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Controversial Rant - The Diet Industry is ONE BIG CON!!!

Some days I get REALLY annoyed about the whole ‘diet industry’, it makes me so angry that there is so much misinformation out there. I was looking at another nutrition training course the other day, costing a couple of thousand dollars, and selling itself as ‘cutting edge’ and ‘representing the new paradigm’ in diet and nutrition. This drives me crazy, really, there is NO cutting edge, NO new paradigm, there are no ‘amazing secrets’ or ‘miracle cures’…this is all just marketing speak to get you to buy diet books, supplements, powders, potions and fad exercise equipment.

I get so frustrated – we shouldn’t be looking for ‘the cutting edge’, or ‘the latest thing’, there is no ‘21st century solution’, in fact I would say the majority of the human population has never been so malnourished as they are now, they – WE – have never eaten so badly as we do now…yet at the same time, more humans eat more calories than ever. People are stuffed and fat, but malnourished at the same time, and hence suffering from such a wide array of health complaints, diseases and physical malfunction.

Use history and common sense

Instead of looking to the 21st century for answers, we should look 20,000 years BACKWARDS, or 50,000 years backwards, and we will find all the answers we need. Who needs a diet book to know what to eat? Eat what nature provides – plants and animals, fruits and vegetables, fishes and birds, nuts and seeds, eggs and meat – I mean really, it’s not rocket science. I get half my food from animals and half my food from plants, it doesn’t need to be any more technical than that, does it?

And exercise is the same. You don’t NEED books on how to perform certain exercises at a certain speed in a certain order, just go for a walk, take a run, climb a tree, crawl, run, swim, play, fight, kick a ball around, wrestle, have fun, jump, climb, lift a few heavy things. Go for fresh air, sunshine, variety…just move your body, USE your body.

But people want help, they want diet plans, all spelt out…

Now of course, I understand that many people need (ha ha they THINK they need…) a bit more detail than that. They want suggested recipes, meal plans, workout plans, exercise routines…to keep them on track, motivated, making progress. Look, as far as I’m concerned, you can get all the motivation you need staring at yourself naked in a full length mirror, or just Google “cancer” and spend some time thinking about why it’s sensible to live a healthy lifestyle.

The answer to a slim fit body and great inner health and abundant energy doesn’t lie in a can of powder-meal-replacement diet-in-a-tin-garbage, and it’s not the ‘miracle all-cure super-diet of the stars’ that some Hollywood celebrity is promoting in a new book. The answer isn’t protein shakes, slimming pills, diet bars, expensive gym memberships, fancy over-priced Lycra clothing, a place in the London Marathon and £100 pound Nike running shoes. Some of these things may help, some won’t, but the true path to good health comes from getting back in balance with NATURE.

Just get up, get out, and go do it

EAT natural REAL foods – not things with chemicals in them, not things with a bar code and an ingredients list, not packaged things with a million complex flavours, just REAL food, just plants and animals.

USE your body – walk, run, swim, climb, fight (join a class, not in the pub or the park please…) ride a bike, get a dog and walk it every day, throw a Frisbee in the park, get some fresh air and sunshine, pack a picnic and go for a long hike.

Just stop sitting on the sofa watching TV, eating crisps and drinking cola, and stop looking for some miracle solution, because there isn’t one. The answers to weight loss and good health won’t come to you in some 21st Century Diet Revolution, they were there 20 thousand years ago, 100 thousand years ago, we just need to re-learn what we all seem to have forgotten. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and take control of our own lives and stop waiting for the Doctor or Pharmaceutical company to ‘fix us’. We already know what to do, we just need to do it.

Eat clean, train often, get outside, watch less TV. Simple. Just get up and go do it.

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