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Exercise while you travel

When away from home, as well as finding it harder to stick to a clean diet, many people find it harder to fit in regular exercise.

While I was on holiday with my family, I didn’t have my home gym available, and there was not a commercial gym to be found for miles around, so I had to improvise. The good thing about being experienced in using my own body weight for exercise, is that I can usually work out any time, any place, without too much trouble.

Squat the kids!

On holiday, I kept busy swimming, playing on the beach or in the woods with the kids, and most days I managed to squeeze in 200 push-ups and 200 sit-ups and a few sets of chair dips. Some days, I use the kids, get then to help, they make good ‘weights’ and I live in hope that I will inspire them to exercise more too.

I have 3 kids, and I squat them all, warming up with my youngest, working up through each child for a set of 21 squats, then finishing with a set of a dozen with my wife across my shoulders. That’s legs done! Then I warm up with regular push-ups, then my 5-year old daughter sits on my back for heavy sets of push-ups, which makes for a great workout for my chest. Finally, with my hands on one chair and my heels resting on another, the kids take turns to sit on my lap for chair dips, and I get a killer triceps workout.

I tried chins with my 7-year old hanging on me, piggy back style, but he keeps strangling me so I gave up on that one!

No excuses 🙂 When away from home - improvise!!

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