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Motivation: it doesn’t matter WHERE you get it, just that you DO

There is a saying ‘Motivation: it doesn’t matter WHERE you get it, just that you DO’ and I tend to agree.

One thing I know we all suffer from is body dysmorphia - where we see something in the mirror that isn’t really there. Often, women see themselves fat and saggy, when in fact that look fabulous, and men all think they look like Sly Stallone when they actually look more like the Michelin man. But it does happen the other way too.

So one thing I do, is to take a picture of myself from time to time, and paste it right along side (roughly same size) pictures of men with aesthetic looking physiques I admire. Thus, I create a “where I am versus where I want to be” visual ‘map’, so that I still know exactly how far I have to go.

My own personal ‘map’

This pic shows me in 2012, the last time I had any kind of colour on my skin, which is now pasty white from a long winter, flanked by images of the way I want to look…fighter GSP, and an anonymous climber. I don’t want to be huge in a muscular way, as the extra weight would not help me with rock climbing. Climbers need to be light, lean and strong, so I want muscle for strength, not bulk.

In 2013, I just need to build my arms and shoulders a little, and get lean. Getting lean is the hard part! From now, Easter, til the end of August, that is my core body goal.

We all look at images of bodies we admire and think how we would like to look that way…try pasting together pictures of how you DO look beside how you WANT to look, it’s a blend of realism and forward looking determination. It helps drive you forward and track your progress.

It might not work for everyone, but it works for me, and I hope it might work for you.

#Motivation - it doesn’t matter where you get it, just that you do.

Have fun, train hard, eat clean.


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