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Rapid Crash Weight Loss - is there a healthy way?

I received an amusing email today. A friend who is single suddenly has a hot date lined up and wants to quickly lose weight and look tip-top as rapidly as possible. The email said (slightly tongue-in-cheek of course) “Any thoughts on how I lose 3 stone in 5 days?” and I laughed, a lot.

I can totally empathise with this situation. I have found myself in a similar situation many times in my life when I have had occasion to suddenly panic at the thought that I have some hot date or important meeting coming up when I want to look my best and there is no time to lose weight and get in shape. I am sure most of us can empathise with this feeling to some degree.

It may be a date with a hot woman (man), it may be an unexpected trip coming up at short notice, it may be a sudden appearance in front of a camera or an audience, or it may just be something seemingly trivial, like an upcoming beach holiday, or suddenly seeing the most drop-dead amazing woman (man) at the local swimming pool and feeling ashamed of how I look, or it may be the pressure of a new job interview, or any other scenario where the eyes will be on me. I regularly post pictures of myself half naked on here, like this one, and there is a certain amount of pressure there too!


Whatever the reason, and whether this date may or may not lead to mutual nakedness with a desirable member of the opposite sex, many of us have found ourselves in that situation where we get to thinking “Oh shit, how can I get this beer belly off NOW and look lean and fit in just a few days!??!?” and you know, I always think “I wish I had started that strict diet and awesome hard workout routine XYZ weeks or months ago when I was thinking about it!! Damn, that pizza/night out on the beer/Chinese take-away/doughnut/cake/large ice cream desert last week wasn’t such a great idea after all!!”

Since when would NOW be a good time to start?

It always comes down to the same thing - just start. There are NO shortcuts, NO quick fixes, just eat natural and healthy real food, workout using a variety of aerobic and anaerobic exercises and avoid the sins and excesses, that’s the whole story. It’s no secret, no magic, just plain clean living, regular exercise and good old fashioned common sense.

Having said there are no quick fixes, there is one way to ditch excess weight super-fast, healthily, and that is by juicing vegetables and fruits.

I do not have the time or space here and now to go into the science and techniques of juicing in great detail – I’ll cover that in one of my upcoming books – but you should know that juicing green vegetables and fruits and living on just juice and a few raw veggies for a week or two is an extremely healthy and effective way to lose weight fast.

You could go on Amazon and by books from Jason Vale, The Juice Master and all-round really nice guy, or you could just by a juicer and experiment.

Get juicy

I do not endorse any temporary ‘crash diets’ of any kind, as I believe permanent healthy lifestyle change, like MND, is the way to go, but I do juice, and to use juicing as a detox and cleanse a couple of times each year is a good healthy way to stay lean and keep the excess fat off. I will write much more about juicing another time.

I know people will say “caveman didn’t have a juicer so I am deviating from MotherNaturesDiet” but caveman also didn’t have polluted air, work stress, diminished soil quality, chemicals in his drinking water, artificial fertilizer and many other modern day hazards and pollutants. Juicing for a week or two once or twice per year makes an excellent detox and provides a big does of ‘natural health insurance’ to help cleanse our bodies of toxins.

Experimenting with your juicer (and a blender) is fun and making tasty green juices and smoothies is easy. Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Use more veggies than fruit
  • The fruit is there to make the end product taste nice. Just veggies will not taste great, so a couple of pieces of fruit sweeten the drink, but don’t just do ALL fruit, because the veggies have the best vitamins and minerals, and the fruit contains quite a lot of sugar.
  • You can juice almost any fruit and veg – but not ‘mushy’ things like bananas and mangos.
  • Use either apples or carrots to sweeten your juice, or add your juiced vegetables to half a pineapple, a mango, a banana or an avocado in your blender.
  • Use veg to pile in the nutrients.
  • You can drink some juices as a mix of fruit and veg straight out of the juicer and into your glass. Other times you can juice the veggies and then add them to a banana or an avocado or a mango in your blender and them blend it all into a smoothie, perhaps with some crushed ice on a warm day, or with a handful of raw almonds or walnuts if you like that bitty, nutty texture. Sometimes add fresh herbs like parsley, basil or coriander to your blender too. Or shake in a generous sprinkle of powdered cinnamon, or fresh chilli.

Rapid weight-loss plan

My friend today wanted to lose weight fast, so I answered fast and I was impressed to see my friend leap into action right away - today!

This was what I advised:

Breakfast - Smoothie:

  • 1 whole avocado
  • 1 large banana (or 2 small)
  • Large handful of fresh spinach leaves
  • Water (to get runny consistency)
  • Blend in blender - you should end up with about 1 pint

Lunch - Green juice:

  • Just juice a heap of fruit and veg, almost anything, but he was heading for the shops, so I suggested this:
  • 3 or 4 apples
  • Half a cucumber
  • Half a head of celery
  • Hefty chunk (1 inch or so) of stem ginger
  • A carrot or two
  • Several handfuls of fresh spinach
  • A handful of fresh kale
  • A chunky stem of broccoli (not the head, save that for cooking or eat it raw as a snack)
  • Juice the lot. Drink.

Afternoon snack: Small option - an apple, or nibble that raw broccoli. Starving hungry option - repeat lunch.


  • Hardcore option - repeat lunch.
  • Slightly more sustainable option - try a nice home-made veggetable soup.

Soup recipe:

  • Sizzle off a chopped red onion in a saucepan in a drizzle of olive oil.
  • Add half a butternut squash cubed
  • Add 2 large carrots chopped
  • Add stock - we use low-salt Bouillon
  • Boil for 20 mins, then reduce heat, add several handfuls of fresh spinach. Kill heat and leave to simmer as it cools.

Once this is cooked, you can blend it cold, then re-heat it, or blend it while it is still warm in the pan, using a hand blender. Don’t pour it into a jug blender to blend while it is hot, you will end up with a very hot messy kitchen.

That diet and NOTHING else but water for a week will drop weight rapidly, combined with this workout every day:

  • 50 push-ups - however you can, as 1 set of 50 or 5 sets of 10, just do 50, slow and in good form, every day
  • 50 sit-ups or crunches, go slow and feel those abs working
  • 50 sumo squats, go slow, go deep
  • 1 minute plank, longer if you can,  build up
  • 30 min brisk walk outdoors in fresh air, whatever the weather, get out every day

Jump start program

Well this was my quicky answer, but if you are over-weight and want fast results, I believe this will deliver rapid results, and your body should be getting enough nutrients to keep you healthy and not starving hungry. Most crash diets are unhealthy because they rely on starvation, and they do not deliver enough quality nutrients to your body. But this ‘jump start program’ is packed with masses of nutrients, your body will not be lacking nutrition, so you should lose weight fast without falling ill.

I would not recommend living this way long term, but as a ‘jump start’ for a week or two, maybe even 3 if you have a lot of weight to shift, it should deliver results. You can experiment with adjusting ingredients and quantities of all of it, the smoothies, the juices, the soups, til you find what you like. It is important to avoid everything else - no alcohol, sugar, sweets, junk, cola, etc.

The notion of juices and smoothies is a little at odds with my all-natural beliefs, but as I said, a big green juice is like the ‘big boys version’ of a vitamin pill, packed with nutrients your body can really use, and it makes a great booster a few times per year.

I don’t think anyone can “lose 3 stone in 5 days” as my friend asked, not without chopping a leg off, but I’ll bet someone 60 pounds over weight could drop 3 stone in a month with this jump start program…healthily.

Remember, I am not a doctor, so if you are planning to try this, and if you are in poor health, check with your doctor first, print this off and go talk it through before you start, and build up gradually on the exercises - if you hurt, stop, take a few days off, then ease back in slowly.


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  1. Big Al #

    Howzit Bro, love the MND postings. Well written. Keep em coming.
    Your mate

    June 16, 2021
  2. web page #

    Wow, this article iss nice, my sister iss analyzing these things, thus I
    am going to let know her.

    October 9, 2021
  3. Debbie Renton #

    Karl I am considering trying the above. I ideally would like to lose 26-30lbs but concerned re protein having been under considerable stress and hair loss issues. Would this be okay for me? Loving everything I am reading. #whatalegend!

    March 8, 2022

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