nightmare, and not the HEALTH treatment that Mother Nature would prescribe for us.

  • Medical errors and CORRECTLY prescribed drugs are the 3rd biggest killer of the human race
  • To my knowledge, in the last 2 decades, only 1 person has died from taking too many vitamins
  • To my knowledge, NO ONE ever died from taking too many vitamins in their natural form, in real, fresh, whole foods

Long life, looking good, feeling fine

So if longevity is important to you, if you want soft beautiful skin, if you want to resist the signs of ageing, just eat a high-nutrient diet, eat the MND way. Don’t get sucked in to this new way of thinking ‘Well I hit my RDAs, so now I can have a beer and pizza and not worry about anything harming my body’ because that’s an incomplete way of thinking.

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  1. Absolutely agree. Last year I juiced a lot. I felt amazing. Eating and drinking lots of nutrients completely satiates your appetite.

    May 5, 2021

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