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Getting the macronutrient balance right - the simple way, with MotherNaturesDiet

I was recently asked for my advice on macronutrients in a healthy diet:

  • How much protein should I eat?
  • You seem to advocate a very low-carb diet. Should I eat more carbs, where do you get your energy from?
  • Do you eat lots of good fats?
  • What about saturated fats? Omega-3’s? Oils?
  • 3 meals per day, or 4, or 5, or 6?

I believe that eating has gotten far too complicated, we are all wrapped up in measuring calories, macronutrients and micronutrients, when I believe that if we are eating the right foods, then such ‘scientific detail’ is not really worth worrying about too much, not for most people.

So, I recommend 2 simple rules:

  1. Eat only real, whole, fresh, natural food, ideally organic. If it has a label and a long list of ingredients, scientific sounding things that are hard to pronounce, or don’t really sound like real food items, then don’t eat it. Real food doesn’t need a list of ingredients: broccoli, whole chicken, carrot. You get the idea.
  2. Eat plants and animals. Try to buy pasture raised, grass fed, organic, free range, wild caught, open-ocean pole-and-line caught. Talk to your butcher or fish monger - don’t be afraid to ask questions. Fill about two thirds of your plate with plants, and one third with meat or fish. That takes care of main meals. Eggs and vegetables for breakfast. Nuts and fruits for snacks.

That’s it, that’s my simple rules for eating. That ought to give you the right amount of protein, unless you are an athlete and feel you need a little more, and those vegetables ought to provide plenty of good carbs, and the meat and eggs and nuts will provide good fats. All those fresh, natural whole foods will supply all the micronutrients you need. I eat 3 times per day, most days, sometimes less if I get busy and skip lunch. I don’t eat by the clock, I eat when I am hungry. When I am bored (doesn’t happen very often) or procrastinating, avoiding some work I don’t really want to do, then I am always hungry and looking around the kitchen for food! When I am absorbed in writing for MND, loving my work, I regularly skip meals, I just get busy and lost in time.

chicken salad

For meal ideas, there is a recipes page at

Keep it simple, life needs to be simple, not complicated!! Humans were eating for 200,000 years without doctors to help without dieticians and nutritionists and recipe books, diet books or apps measuring our macronutrients for us! We are BORN knowing what to eat! I remember cuddling our first born son when he was 30 minutes old, hugging his naked mucky blood stained body to my hairy chest while doctors looked after his mother. 30 minutes old, still blind and confused, he started trying to suckle on my nipple. Hunger told him what to eat, he didn’t need help or guidance. I kept him warm and then soon handed him to his mother and he got what he needed. No other animal on Earth needs to seek ‘professional advice’ from someone qualified to help give nutritional advice. How the hell did humans make it all so complicated?

Just quit all the processed, manufactured ‘food’. Real food comes with mud on it, or blood, and it goes off if left at room temperature for more than a few days. Keep it simple, save yourself from the diet madness! Stick to MotherNaturesDiet!

Post questions below!


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