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Easter Egg Hunt

In my opinion, the tradition of having eggs at Easter has a lot more to do with MotherNaturesDiet than it does have to do with any religious connection to the ‘festival’ of Easter. Some say that eggs are a symbol of re-birth, and eggs have been given as gifts, as symbols of new life, for many hundreds of years. Maybe there is some truth to that, but I think there Easter Egg Hunt tradition has more to do with Mother Nature than anything else.

The tradition of the Easter egg hunt stems from the natural laying habits of chickens. In North America and Europe, Easter comes at the beginning of spring, as the winter comes to an end and the weather starts to warm.

Free-range chickens, not battery hens

Chickens and other similar egg-laying birds, when allowed to live naturally, do not lay all year. They lay in spring and summer, and back off in the colder half of the year. Easter generally marks the start of the laying season.

Years ago, in traditional homes where families had land to grow their own food, the chickens would roam free on the range, and they would build hidden nests in bushes and undergrowth, where they would ley their eggs. When the children were home from school for the Easter holidays, the farmers wife would send the children out to hunt for the eggs, and so began the tradition of the Easter egg hunt.

Happy Easter folks!

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