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Train hard, eat well, sleep

I trained hard today, in my home gym, lots of body-weight moves, but using my OLD body weight. I have a weight vest which puts 5 stones (70 pounds, 32 kilos) extra on my frame. I like to exercise wearing this vest, as it reminds me that I lost all that fat, and more, over the years.

No wonder I found 20 push-ups hard work back then. 20 push-ups now wearing that vest is hard work! Without the vest, I can bang out sets of 50 no problem, but the vest really makes a big difference, just 20 is hard work.

I have a slightly lighter weight vest for chins and pull-ups, just 2 stones (27 pounds, or 12 kilos) and today’s workout involved training using both vests, separately for some moves, and then at one point, both vests together, one on top of the other!

In, bang, and out

Often, people train for too long. I used to be a victim of this myself, spending an hour, or 90 minutes, or much longer, in the gym. This is a waste of time unless you need to train for endurance. Today my workout lasted 47 minutes, and I was dripping sweat, puffing and feeling wiped out by the end. At this level of intensity, with virtually no rest between each set, 47 minutes was quite long enough.

After training I had a great lunch, a big juicy rump steak (rare and bloody, and organic and grass-fed of course) and a big green salad - delicious.

Now to complete the ‘triad’ I just need to get an early night and plenty of sleep tonight. ALL three elements are equally important - exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery.

The picture shows my sizzling steak in the pan, and it was yummy!

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