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Just Do It. Eat clean. Workout. No more excuses!

Just the other day, I was having a conversation with someone about motivation. This person was like a walking, talking book of excuses…oh, no sorry they were not excuses, to this person they were ‘legitimate reasons’ why those healthy meals didn’t get cooked, ‘good reasons’ why the wrong things seemed to be in the kitchen cupboards and the fridge, ‘genuine reasons’ why those hard sweaty workouts were not happening, ‘real reasons’ why that belly was still hanging over the trousers.

The list of excuses

So often, many of us talk a ton of bullshit to everyone who will listen, and we talk the most bullshit to ourselves. I know, I’ve been there, done that, for years, as I ate pizza, drank beer and rolled up another cigarette I would trip out all the reasons why I hadn’t worked out that day or why I ‘needed’ that beer and that cigarette to unwind from my stressful day.

Bullshit. There are no reasons, just bullshit excuses. In truth, it’s all about priorities.

You know, you’ve come online and found this blog - well why did you do that? It’s a sign of intention, you are acknowledging that you need to improve your diet, do more exercise, try to live healthier, or learn how to remove processed crap from your diet. But you know, reading a blog page won’t make you healthier, it won’t help you lose weight, learning about recipes won’t put natural healthy organic food in your fridge or a meal in your belly, and it won’t make you sweat, or move your body and burn up those calories for you.

Take action

YOU have to actually do something. Learning is great, but ACTION is far greater. Do something NOW…if you are reading this, act now, stand up, move, run up and down the nearest flight of stairs 10 times, do 20 push-ups, try 20 sit-ups, do 20 sumo squats, if it’s sunny go out for a walk…walk to the nearest good food shop and buy some nice natural organic veggies or outdoor reared meat. Just DO something - something NOW, and then again tomorrow, and the next day, and every day until your life has changed.

Don’t just be another person who looks, learns a little, dabbles, talks about it, thinks about it and then does nothing. BE the one who acts, TAKE ACTION, change, move, ACT NOW. Life doesn’t change in reading and thinking, life changes when you take action. No more bullshit excuses, no more ‘reasons’, there is no other time, if you took time to read this, you could have done 20 sit ups in this time - so drop and do them now, stop reading and ACT. RIGHT. NOW. Tomorrow NEVER comes, it’s today or nothing.

Believe me, I have been there, years of procrastinating, years of excuses, and I know that nothing works like taking immediate action. There are plenty of people out there who spend more time writing up their new workout schedule, writing up their new diet plan, and buying the fancy coloured stretchy workout clothing, than they ever actually spend working out. Don’t be one of them.

DO something NOW and then come back on here later and read some more or post a comment to say what you did - come on, do it, NOW!

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