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One of the things I have been trying to do is massively reduce the amount of chemicals I use on my body and in my home. This ticks 2 boxes for me – better for my health and better for the environment, but it also has lesser benefits, saving money and reducing waste.

In particular, I have cut right back on the amount of shower gel I use – it really only takes a tiny amount, I think most of us tend to pour far too much out every day.

I no longer use air freshener…have you seen what’s in the stuff, and have you ever read the warnings on the can? If it’s that bad, I refuse to use it – just open a window! Anyway, if you quit beer and eat a healthy diet, your poops won’t smell half as much as they used to, mine don’t!

Poisons on and in our bodies

I have reduced how much I use hair gel, deodorant, washing up liquid (we buy eco brands of kitchen products) and so on. You have to be careful with the deodorant – I have tried some of the ‘green’ options and they just don’t work well, and I am not prepared to be smelly! Just be sure to avoid parabens and aluminium in whatever you put on your skin.

I quit mouthwash, and I have been trying to almost-completely give up toothpaste. Interestingly, my teeth have never felt so clean! I used to use a good dollop of toothpaste twice daily like most people, but in fact I have cut it out completely in the morning, and now I just use cold water. I find I brush for longer, and as I can actually feel what I am doing in my mouth with the brush, I explore my teeth in more detail and really work around and spend time getting into all the nooks and crannies – result, cleaner, fresher, whiter teeth. I have fresh mint growing in my herb garden, so I usually pick a few leaves and start most days with minted hot water, and anytime I feel like freshening my mouth, I just pick and eat a mint leaf or two – much better for you than chewing gum. In the evenings I use a really tiny amount of toothpaste just to freshen up my mouth before bed.

Overall, I have cut my use of chemicals by 95% over the course of the last year. Try it…save money and stop polluting your body!

Over a lifetime, use of this stuff really adds up!

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