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Controversial Rant #2: The latest FAD Diet book or “diet system”…

You know, one thing that REALLY bugs me is the over-complication of food, the over-science-ification of nutrition. Where scientists and nutritionists and doctors are trying to help us get to the truth then I applaud them, but I find WAY TOO MANY commercial interests even among seemingly open folks.

Some of my heroes

  • I love the work of Mark Sissons - but he sells supplements.
  • I love Dr Mercola - but he sells supplements.
  • I love Charles Poliquin - but he sells supplements.
  • I love Dr Robert Young – but he sells treatments and supplements and chemical products.

And so it goes on…and once these folks have products to sell, particularly supplements, it becomes SO hard to separate opinion and science and facts, from their commercial interests.

While I don’t knock or criticize anyone else, we are all out here trying to help the world to be a healthier place, I do think that for the most part, nutrition is SIMPLE and does not need books, supplements or ‘commercial products’ for ordinary folks to understand how we should all be eating. (Yes, I know, I’m writing a book…to explain just this! I am writing several books, and I will be giving some of them away free, for people who just want the basics, I will not charge for it if people just want to learn the basics of MND - besides it is all here on this site for free anyway!)

I remember when my son was born, and for an hour after birth, the first hour of his little life, while his mother received medical attention in the hospital, he laid naked on my bare chest, sharing my body warmth and feeling my heartbeat and connecting with me. Towards the end of the hour, he started trying to suck on my nipple…less than 1 hour old, but this tiny human knew what he wanted and where to get it - he wanted milk, and despite the fact that a new born baby cannot see (it takes a few days to focus new-born eyes), and despite being covered in blood and mucus and other fluids from the birth, his sense of feel and smell and his ability to ‘read my hormones’ guided his mouth to my nipple repeatedly.

Instincts and common sense

I think of this often, how he was born KNOWING how to find food…he knew what his body wanted and where to get it - this was hard-wired into his gene coding at birth, despite no physical, observational or practical experience, he knew, instinctively what to eat.

Yet now as adults, we seem to need endless books, DVDs, structured ‘Diet plans’ and advice and instruction on how to eat! This is crazy, we are born knowing how to eat, Mother Nature provides all the natural food we need – just ‘see around us’ and there it all is. Animals, birds, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds – we don’t need an instruction manual to know how to eat! We invented complex written language less than 10,000 years ago…so how come people managed to eat for 3 million years before that? I mean it, seriously, caveman didn’t need an instruction manual, yet he conquered the earth, it was all instinct and common sense!!

I am all for teaching people how to be healthy, but where Doctors and scientists preaching ‘paleo nutrition’ or ‘natural good health’ start selling supplements, instruction books, recipe books and complex diet and exercise plans, I am afraid my scepticism gets the better of me. No one needs to pay anyone to learn how to eat, no one needs to pay anything to buy a ‘diet system’ or a book about exercise. Eat real, whole, natural things, living things. Move and use your body – walk, run, swim, climb, lift, carry, fight, wrestle, bend, stretch. Really, it is NOT complicated…if my 1-hour old son knew how to eat, then 30 and 40 and 50 year olds should have easily figured it out by now.

Stop un-learning that which comes natural, get in tune with your body and feel for what is instinctively right and what makes you feel good and healthy inside. That feeling we call a hangover is your body’s way of saying “you just consumed a load of crap, last night was hard on me internally, I hurt now!” We just need to listen to our bodies!!!

Rant over…for now!

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