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Taking a COLD Shower

Over the last few years I have read various articles about the health benefits of taking a regular cold shower. Some say cold showers improve your circulation, some say they help weight loss, some say they radically improve your libido and sexual stamina, some claim cold showers boost your immunity, some say they relieve depression and some say they just make you feel cold.

I don’t know if any of those claims are true, but in my mental journey exploring and contemplating all-things-caveman, I got to thinking how our primitive ancestors would have washed – likely quickly, infrequently, and in rivers and lakes and in the sea. In warm weather I am sure caveman (and cave woman, I use the term generically) would have enjoyed a regular dip whenever he or she got the chance, no doubt showering under waterfalls was fun for all the family/tribe, and swimming in lakes, rivers and shallow seas would have been welcome, providing one eye was constantly watching for predators.

But in winter, or living in cold climates, I doubt caveman stripped off and washed any more often that he really had too. Wading bum-deep in a freezing river in winter would not have been terribly good fun, so I suspect it was something only done ‘when necessary’ which probably meant not very often.

Warm showers are a recent development

Still, one thing is for sure, with the exception of finding a hot natural spring, caveman would never have enjoyed a warm or hot bath or shower. In addition, caveman would not have had any soap, shower gel or other chemicals – but I will save that discussion about  chemicals for another post on another day. I have always been one of those ‘skin-scaldingly-hot shower’ guys, and for years I enjoyed my showers as hot as I could take it, so going cool-to-cold is a real swing for me. I have been trying to take my daily shower cold to see how it feels, and I have to say that now I have gotten used to it, I really rather like it. I have now been showering cold every day throughout May, June, July and August, and my showers are gradually getting colder and colder.

I started back in April, dropping from hot to just warm, and from warm down to tepid by the end of April. Through May I built from cool to cold, and each day I keep pushing the cold a little further every time I shower. I now start at cool, progress to cold, and push myself with 10 seconds of ‘truly freezing’ at the end! I can’t honestly say that I have noticed any real health benefits that I can put down to the cold showers, but I certainly do enjoy it.

It’s invigorating and makes me feel fresh and bouncy…but as our feeble British summer comes to an end, I am starting to wonder how my enthusiasm will fare during the winter months ahead. We will see, and I will let you know in a few months time!

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