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Are you focussed on the results you want, or just reading a bunch of books?

Are you PROCESS focussed, or RESULTS focussed?

Staying motivated is something people tell me they find difficult.

I was thinking about this, and talking to a friend about this recently.

Let me connect together a few strands of thought here.

  • I often get people say to me ‘Karl, so we are supposed to just eat real, whole food, OK I get that now, you’ve told us that like a thousand times! What else do I need to know? What’s new pal?’
  • People ask me for meal plans, recipes, details about which foods to eat. And I keep saying ‘eggs for breakfast, meat and veg for lunch and dinner, fruit and nuts for snacks.’ and they keep saying ‘What else?’
  • I get the sense everyone is waiting for something else, something BIG and EXCITING! Guess what, there is no more! Ahahahaha really, this is it, this is ALL there is:

  1. Eat real, whole, fresh, natural food. Plants and animals. Get two thirds of your bulk from plants (vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds). Get one third from animals (meat, fish, eggs). Calories wise, that’s a about a 50/50 split between plants/animals.
  2. Exercise, every day. Some aerobic puffing and panting, some weight bearing muscle stimulation, some walking, some stretching and flexibility, that’s it.
  3. Drink plenty of water, get sunshine and fresh air, don’t put many chemicals on your skin.
  4. De-stress, spend less, save more, enjoy your work or change your job, be kind and loving, don’t be angry, chill out.

You can follow this page for the next 20 years waiting for something big and exciting to happen, but in all honesty it’s not going to get any more complicated or dramatic than that!!! Sorry if that disappoints you, but it’s reality. There are no secrets to good health, just CONSISTENT EFFORT to stick to it.

Some friends say to me ‘Duh, that’s so boring!’ and I used to get frustrated with them, but I understand now, it’s all do to with their focus. Let me explain:

Are you PROCESS focussed, or RESULTS focussed?

MOST people seem to be PROCESS focussed - this is where they are going wrong. They are looking at (focussing on) the process all the time - What exercise do I do? What body part split should I use for weight training? What do I eat today? What new supplement or superfood is available? Can I read this research paper about WongaWonga berries that grow among the mould spores on the fur of the giant sloth of the HubbaHubba rainforest and in it’s powdered form, costing just $149.99 per tub, it’ll sculpt me a 6-pack in just 3 weeks? If I can learn to plank for 40 minutes non-stop while humming ‘The Flight of the Bumble Bee’ on Tuesdays with a Z in the month, it’ll give me huge biceps. What’s the latest diet that gorgeous Hollywood celebrity is using, I’ll have that? Can I buy a book about it?

While your focus is on the process, there is a constant hunger for new information, because our “journey” becomes wrapped up in this relentless learning-something-new journey. Deep in our psyche, the “result” our brain is looking for every day is to learn something new - this is why recipe books keep selling. In our home, over the years my wife and I have bought enough recipe books, all added together, they must contain at least 1000 recipes, maybe more! That’s a different meal every day for over 3 years, but we still buy more! Madness!

It’s the same reason why training programs sell, endless ways to lift weights in different movements, and different numbers of sets and reps. Done lifting dumb bells, try kettle bells. How about weighted clubs? Go old school, try sand bags, truck tyres and old railway sleepers. Lumps of concrete - there’s an eBook for that. This is why diet solutions sell. People who love to say “I’ve tried everything to lose weight” keep going out and buying more diet books, signing up to more classes or buying into meal replacement shakes - because the result their brain is looking for is THE PROCESS, they think that the weight loss will come from buying the book and reading it, or buying the powders and mixing up the shakes.

NO!!! No, no, no, no, NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must switch your focus to RESULTS!!!

Stop thinking about the process, the process is simple - eat clean, stay well hydrated and move your ass every day. Sweat!

Your focus should be on the results.

STOP trying to learn something new every day.

START looking in the mirror - NAKED - every day. THAT’S where your focus should be!!!

Focus on the results, NOT the process.

The 12 Core Principles of MotherNaturesDiet are ALL you need - I have taken 25 years of my own learning and trial and error and put it in 12 one-liners for you.12 Core Principles - 3

This statement is important: If your goal is to be healthy, slim, lean, fit, strong and full of energy and never get sick, the 12 Core Principles encapsulate ALL the learning you ever need to do.

Sure, if you suffer from some specific health condition, nutrient deficiency or other health challenge, then we would need to fix that separately - which may require some additional work - in order to get you to a base level, but for 90% of people, the 12 Core Principles is all they will ever need.

So STOP trying to learn more, and START looking at your END RESULTS.

If you are overweight, the mirror is your best weight loss tool. If you are trying to get fitter, say, as a runner or cyclist, then focus on your running or cycling, not learning new techniques.

Focus on the results, on making daily, weekly, monthly improvements.

We live in an information age. There are more new ‘words of wisdom’ coming online on the Internet EVERY DAY than you could ever read. If you are STUCK IN THE RUT of trying to learn it all, give up, you will never catch up and you whole life will pass and you’ll never get the results.

JUST STOP - the 12 Core Principles are really ALL you ever need to know. I studied and transformed myself, over 24 years, to come up with those 12 Core Principles - I did the process for you. So you don’t need to waste your time, you can focus on the results.

I suggest you print off a copy of the 12 Core Principles, stick it to a mirror at home, and write on it - “Process taken care of. Focus on MY RESULTS!!!”

Time to refresh your mind on The 12 Core Principles

You see, it’s all about motivation. Don’t be motivated by learning more ‘stuff’ or buying in to every scheme that comes along. I was chatting to a lovely (but over weight and unhappy with herself) lady at a health spa recently, and she laughed and said “Ah, I have the biggest library of diet books in the world! I have hundreds at home! I’ve read them all! I just never do any of what they say!!” Before-Mid-way-2013-7

If your motivation is the PROCESS, and you are STUCK in consuming the marketing promises and trying to find “the next health secret” then I suspect you’ll stay in that place your WHOLE LIFE - you’ll never lose the weight, never break the cycle. Don’t do it, don’t be a ‘diet fad fool’!

Break it now - FOCUS on RESULTS, strip off, stand in front of a mirror, get a tape measure out, write those numbers down, then follow the 12 Core Principles with a sole focus on improving those numbers. Record it all once per week and keep at it til the numbers have improved.

More on motivation, read these:

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