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Camping and Pizza Express

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days, I was away having far too much fun!

I took two of my kids camping and hiking for the weekend, and it was great. In terms of healthy eating, we did pretty well…however the visit to Pizza Express definitely strayed ‘off plan’ for me!!

We left for our trip straight after the kids finished school on Friday afternoon, and after almost 5 hours in the car, we finally reached our campsite. I had pre-cooked a meal earlier in the day (a tasty chilli) made using organic meat and veggies, so I just re-heated it for a late supper when we arrived. I just ate chilli, but the kids dipped wholemeal pitta breads into theirs to add bulk.

Cooked breakfast outside

I cooked us free range organic sausages and eggs for breakfast (both days), so I was still ‘sticking to plan’ up to that point! It is great to cook outdoors, in the cold morning air and sunshine, dewy wet grass under my feet, kids running around playing, this is the real essence of what camping is all about.

We spent both days out hiking, and the kids had great fun…we walked through woodland, over hills, crossed rivers, played around waterfalls, walked through disused old railway tunnels, it was a great adventure. During the day I only ate apples and some dried fruit and nuts, but the kids had bread rolls with ham and cheese, and I let them have chocolate bars. With all that fresh air and exercise, I can be pretty relaxed about their diet…they have to have some chocolate now and then, they are just kids after all!

Saturday was the big sin for me! We all went to Pizza Express and so for the night, my diet/lifestyle was out the window completely! I had garlic bread, pizza, ice cream and orange juice…all rubbish, all full of crap, but quite tasty if I’m being honest! It was a cold night and the end of a long day and I had little alternative…so I applied the 90/10 rule (Core Principle No: 12) and didn’t stress over it too much!

Nature’s supermarket

Sunday was another great day – I cooked the same breakfast again and the kids had the same lunch, and then we made it home in time in the evening for a roast which my wife had prepared. During the day out hiking on Sunday we ate blackberries off the bushes and found a natural spring which the boys enjoyed drinking from…without any prompting from me they started getting very excited about this “free wild water from nature’s supermarket” which they said was the nicest water they had ever drunk…oh how I smiled contentedly!

So overall, it IS possible to follow the MotherNaturesDiet 12 Core Principles while out and about with your family – I stuck to the rules completely except on the Saturday night (when I applied Rule 12, the 90/10 rule), and the kids did pretty well too. I was delighted that my kids got through a whole weekend without any TV or gaming, and they came home muddy and exhausted, in a good way!

They slept well Sunday night, and so did I. Happy days 🙂

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