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MotherNaturesDiet Success Story – How one 67 year-old lady lost 84 lbs in LESS than A YEAR and came off 4 out of 5 medications

I want to share a wonderful story with you about a lady and her husband who have been following MotherNaturesDiet (MND) and a couple of other similar websites, and have done fantastically well.

When I found out how well Barb was doing, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind giving me this short interview so that I could share her story with you. I think this story is important, partly because Barb and Bill have just done so very well that their story can be an inspiration to many of us, but mostly because of their age. Barb is 67 years of age, and she has managed to lose 84 pounds in just 9 months following MND and similar dietary guidelines.

84 lbs in 9 months would be impressive in someone of 27 or 37 years of age, but at 67, this is doubly-impressive, because so many people have a mindset that over 50 is over-the-hill, that older age means a slowing metabolism, and that people of retirement age are too old to change. This story proves all that is WRONG, and I think this story serves as a fantastic and inspiring story for all of us. Imagine if we could inspire thousands more people between the ages of 50 and 75 to take charge of their health the same way, what an impact that could have on so many lives.

Barb and her husband Bill, from Kansas, USA, have blown me away with their wonderful story, and I want to share it with you here. I hope you will be as impressed as I am.



MND: Barb, please tell us, where are you from, and where do you live?

Barb: I am originally from East Germany, making my home in Kansas USA.

MND: What was your weight a year ago, before this transformational journey began?

Barb: My weight was 278 lbs, and my husband’s weight was 237 lbs.

MND: And for the record, how much weight have you lost?

Barb: In 9 months from February 2013 to November 2013, I have lost 84 lbs, and in the same time period, my husband Bill has lost 54 lbs.

MND: That is just fantastic Barb, well done to you both. And back at the start of the year, what health problems did you suffer?

Barb: I have arthritis and I have had 2 knee replacements and a shoulder replacement. With the weight I gained I had a hard time walking, I could not even walk 1 block and I was always out of breath. I also had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies and Hypothyroidism.

MND: So a year ago, a simple walk for 1 block was barely possible, but now you feel much better, fitter, more mobile?

Barb: Yes, I am not tired any more, I found the joy of being outdoors again and I want to move just because I can. It makes me feel good. In fact, Bill and I are just away on a short vacation in Colorado right now as I write this email and we went on our walk earlier and both commented how easy we move and how good it feels. I love the way I feel and look. The energy I have and I am excited about living and enjoying it. I also love the way I feel after a good swim. I may never jog and lift weights but I move and breathe and I’m loving it. I also have a better, much healthier self-image.

MND: Barb, this is wonderful, you have done so well, I am very pleased reading your story, that is superb. Well done!!! Has your husband done as well as you?

Barb:  Yes, Bill has done just as well as I have, and it’s been an even bigger challenge for him, because he faces especially complex health challenges. We have been in this together, we have done it as a team, we both feel very proud.

MND: Would you mind telling us more about Bill?

Barb: Bill WAS a diabetic and he has heart disease. Around December of last year [2012] I was searching online for help, to find what I wanted to help us change. I found Paleo first, and then shortly after that I found your website, MND, and then I also found Whole30. It took me another 2 month to decide to get off my behind, but with Bill’s support, we agreed to do it together. I do all the reading and he just follows what I tell him, lol. We have both come from very unhealthy to awesome.

We started together properly in February [2013]. Now, in November [2013] he no longer is diabetic and he is off high blood pressure meds. He is also down from the highest dose of cholesterol meds to a generic low dose. His Cardiologist is genuinely impressed with the changes we have made in our lives. 

MND: And you have come off most of your meds too, haven’t you Barb?

Barb: Yes. I was taking cholesterol med, High Blood pressure, sleep Aid, Arthritis, Thyroid and anti-depressant. I only take Thyroid and the sleep aid now, but on the lowest dose. I have tried quitting the sleep aid, but to no avail. My physician thinks after taking the med for over 15 years my body got addicted…that is frustrating! Gggrrrrr…

MND: I am so impressed with your story, you and Bill really have just done so well, and I am so happy for you. You have been following MND and Whole30, the ‘jump start’ program from the nice folks over at Whole9, right? Please can you tell me a bit more about how you found MND and Whole30 and what these mean to you?

Barb:  I read about Paleo, then I found MND first and I love the pictures you post because they are a reminder where I came from and that I never want to go back to that. I kept looking for more because I knew I needed structure and I was comparing MND, Whole30 and Paleo. I found that Paleo gave me too many cheats and too much leeway. So I liked Whole30, I figured I should go with the discipline, and I knew I could do anything for 30 days. 

I followed you and Whole 30 which are very similar. I did the Whole30 program twice, I needed something with structure and it helped me stay on track to get started. 

MND: So is it fair to say you used Whole30 to “get cracking”, then you followed MND for motivation and inspiration to keep you ‘on track’ and laughing and learning? Is that a good summary?

Barb: Yes! Certainly. One thing you said some place along the way “One meal did not get you fat and one meal will not get you skinny” I have that in my phone and see that every day.

MND: To YOUR eyes, is there a difference between Whole30 and MND – Whole30 has the structure, right?

Barb: Whole30 is very disciplined. MND and Whole30 have the same ideas, eliminate gluten, sugar and dairy, no processed food, cut starches, no alcohol.  MND also added ‘no nicotine’. MND and Whole30 both believe in cutting out processed food, and you both recommend exercise, keep things moving.  

MND: What are the best things about Whole30?

Barb: You start with the mindset that it is just 30 days. I figured after 30 days I see how it goes. After 9 months now, I am still going strong.

MND: Fantastic! And what are the best things about MND?

Barb: You gave me this very visual understanding that I did not get the way I was over night, and that it would take some time and effort to make a drastic health change. Meaning it would take a huge effort on my part every day to eat right and to move my body, and you made it fun for me to stay on track, but you also really made me think. I also all of your videos on YouTube. [MND YouTube videos are at folks!]

MND: That’s fabulous Barb, I am so pleased to have been some help on your amazing and inspirational journey – I just want to give a big shout out to the good folks over at Whole30, I think they share exactly the same philosophy as MND and I fully support everything they do, and for my part, I am just delighted that MND gave you inspiration, motivation, pause for thought and a few good laughs.

Barb, where are you at now, how has this weight loss changed you from the beginning of 2013 to the end of this year?

Barb: We both have a FitBit, and the goal was to try to walk 10,000 steps each day. At first it was a real challenge, but now it keeps sending us messages in early afternoon, say about 2pm, to say that we have reached our 10,000 step goal. Hmmm maybe I should bump it up another 5000 steps no…I love to be reminded that I am doing it! 

I lost 84 lbs eating right since Feb and following clean eating I am not only lighter but I also got my health back, and I have more money in my pocket, because now I am spending so much less on my meds. I got rid of 4 of my meds and that makes me so happy.

One of the biggest changes is movement. I started out swimming, because previously I fell off the elliptical trainer and was too embarrassed to get back on it. So then I started walking one block and back home, and soon it became a walk to town or to a friend’s house or more. My motto is ‘move it’ and it has paid off big time.

Another huge bonus…and the biggest entertainment…is the greater connection with Mother Nature.  I have a lot to be excited about and have some great websites and support groups to thank. Maybe you should think about opening an MND support group…I belong to three online support groups (lol) and have learned something from all of them.

MND: That’s a great idea Barb, thank you, and yes, I think in 2014 I will get that up and running. I am a member of a couple of health groups myself and they are a great source of interactive support and shared learning.

So Barb, obviously you follow the dietary advice that I promote with MND, but for the record, please can you describe your weekly diet for us?

Barb: Sure. I eat veggies, protein, fruit and some nuts…and yes I wrote them in that order on purpose, the thing I eat the most is veggies, the least is nuts. That’s the way I eat. We rotate through meat and fish, I am not so fond of beef, so we tend to eat pork, rabbit, chicken and seafood, all fresh caught and no farm raised meat - we love it.

I make an occasional pancake out of eggs and banana, but I don’t put syrup on it.

I eat 3 healthy meals per day and one snack, and I am a very happy camper!

MND: You grow some of your own food don’t you, most of your own veg? Do you grow any fruit?

Barb:  Yes, our garden used to be tomato, hot pepper, potato (white) and beans. But this year we grew our sweet potatoes instead, four different kinds of onions, red, green and yellow bell peppers,  different varieties of tomato, four different squashes, cantaloupe, strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries. Our apple, peach, pear and plum trees did not produce well this year because we had late snows until May.

We try to eat seasonally, I always have preserved as much as I can, it is my heritage. We get our free range eggs from a nice local farmer.

MND: Barb, you have done great!!!! I am envious of your garden, you grow more than I do, I might have to come visit you for dinner if I find myself in Kansas! 😉

I am very proud of you, and you ARE an inspiration to others…most people get to about 50 and think they are too old to change, you are very strong, and you have done so well! Very well done Barb, to both you and Bill! Do you have anything else you would like to say that might be of interest or inspiration to other followers of MotherNaturesDiet?

Barb: Thank you Karl. I have been blessed to find such great support and role models, when people ask me about my diet, Bill corrects them “It is not a diet, it is a life style!” My hubby cleaned out the fridge after 2 weeks into this lifestyle. I cleaned the cabinets out of everything that did not fit with our new clean eating way of life. Believe me, I had a panic attack that night! I grew up with very little food and I became a food hoarder. So having naked cupboards was hard for me. But I did it, now if I have a bad day I can go into my cabinets and eat anything I want and if I really get the munchies a big glass a water gets me over that.

Thank you, and MND, for being challenging and funny, that is what caught my eye. MND challenged me and Whole30 provided the structure that I needed. I am proud of the progress hubby and I have both made.

People say how expensive it is to eat healthy, but I disagree. I don’t go out to eat very often, we grow lots of our own food and now I pay much less for my meds, so it is not more expensive.

I guess my mindset has changed. I don’t use any premade foods any more, everything we eat is either fresh or canned from my garden. I look at that picture of ‘before’ me, and that was me, but not any more and I am proud of it. I am 67 and I have changed my life for the best … I had to!

MND: Bravo! Well said! Thank you so much for this interview Barb, for sharing your fantastic and inspiring story with me and with my readers. I wish you and Bill the very best of health and joy for your continuing journey.

Barb: Thanks Karl!


Here are Barb and Bill in July 2012

Barb and Bill July 2012

And here’s Barb and Bill in July 2013

Barb and Bill July 2013

Bill – November 2013: 54 lbs lighter and feeling much better for it. Well done Bill!

Bill Nov 2013

Barb – November 2013: 84 lbs lighter and off 4 out of 5 medications, moving freely and getting more out of life!

Barb Nov 2013

I am so pleased for Barb and Bill, and so proud of their achievements. They have both done so well and they deserve a huge round of congratulation for making such great progress in just one year. Well done to you both and keep it up!!


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