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Mother Nature’s Diet FAQs - Is it healthy to drink coffee?

Short answer: Whether or not you should regularly consume coffee (and caffeine) very much depends on the person, you the individual. The current state of your health, will depend on whether caffeinated coffee might help you or exacerbate problems for you.

For example, studies show that, in general, type-2 diabetics and folks who have high blood pressure or have suffered a heart attack, benefit from moderate coffee consumption. Broadly speaking, moderate coffee consumption, which means up to a maximum of four standard cups per day, is generally OK for healthy people. Many active individuals find that a caffeinated coffee is a good natural stimulant for athletic endeavours (as a pre-workout drink).

On the down side, you should avoid coffee is you suffer headaches, sleep problems, fatigue, acid reflux, irregular heart beat, angina, anxiety, concentration problems or suicidal feelings.

So it very much depends on the person.

Additionally, these modern coffee shops sell a lot of drinks loaded with far more than just the coffee. A Starbucks latte, per day, adds up to well over 1000 extra calories per week, and will cost you about 15 quid - money better spent on organic vegetables and pastured meat in my opinion.

If you do drink coffee, and personally I do, then stick to black, unsweetened, and buy an organic brand, as conventionally-grown coffee beans are grown using a lot of pesticides. Also, opt for a Fairtrade brand because many coffee farmers in the developing world are among the most poorly-treated farmers anywhere on Earth.

That’s the short answer.

The long answer is in MND Book 1: The 12 Core Principles and contains far more detail on the pros and cons of regular coffee consumption.

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