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How are you feeding your mind?

If you are a regular follower of MND, you will already know that I’m always trying to get you guys to think about and talk about something other than FOOD!

Food is ONLY 1 piece of the puzzle. Good health and a long life is about MUCH MUCH MORE! Hopefully, those of you who have been to my 1-day Seminar understand this bigger picture.

So beyond ‘feeding your body’…how do you ‘feed your mind’?

In my little home office, I have approximately 500 books. I’ve not counted them all out precisely, but perhaps about 100 are business books, about 100 are personal development books, at least 200 are on nutrition and disease and exercise, and the last 100 are novels, classics, autobiographies, philosophy, travel biographies and history books.

Most are part-read, most have multiple corners turned in, sticky notes and bookmarks poking out.

When I finish books, I either keep them for reference, or gift them to friends or charity shops. Life is too short to read most books twice, so I only keep them for re-reading if they are exceptionally good. I have at least 600 more archived away in my loft. My Amazon wish list has another 700 on it. I would LOVE to buy them all right NOW!

You know, I left school at 15, I had a few ‘O’ levels, going to University was never an option in my family, as my mum would say “we’re not those kind of people”. I went on to work in factories and workshops for the next 12 years. At 27, I ran away and lived in Murmansk, in Northern Russia, 200 km above the Arctic Circle, where the sun went down in October and came back up in March. In the darkness, amid the drunken sailors, street brawling and many long runs and walks in deep snow and -30 temperatures, I found myself. IMG_7640

I started reading, learning, developing myself.

Since then, I have become a successful salesman. Then I built my own company, now 11.5 years old, a company that has taken £2.5M from big corporations without me ever having to make anything solid or deliver anything physical or ever leave home, it was all done using just ‘bits and bytes’ flying through cyberspace.

I went from factory floor to business owner.
I went from broke to 6-figure income.
And then I built MND.
You are here, we are all here, because I fed my brain, as well as my body, with top-grade fuel.

  • Want to learn how to build a business? Read business books.
  • Want to learn how to be wealthy? Read wealth creation books.
  • Want to learn about nutrition? Read nutrition books.
  • Want to learn how to avoid cancer? Read books about the causes of cancer.
  • Want to learn how to be fitter and stronger? Read books about being fitter and stronger.
  • Want to learn from the great philosophers of the last few centuries? Read their philosophies. (Hint, MND is a philosophy, just in case you hadn’t worked that out yet and you still think it’s some kind of ‘diet’)
  • Want to learn how to grow personally? Read personal development books.

You are what you eat. feed your brain
You body and your physical health will reflect how you have been feeding yourself physically.

You are what you CONSUME.
Your mental health, your emotional health, your psychological well-being, are a reflection of how you have been feeding your mind.

I run a very lively MND Facebook Group with hundred of MND followers actively participating every day. I watch this Group every day, and I wholly believe that more people searching for supreme good health are struggling more mentally than physically. As I always say at the start of my 1-day seminar: Most people KNOW what to do, they just DON’T do what they know.

The success card in the game of life is your mindset, your attitude, it is determined by your mental prowess, not your physical fitness.

Feed your mind a healthy diet of books - in a few hours you can consume 40 or 50 years of someone else’s life and learning. Trash TV - celebrities in a jungle, soap opera’s, media slanging matches and damned big brother - this stuff is poison to your mind like sugar and nicotine are poison to your body.

When I see people in my MND Community “confessing to failure” or “calling out for help” almost EVERY SINGLE time it is because they are struggling MENTALLY, they are giving in to cravings, they are depressed, they are feeling weak, lacking discipline, and so on. Rarely are people suffering physical challenges, such as broken bones or a lack of access to the great outdoors.

It’s almost ALWAYS mental. It’s determination, conviction, motivation.

Stand guard at the door of your mind.
Nourish your mental prowess.

How are YOU feeding your mind? What does your ‘mental diet’ look like?


IMG_7637 IMG_7639

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