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One of the things I have been trying to do is massively reduce the amount of chemicals I use on my body and in my home. This ticks 2 boxes for me – better for my health and better for the environment, but it also has lesser benefits, saving money and reducing waste.

In particular, I have cut right back on the amount of shower gel I use – it really only takes a tiny amount, I think most of us tend to pour far too much out every day.

I no longer use air freshener...have you seen what’s in the stuff, and have you ever read the warnings on the can? If it’s that bad, I refuse to use it – just open a window! Anyway, if you quit beer and eat a healthy diet, your poops won’t smell half as much as they used to, mine don’t!

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Taking a COLD Shower

Over the last few years I have read various articles about the health benefits of taking a regular cold shower. Some say cold showers improve your circulation, some say they help weight loss, some say they radically improve your libido and sexual stamina, some claim cold showers boost your immunity, some say they relieve depression and some say they just make you feel cold.

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