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Your results, in your words, living the Mother Nature’s Diet way

These are your results, in your words, from following the Mother Nature’s Diet healthy lifestyle, living by the 12 Core Principles.

To learn more about Mother Nature’s Diet and to get your own results, check out the book on our main site here.


Geraint Thomas testimonial - MND

‘These abs were made by the following secret….follow the MND principals 🙂

I love your write ups. I think what you’re doing is awesome.’

- Mr Thomas, London, UK

Thought I would share this to celebrate!!! Dropped a dress size in 2 weeks!!!!! And can now wear skinny jeans!!!! Am soooooooo happy!!!!!!! - Rose, UK

“Quitting sugar and alcohol (didn’t drink much anyway) has changed my life. Karl Whitfield changed my life, his MND and 12CP showed me the way and I followed x Thank you x” – Mrs Wade, UK.

“I’d tried paleo, LCHF, considered raw, vegan, not to mention a decade of weight watchers, slimming world and none of it made any sense. All contradicting each other and often within their own ‘rules’. MND 12 CP’s are the way to go - Karl has made them so simple to follow! What I found useful was to write down what each CP meant to me in terms of what to work on. I did that in Jan after the seminar and will do again shortly as I’ve made a lot of little changes in those 6 months.” – Mrs Smith, UK.

“I’ve been following the MND lifestyle for 4 weeks today - lots of positive changes including over 7lbs lost, no bloating, and achieved my first (five) proper push-ups!

Also realised today that I’ve not been waking up with painful finger joints for a week or two - which had begun to worry me being a massage therapist. The biggest change I’ve made is cutting out dairy - me thinks that’s the inflammatory culprit!

Happy days:-) ”

“I have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for many, many years. I was told to eat fibre - given Fybogel from the doctor, etc., suffered with lots of painful cramps, bloating etc., going one day being constipated, the next loose. I follow MND and no bloating, and bowels are now normal. Happy days!” – Mrs H, UK.

“I have lost 5lbs in one week just by following MND and home workouts. I cannot believe it! My stomach has really gone down. I’ve stopped the bread and stuck to the 12 Core Principles. I still cannot believe it. Just having more energy is awesome!” – Ms R, London, UK.

“Tomorrow morning my partner has told me that we are stepping up the game and having mackerel with our eggs and broccoli. I have tried for 14 years to get him to look at dietary habits and Karl Whitfield does it in 1 day! Well worth the money.” – Mr R, Midlands.

“After the seminar…I dropped about 3kg immediately since I eat no grains.” – Mrs R, Norwich, UK.

After 8 years kick boxing I’m now training for my black belt.
I recently came across MND and it’s given me the inspiration I need to succeed.
Keep up the good work!  - Ian from Liverpool, UK. Age 44

“Oh man I love you, your enthusiasm, passion, drive is phenomenal. I so wish I could join you [for this workshop] this time but let me tell you I will definitely join you in October.
I am sure anyone attending this will find it life changing! Go Karl go!”
 - Mrs. V, France

“I would urge anyone who thinks this diet/way of life is restrictive to do what I did and start with just a small manageable time period to see how you feel afterwards. I guarantee that you will notice a major difference in your body, your health and it won’t seem as restrictive as before, but instead you will discover a new lease of life. I will be doing more and more 4 week periods, until I do more of them than I do more of the bad eating. Thanks for the hard work that goes into MND. It is highly appreciated.”
 - A Facebook follower

“Just wanted to share this with you a few months ago I changed my eating and drinking!!!
I drink lots of water and I have recently cut out all gluten and reduced my dairy intake and power walk for 3 miles 5 times a week!!! And how do I feel??!
I have never felt so energetic since I was a teen (I’m 38)”

“I’ve lost 7lbs in 12 days Karl, and yes it is all yum, and beats a sandwich and crisps any day!” - Ms C, UK

“I’m down a dress size in two weeks as I’m no longer bloated and sluggish.
My anaemia is no longer tiring me out so much in the day!!!!
I’m sticking to this!!”

“I am feeling great!!! Just done a 10 mile hike with a freind and my pace has quickened even more and dropped another dress size (2 now) and I feel fab!!!!

Yes you can quote me!! I’m sooooo happy!!!”  - Ms. K, UK.

“I am using your diet to try and improve my chronic asthma; only 2 weeks in and already I see an improvement.” - Martina, online follower.

“I’ve just had a pre-winter clear-out of clothes and bedding to take to the local homeless shelter. While I was at it I thought I’d try on some of the clothes to double check and I was shocked at how much my body must have changed this year. Christine Robinson for testimonial - 6 monthsI’ve lost around 1.5 stone; haven’t really got body measurements but this photo says it all. The thing that has really got me is all that extra weight I was carrying around - no wonder I felt like crap 6 months ago! This is purely from cutting out nonsense processed food and eating natural healthy foods according to MND and exercising every day, even if it’s only a half hour walk. This is a way of life for me now, I will never be going back to where I was. I’m feeling bloody fantastic! I haven’t felt this happy in years and it’s got less to do with weight loss and more to do with such energy and lust for life! Thank you Karl xx” - Mrs Robinson, UK.

“MND has got me from 20% body fat to around 15% some times under fluctuates slightly but really impressed and not really made many drastic changes just been more aware of what I fuel my body with. Knowledge is power so massive thanks to Karl Whitfield for his… very inspiring … help.” – Mr R, Yorks.

“15 weeks in 1 and half stone lost… apparently, so I’m told, I’ve lost it from my back and love handles, neck and face.” – Mr P, Midlands.

“Karl gave me a kick up the arse at his seminar - I’m not saying he made me do anything at all, but he told me this: “You don’t want it bad enough”. That sentence changed my life (thank you Karl) because he was damn right. The pain of seeing my unhealthy, flabby body in the mirror didn’t outweigh the joy of chucking a load of alcohol down my throat and then consequently eating a load of crap food! That following week I stood in front of a mirror naked and looked at my body and looked at my face, and I said “I love you for all that you are, and I’m going to treat you very well from now on.” - Mrs R, UK.

“MND really does work!” – Ms R, London.

‘Karl you cannot fail to succeed you have goodness at your core and passion, this will shine through - yes I thought at first you were over the top full on and was a little suspicious of your motives. But getting to know you on Facebook following your posts and articles I began to understand where you were coming from and your message, but more so I began to respect your forthright honesty, your drive and quest for knowledge and learning. I now know that you question everything and only pass on what you know to be true and I know that I can trust what you say! People will get that and those that you don’t reach will get it from those you do x’
- Jenny, France.

Wonderful success story - MotherNaturesDiet Success Story – How one 67 year-old lady lost 84 lbs in LESS than A YEAR and came off 4 out of 5 medications

Okay, I need to do a “boast post” lol. Not for me, but for my other half, who rarely comments here (although he reads virtually everything!). In less than 3 weeks of properly following MND he has lost (drum roll please!!!)……. 1 stone! Not only that, but his shape has improved too! Say bye bye to belly fat, and hello to trimmer and more toned!! Oh and best of all, he is finding it a doddle as the MND 12 Core Principles are so easy to follow and implement. Thank you Karl!” - Ms. J, Wales.

“For me personally following your principle based healthy living advice has been one of the most liberating things I have ever done. Admittedly I have a way to go but I’m certainly on the right path. For the first time in my adult life I have started to fuel my body and get enjoyment out of eating wholesome nutritious foods! My Friday afternoon treat use to mean stopping off at the pub for too many beers, now I might treat myself to an expensive apple instead what a change!! For me I’ve never had such an inspirational and passionate role model when it comes to eating and good health in general. Plain talking honest advice. I am personally seeing people transform their lifestyles on a daily basis which is. Very powerful thing in my mind. Keep up the good work sir!” - Mr Wright, UK

Karl writes: Stu Humber July 14

In this picture, this is Stuart, he loves the MND way so much, he’s quit his job and started working for MND, spreading the word and helping more people! Wow!

Stu writes: “Living the MND lifestyle has changed every part of mine and my families life. My wife is no longer on a wheelchair. My daughters are healthier, happier and concentrate more with less arguing, and I went from a 16 stone (225 pounds, or 102 kilos) lorry driver to a 12.5 stone man on a mission. MND is now my life and my career, standing by Karl’s right hand side, ready to take it to the World.”

From a model: “I did a photoshoot today, after some time on the low down to sort out my health and my skin. I worked with a photographer who has not photographed me in a good 2-3 years and has not seen me for at least a year. He always asks how my health and life is, but today he said “You look really healthy, your body is in the best shape I have ever seen it - youre not skinny/underweight like you have been and you’re not pudgy at all. You are slim and you look really healthy. But you don’t *JUST* look healthy. You have an amazing glow to your skin, you really glow. You look better than ever!”
Chuffed isn’t the word. I have always wanted somebody who hasn’t seen me for a while to comment on my health and whatever massive improvement there may have been. MND really is the way! This guy has seen me trawl through low fat diets and not look as good. He has seen me try EVERYTHING to lose weight and kick start my health - to only lose the battle - MND has done just what we all hoped! I am certainly an advocate of MND and proud to be!” - Ms R, UK

Listen to Karl! I decided last weekend to cut all the rubbish out of my shopping list, my trolley never has looked so healthy. I weighed myself today and I’m 6lbs lighter and I’ve eaten loads this week, not felt hungry and am determined never to follow any weight loss programme again, just healthy eating and exercise and no sugar!:)” - Ms. C, UK.

From an MND Facebook follower - “Just wanted to say thanks for your posts, I don’t really comment much but now am following a veggie version of your diet, have stated power yoga every morning, run most days. I have lost weight, I’m starting to look and feel great. And it’s all down to your posts and what you are doing on here. Thanks mate, keep up the good work  very inspirational.” - Graeme Waterfield, UK

“Totally loving MND, this guy is inspiring and full of knowledge, keep up the great work please.” - Mr. M.

“…watching Episode 2 of MND TV (love it!)”

“Well Karl, I’ve lost 13.5 lb, 7 more lb to go and it’s all down MND and the info you are posting!” – Mrs C, Northern Ireland.

“Hi. Just wanted to say thanks. I started MND on 1st Jan. I was expecting weight loss, but not 8lbs! I was expecting to feel better in myself, but I feel amazing! Before, I was tired all the time… Now I’m full of energy. I’m normally a bit of a grumpy old git, but have been really buoyant. I still have a long way to go, but I think I’m going to make it! So thanks … for showing me the way! x ” – Ms H, UK.

“Just wanted to say I took on your Xmas challenge not to gain a pound over Christmas and new year. I did better than that I’m pleased to say I lost 2 pounds that makes 10 pounds lost since starting I am very pleased with how it’s going. As my wife said I was very sceptical about MND but am now a firm believer in it. I feel so much better since being on it and have more energy. It is a bit difficult to fit in sometimes as I am an HGV driver and start at 2am but I have stopped feeling so tired during my shift. I am now a firm fan of MND and look forward to losing more in 2015. Happy new year!” – Mr P, UK.

“Love this post Karl! I’ve lost almost a stone, I’m all chuffed, and it’s all down to your MND! Awesome news for the new year, can’t thank you enough …”

“I bumped into some old friends who I had not seen for a few months in the supermarket this morning and they said they had seen me wandering around and couldn’t decide if it was me or not. They said please don’t take this the wrong way but we didn’t think it was you because you looked too young! I skipped out of the place with a big smile! In fact everyone I see keeps saying you look really well”

“I was drawn to MND on the promise of “abundant energy”. Now, whilst I might *think* I’m quite smart it genuinely never occurred to me that changing what I ate would have such a dramatic effect on my body!! Happy!”

It feels so awesome to take control of your life!” - Mr Edwards, Wales.

“I was outside for 8hrs plus timekeeping and race directing at our running events over the weekend, and I kept moving in MND style! I was doing star jumps, squats, running on the spot, leg kicks, lunges and so on in between tracking the runners - it kept me warm too! It’s such a stupidly simple concept - waiting for someone/something for 2mins - do some activity - I’m like ‘durr how come I never thought of this before!’ It’s a no brainer!” – Mrs S, UK

From members of the MND Facebook community: “I feel like a switch has been flicked! Perhaps because I’ve been making healthy changes for a couple of years now I feel like the MND way just brings together all the good bits from what I learned in a way that is so blindingly obviously simple that I don’t know how I didn’t see it before…..but when you start looking into all these ‘healthy alternatives’ you get blinded by science and confliction and can’t see the simple bigger picture! Hallelujah I think I’m a convert!! BUT still lots more potential to clean up and simplify further and of course learn and understand - it’s all work in progress and I’m happy to take it little step by step. I cannot tell you how much support I get from this community in such a short space of time - thank you!” – Rachel, UK

“I cannot tell you how much this group and its kindness is transforming my life at the moment. It is so simple and I’m so grateful, otherwise I could have spent my next decade getting it wrong, researching, over learning and over complicating everything. I’m feeling the changes and I’m feeling fantastic and I thank you x.”

“Karl you know how I feel about you, this post brought tears to my eyes because it came straight from your heart (and I am a big softie). I have said that your goodness shines through and this post shows that. It is impossible not to be inspired by you and your passion, you are making a difference, YOU are making a difference to people’s lives - I can attest to that!” - Jenny, UK.

“If ever there was a post that showed heartfelt sincerity, passionate belief, genuine desire to share and give hope to others, this was it.
Thank you, Karl, your energy and your drive is inspirational. X”

“The “get a life” MND TV rant video is still one of if not my most favourite clips on the Internet lol” - Mr. B, Herts, UK

“It’s wonderful to be in the company of such dear sweet people. Everyone helping one another. I think Facebook is a better place because you are on it. I think The world is a better place because you are in it. My personal thank yous for your unstinting help and inspiration will last the rest of my lifetime, since joining this group has changed the rest of my lifetime xx”

“This group is why I now get on to Facebook, love and best wishes to you full of life being on here !!!”

“Only just joined this group and over-awed by the beautiful souls and wonderful support for each other Thank you Karl xxx”

“What an awesome person! THE END x”

“Karl! You are special! You rock! I want to be like you! Lol x”

Testimonial showing WONDERFUL health improvements and healing: Karl, before I started my MND journey I was destined to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. I have suffered with Myofascial Pain Syndrome for 19 years to the extent that I’ve had to have a carer helping me manage with basic daily things, such as getting dressed etc. I had to stop all my hobbies and interests and was practically housebound. Now, I’m feeling great and 80% free of my usual pain, I’m walking my dogs everyday, taking my kids to the park and exercising daily. I’m off all medications too. Thank you for your time of studying all the information and bringing it to us. You’re an amazing man!” – Mrs. H, Midlands, UK.

Commented on a post about just eating real food instead of loads of supplements: “A few months ago, a health care professional strongly recommended a boatload of supplements to me, and they were more overweight than I am. My first thought in response was ‘how much were they getting paid to push those products?’ MND works. So far, I’m down ~20 kg / 44 lbs because of it.” - R.P., Canada

Testimonial for The MND Guide to Body Composition, eBook: ‘Just finished your eBook Karl, great read. The significantly reduced average lifespan of elite athletes is quite an amazing stat. Your analogy with the car in both the fat section and to summarise is very good.’

And - “Wow-that ‘MND guide to body composition’ is really fascinating! Will be reading it again tomorrow! Couldn’t leave it once I started…cheers for that!” – Ms K, Northern Ireland

I just love the energy and commitment you give to doing your thing your way. Well done, I’m loving it! - Ms. B, UK

“I really enjoy reading your posts and the fact that you keep it simple and don’t push supplements or diet drinks. …my goal this year is to kick the sugar habit. I’ve read your article on it a couple of times. Its good advise that you can read again & again when you are tempted. Thanks for your posts and time you freely give to help others be healthy and stay motivated.” - Ms. S., USA

I just wanted to say I love your page and your website. All very interesting and I log in everyday to find out what’s new. – Ms.C., UK.

[So far this year I’m] “a lot healthier thanks to your advice!! Love your site have read it everyday for at least 2 weeks and made a lot of positive changes as a consequence, Thank you!!!” - Mr W, UK.

This it’s a fantastic page thank u! Full of great tips and motivation.  - Ms K, Spain.

Greeting from Canada, MND! I always look for your posts in my news feed, great stuff! Keep it up! I’m down from a peak of 239 to 196 lbs currently, thanks to your good advice. It’s a process, not a quick fix. – Mr P, Canada


I have spent years trying this diet and that diet, attending slimming clubs, fad diet drinks, even cabbage soup diet!!!! All worked, but none were sustainable!! Why, because you ( or rather I ) had to plan and think about what I wanted to eat and if I could have a treat or had I used all my points?!?!?? Too hard!!! I’m too lazy!!!

Then Mother Nature’s Diet appeared in my field of vision!!!!

All I had to think about was what to reduce and eventually cut out all together!!! Easy!!!! Really??? Yes!!!

I love meat and fish, like veg, but hate prep!!! So even better when I found out I didn’t need to worry about things like peeling spuds, making porridge, boiling rice etc 🙂 just have loads of lovely fresh meat and fish every day with as much veg or salad as you can manage! Honest it’s that easy! Well ok there is a bit more to it 🙂

My fave rule is no 12, 90/10 genius rule, because our lives are far too busy and complicated to do anything 100% It allows you, gives you permission to give yourself a break and not beat yourself up if you have a little treat/cheat (I like to think of it as this because I hate being denied anything so if I feel I’ve cheated I feel like I’ve won! Daft I know but it works for me!)

I started following mostly the principles of MND in September, but Karl challenged me to go “all in” and follow it totally for 8 weeks! He promised I would make it to 8 weeks and feel great! Really??? I don’t believe him, but never one to back away from a dare, I did it!

The smart a**e was only right wasn’t he! By week 4 I didn’t even feel like it was a challenge it was just normal life! Easy! I didn’t miss naughty carbs, spuds, pasta, rice etc like I thought I would. No need for potato substitutes like I kept panicking and asking Karl for! I didn’t need them to fill me up or fill my plate up.

I’m not perfect I have eaten potatoes once or twice and enjoyed them, same with pasta, went out with family and had it, but filled my plate with salad and fish too and only had a small amount of pasta. 90/10 the best rule anyone ever came up with! To be fair I’ve probably been more like 70/30 and 80/20. But that has still had a massive impact on my life! I have lost 2 stone+ in 8-12 weeks, dropped two jeans sizes and feel so much better overall, cleaner, fitter and lighter. All this without much exercise due to a knee problem, so imagine how great I’m going to look and feel once I get back to exercise too! My kids are loving the new mummy who doesn’t sit on the couch eating all the crisps and bread then not moving for ages, they love the new energy I have that isn’t courtesy of Mr Coca-Cola.

Mother Natures Diet is easy, eat less (or no) rubbish, more fish, more meat, more good stuff, move more and try your best to stick to it. What’s so difficult about that?” - Mrs O, UK.

Mr K Feb 2013I just wanted to give you feedback as this is your diet that has got me here, I just need to bulk up a little more and do a little more yoga and the workouts should I hope pop those abs out a little more, but I’m well happy, thank you for doing MND. By the way, this is not tensed. [Picture]

 - Mr K, UK.

“…Karl, I wish I had the same dedication as you but with your direction and advice I have definitely turned a corner this year and lost 2 stone in the process! I have new challenges and goals for next year too! I am very grateful to have found your page, so thank you for taking the time to share!” – Mrs C, UK.

“…your blog is all about….your views and opinion and what works for YOU. I find it really interesting reading, … the basic principles are right, healthy eating plus regular exercise = a fitter healthier mind and body. I am trying to follow [the] rules and as a result this year have become the lightest I have been in over 15 years and am the fittest I think I have ever been…which has got to be good… I enjoy reading your blog and it is inspiring so keep it up Karl!!!” – Mrs P, UK.

“I’ve been keeping up with your blog recently and I must say it’s inspiring. [I…] need to work more on my diet which is pretty healthy but nowhere near yours. Keep it up bro and thank you.” - Mr G, UK.

“Hey Karl , I can’t thank you enough for showing me the errors of my ways , and shining the torch of reality straight to where I should be . Thanks to you, over the last 9 months I’ve lost over 2 1/2 stone, I’m enjoying life again, and I’ve developed the habit of doing loads of walking.” - Mr.S, Midlands, UK

“Since the seminar (just two and a half months), putting into practice his simple ideas, I’ve dropped 7lbs of total unwanted FAT! Yippee!
And I’ve boosted my energy by 50+% (I was already buzzing most days), and had most people tell me on my birthday they thought I was 8 years younger than my actual age!
Trust me…a day with Karl can make those changes true for almost anyone, and you too.
No ‘fad’ diet, no extreme exercise craziness, simple common sense (but not usually known) steps to energy, strength and power. I love it!” – Mr T, Midlands, UK.

“Love your work on Mother Nature’s Diet.” – Personal Trainer, Melbourne, Australia.

These are your results, in your words, from following the Mother Nature’s Diet healthy lifestyle, living by the 12 Core Principles.

To learn more about Mother Nature’s Diet and to get your own results, check out the book on our main site here.


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