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A quick thought on longevity

I have been on a bit of a longevity theme today. I did some more reading this afternoon, thinking about longevity.

I read the findings of one massive study that followed 186,000 people, and they tracked BMI (Body Mass Index, a rather unreliable measure of a person’s ‘fatness’) as an indicator of life expectancy.

The study found that men with a BMI of 23.5 at age 50, have the lowest likelihood of risk of death between 50 and 70. For women, that figure is a BMI of 22, slightly lower, which seems unfair, as women naturally carry a little more bodyfat than men.

So it follows that for ultimate longevity, it looks like the healthiest BMI for men aged 50 is 23.5 - all BMI data above and below this level shows increased long term mortality.

So if living a long healthy life is my #1 goal, then I should aim to have a BMI of 23.5 when I am 50.

At 43 years old, (as I am in this picture with my daughter, grinning like crazy) what is my BMI now?

It’s 23.8 at 12 stone 13 (181 pounds, 82 kilos).
I am near-enough bang on. I shall endeavour to stay between 22 and 24 long term.

Do you know your BMI?

It’s not a particularly accurate measure if you are unusually tall or heavily muscular, such as a bodybuilder or weight lifter. But for most non-athletes, and people of broadly ‘normal’ height, it is more meaningful.

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