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Sick of Eating Meat!!!

This ‘headline’ will get the attention of my vegetarian friends!!

I trained hard early this morning, then came home and needed a good breakfast to feed my body after training, and to nourish me for the day, as I went out rock climbing all day and I knew I probably wouldn’t get the chance to eat much during the day.

As you know, if you have been reading this blog, I eat a lot of meat. Animal products make up about 50% of my diet (measured by calories) and fruit and veggies make up the other half. I like meat and when I first started eating my ‘common sense caveman’ diet it seemed like a treat to have so much tasty meat in my diet…succulent roasts for lunch, like the delicious slow-roasted shoulder of pork pictured here, juicy sausages and eggs for breakfast, tasty chicken any time, any day, any meal. But I have to say, since I massively ramped up my meat intake about a year or so ago, that novelty has now worn off, and while I still enjoy the majority of my meals, there are days I feel like I can’t handle any more meat!!

Big breakfast

I needed a big, hearty, filling, nutritious, high-protein breakfast today so I made roast lamb (re-heated left-overs) and veggies and sat down to a huge plateful of food at just before 8 this morning, and just looking at it, for a few moments, I thought “OMG I am sick of eating meat”. I did eat it, almost the whole plateful and frankly, it was a bit of a chore. The food was tasty, but I don’t really like to have a massive breakfast, and ideally prefer to have been up more like 3 or 4 hours by the time I eat, especially if it’s a big breakfast.

Hey, I did promise you all total honesty on this blog 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong, I like meat, and most days lunch is my main meal of the day and I enjoy lots of fish or meat at lunchtime, but this morning it just made me feel sick, and as I tucked into that great pile of meat and green veggies, my body and my taste buds longed for the light refreshing fruit smoothies I enjoy for breakfast most days in summer. I now understand why bodybuilders and strength athletes replace 2 or 3 of their meals each day (they typically eat 6 or 7 meals each day) with a protein shake. I remember reading in a muscle magazine years ago about the daily diet of one world-class pro bodybuilder (it was Kevin Levrone if my memory serves me well) and the article said he ate beef and broccoli 7 times per day…the poor guy must just get sick to death of eating all that food!

I’m not going veggie just yet…

So this isn’t a statement of my intention to go vegetarian! I lived ‘almost vegetarian’ for about 3 years, over 2006-to-2009, maybe just eating a little bit of chicken or fish once a week, but living most days without meat at all, and certainly we hardly ever ate red meat over those 3 years. And this isn’t a ‘downer’ on paleo nutritional principals, it’s just how I felt this morning. I stared at that plate of food and I wrote myself a note ‘Today’s blog: sick of eating meat!’ so here I am giving you my honest feelings!

The high protein diet I have eaten for the last year or two, combined with dropping my running over the last year and training more with weights, has put 11 pounds, or 4.5 kilos, of muscle on my frame. I am 13 pounds up over the last year so far, while my body fat remains at around 11.5%. So training with weights and eating lots of meat and fish works, even for a guy of 42 who doesn’t get enough sleep. And, to be fair, having forced down that big brekky, it sustained me all day and I then didn’t eat anything until after 4 this afternoon, after I had enjoyed about 4 or 5 hours of rock climbing.

Now, I can only imagine what my vegetarian friends will make of this post! 🙂

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