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I’m not fat, so I can eat what I like! My food choices don’t affect my health!! (And other bullsh*t beliefs!)

Forgive me going off on a bit of a rant today, but I was just having this conversation with a friend and I thought I would share this with you, as it’s a relevant ‘case study’ and applies to loads of people.

What is this post about?

  • There are a LOT of people around who are not over weight, so they take an ‘I can eat whatever rubbish I like’ attitude to their diet
  • This is deep-held belief that people have, that if they are not grossly over weight, then there is no further connection between diet and health
  • Last time I checked the scientific literature, slim people still get sick. Slim people still suffer coughs, colds, flu. Slim people still suffer chronic fatigue, tiredness, skin conditions and bowel conditions. Slim people still get heart disease. Slim people still get cancer. Slim people still die! Last time I spoke to one of my Doctor friends, I don’t recall “Not being over weight” as a cure-all solution to living forever and never getting ill.

Conclusions in this post:

  • There are many factors involved in whether or not you are over weight
  • Body fat serves numerous function in your body, some of them are involved in keeping you healthy
  • Eating a diet high in junk food affects your health in many ways above and beyond whether or not you carry excess body fat

Read on to learn more.

I’m not fat, so I can eat what I like! My food choices don’t affect my health!!

I hear this one a LOT. I could write an entire book (seriously, 100,000 words, 200 pages, no problem!) just tackling this myth and all the threads and sub-topics that come off this. In the interests of time and sanity, I will try to keep this post brief, as you and I don’t have time for a whole book today!

Even more often than I hear this spoken out loud, I see it in people’s faces and ‘hear it’ hidden in between the lines.

It goes like this. I’m out to lunch or dinner with friends, and someone offers me a certain food or asks if I want some, and let’s say it includes an obvious every-day item, such as bread. I start to say “No thanks, I don’t eat bread” but even before I reach the end of that very short sentence, I can see it in their face, it couldn’t be more obvious if they had it tattooed on their forehead. Acquaintances will politely fudge around it, but close friends and family just come right out with it “Oh for God’s sake man, now what? Don’t tell me something else you don’t eat? People have been eating bread for thousands of years, what’s wrong with you. You’re not fat, you’re fit as a fiddle, lean as a butcher’s dog, what the heck is wrong with bread now?” and so on.

I don’t rise to it, not any more, I just calmly as k them if they would like me to explain or not. I might say ‘Do you really want to know? Or are you just asking?’

Do you want some cocaine with that? A pack of cigarettes?

You see, there are some things that the broader population accept as ‘bad for you’. If we sat down to lunch with friends and I whipped out a little ‘baggie’ of ‘nose candy’ and offered lines of cocaine to everyone at the table, I think most people would be broadly horrified and my kind offer would be rejected without question. If we sat to lunch in a restaurant and I offered everyone at the table a nice cigarette to smoke with their lunch, again I would be rejected “Smoking? What? Heh? Karlos man, you’re the health guy, what the hell are you doing…?”

But you see cocaine is outlawed, it’s illegal in this country. Smoking is prohibited in public and everyone knows it’s ‘bad for you’ because it says so on the pack. However, people do not accept that sugar, white bread, cakes, trans fats, processed grains and other modern foods are bad for us in the same way.

When I quit smoking, everyone (and I mean EVERY one) said “Oh well done mate, good for you, that’s great”

But when I quit drinking almost everyone (very few exceptions) said “Uh? What? Why would you do that? How boring!”

Oh, sorry, so you think I am boring when I’m sober? Really? Well screw you ‘friend’, because I think you’re an idiot when you’re drunk - if you think giggling, slurring your words, talking shit and bumping into things makes you ‘interesting’ then you have a sad world view and you need to get out among sober people a bit more often and find some real joy and stimulation in this amazing world we live in! Yes, I mean it, I have nothing against anyone having a few drinks and I am all for people enjoying themselves, but if getting trashed on a Friday night is the highlight of your week, then I think you are sad and boring and I don’t care what you think of me and my healthy choices in life. If you are incapable of socialising when sober, then you need to work on your ‘people skills’.

People get so emotive over food

You see, if you reject illegal drugs, or known carcinogens such as cigarettes, then THE SHEEP give you a pat on the back. But if you DARE to be intelligent enough and free thinking enough to make your own opinions on food and alcohol, then THE SHEEP all tell you that you’re a health freak and you should get a grip!

Heaven forbid if you embrace something ‘really off-the-wall’ like going gluten-free, juicing, becoming a vegan, following a paleo diet, denouncing sugar or opting to become teetotal!

So when I make these statements, like ‘no thanks, I don’t eat bread/pasta/rice/cereal’ and friends roll their eyes or declare that I am crazy, what’s wrong with me, why have I turned into such a health freak…I increasingly find myself marginalised by mainstream thinking, herd mentality. I think that’s a good thing, because I don’t want to think like, or be like, the herd, the majority. From what I observe around me, “most” people are on a life journey of deteriorating health from their mid-30s to their 70s, and “most” people seem to get fatter, slower and weaker as they get older, and “most” people sadly seem to be suffering from the same core group of ailments and degenerative conditions that take them from ‘reasonably’ healthy in their 50s to death in their 70s, as the health care system pumps them full of pills that seem to have more side effects that require more pills…

I don’t want that future!

Personally, I am younger, fitter, faster, healthier and stronger in my mid-40s than I was in my 30s or 20s, I am reversing the decline, I am getting fitter and stronger as I get older, and I intend to continue this trend for the foreseeable future. I don’t eat the same crap that “the majority” eat, and I am not suffering the same slow decline that “the majority” are suffering. I am pleased that my lifestyle and dietary choices are working to keep me healthy, vibrant, youthful, thriving and full of life. My brain and my body both work better than ever, just at a stage in my life when ‘most’ men are starting to accept declining strength and a widening waist.

These people who think “I’m not fat so my food choices don’t matter” are completely missing the point. There is FAR MORE to our food choices than weight gain or weight loss.

Example 1: Signs of ageing. You can go and read this post to learn how the nutrient density of our food choices affect our skin, eyes, hair, nails and more. Have you ever met one of those people who is skinny, but eats a lot of rubbish? Take a look at their skin and hair and eyes…wrinkly skin? Dry flaky skin? Dry brittle hair? Eyesight, glasses or contacts? Energy levels? Poor food choices lead to many more factors than just weight gain.

Example 2: Waiting til the day you get the bad news about heart disease or cancer is too late to change your diet ‘after the event’. Read this post to see how a nutrient-dense diet helps combat such serious illness.

Example 3: What about all these coughs and colds and so-called flu. I meet people all the time who eat a ‘normal diet’ loaded with processed foods and low in fresh whole foods, these very people who think my way of life is ‘extreme’ and based on some kind of fad diet. These people may not be fat, but they get coughs and colds and sore throats, head aches, ‘flu’ and ‘chest infections’ several times each year. I have had one little 3-day sore throat and that’s it in the last 3 years, and it made me cough a little early in the morning or late in the evening, and that was it. And no, the fact that you have young children is not the reason! I have young children too, they bring homework home from school, not other peoples coughs and colds, that has nothing to do with it!

I wrote a little book you can download, called The MND Guide to Body Composition - you can get it for free, here.

This little eBook will explain to you that body fat actually has several important positive useful functions in a healthy body. How and why you store body fat is governed by a multitude of factors, and it is wrong to assume “Well I’m not fat so I must be healthy”, that just is not true. Slim people die too!

For me personally, eating clean, eating a healthy diet, eating the MND way, is a commitment to an abundant lifestyle. I demand more from myself than most people, I am utterly committed to being in the best shape of my life at 50, I am utterly committed to having masses of energy, and never being sick. I am either working on my day job, working on MND, exercising, cooking or fathering my children non-stop for 16 to 17 hours per day every day of my life, no down time, no days off, no sick days, and no complaints. I LOVE having that much energy, drive and passion. I love that I fit 2 careers, 3 kids AND exercise into EVERY day, when I know other people who struggle to find the energy for only 1 career! Ah! Normal people are such wimps!! Wink… 😉

I don’t just want to survive, I want to thrive! sunshine feel good

It’s not good enough for me, that if someone sees me with my shirt off on the beach they think ‘well, he looks about normal for mid-40s, at least he’s not obese with man boobs’ - no, I hold myself to a higher standard than that! I want people to think ‘Dude looks good for his age!’ as my minimum standard! I’ll work up to ‘Phwoar what a hunk!’ over the next few years!

I don’t just want to be ‘not sick’, I want to be bursting with life and love and energy and passion!

I don’t just want to be ‘well I’m not fat’, I want to be strong, fit, fast, athletic and capable.

I demand more from myself than most people, and MotherNaturesDiet is the fuel that makes that possible.

I think I have ranted and rambled on enough for one day.

I welcome any thoughts and comments, and I hope I don’t come across sounding like a crazy zealot!! I care passionately about this stuff, about sharing my life’s lessons and the abundant-good-health message that I share. If I can infect even one person with my enthusiasm for better living, and help one person live longer and live stronger, then my efforts will prove worthwhile.

Stay healthy, stay happy, til next time,

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  1. Oh my, I could have written this Karl! My friends think I’m weird and boring for resisting certain foods. ‘Chill out’ is often used. I find it hugely frustrating. Ultimately, you will have the last laugh and the penny will drop for everyone else when they inevitably fall ill.

    May 11, 2021
    • I hear ya Victoria!
      Trouble is, as we get older, it’s nothing to laugh about. It’s not just coughs and colds…people get really ill, and it breaks my heart..
      Karl x

      May 11, 2021

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