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Mint tea, or Lemon and Ginger tea - yummy without caffeine!

I must admit, I find quitting coffee the hardest of all the things I have given up…but I don’t drink caffeinated coffee! I quit caffeine back in 2006, so I know my love of coffee is just a mental thing, I like the taste and I drink it decaf, black and unsweetened, so I struggle to reason with myself why I should quit.

However, on virtuous days, when I can manage without those couple of cups of black decaf to start each day, then I will often have replace my coffee with this healthier alternative.

I just pop a few leaves of fresh mint (picked from my herb garden here at home) in a cup and fill with boiling water. As quick and easy as instant coffee, but much better for you!

Another alternative, pictured here, is slices (or chunks) or lemon and ginger in boiling water.

Lemon Ginger Tea

You can ‘go heavy’ on the ginger to make this real tangy and spicy, or just keep it light and refreshing.


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