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Moving this blog to a new home

When I set up, about 9 months ago, it was my first blog ever, and I knew nothing about blogging, so I was just learning as I went along. I thought a blog, was a blog, was a blog, and I was not aware of the massive differences between the different blogging sites and the software they use.

It turns out, I picked a rubbish place to start, and that’s why this site is so ugly!! I have learned since then, and I recently built a new site at using WordPress, and it is SO much nicer and SO much more professional, the new site looks clean and smart, so I am going to now totally start again with and create this over on WordPress too.

I have registered on WordPress, and I will start building there. Once I have moved the whole thing over, then I will redirect this domain name to point at the new site, so eventually (and this could take easily 6 weeks or more to complete) then both domain names will all end up in the same place, and this ghastly green mess can be closed down!

So I won’t be posting much over the coming weeks, sorry, but there is already about 100,000 words on here, and the more I add, the more I will have to then move to the new site, so it makes sense to stop adding here, and just get “settled into my new home” so to speak then start again.

Making MND my permanent lifestyle

In fact, this also times with some other changes. I have decided that MND is no longer a 12-month “experiment” for me, it is now permanent, and this is now how I plan to live my live all the time, until I learn something new and feel the need to make further changes. So as I build the new site, I will reflect those changes, MND will cease to be talked about as a temporary experiment, it has now become how I live, permanently.

So just before I go, I have a quick update, as I have not blogged so much lately, and I can only apologize for the lack of updates.

Travel update

In brief, in summary - December was fine, though I cheated far too often (chocolate) and I felt naughty for that. Christmas and New Year went fine, I blogged about that. My trip to India was a great experience, but I was way off MND core principles while I was away. I ate bread, potatoes, rice…I tried not to have too much, but when these foods make up the bulk of every meal (and the breads are delicious to be fair) then it is hard not too. By the end of my trip, I was teaching my Indian friends how to cook ‘MND’…that was great!!

I was working insanely long hours in India, starting at about 7 am most days, and finishing between midnight and 3 every morning, so I averaged only about 4 hours sleep per night for 3 weeks.

Delhi belly….not really!

Despite the sleep deprivation, and much to the surprise of everyone, here at home and in India, my health was absolutely fine, and for the first 2 weeks of my 2.5 week trip, my tummy and bowels functioned 100% normally. Foolishly, feeling invincible, with just 2 days to go, I ate some dodgy chili relish bought from a roadside street vendor, and that did disagree with me, and for my last 2 days, whatever I ate was in the loo pretty soon after.

On returning home, it took me a further 2 or 3 days to shake off the gassy, bloated feeling that this relish left me with, but otherwise, I was fine. The weeks of sleep loss and my insane work schedule has had me a little off-peak energy wise in January, and I’ve had a slight niggle of a sore throat, and a few lethargic aches and pains. Interesting that the only time in the last 13 months I have felt anything but great, comes after a couple of weeks of breaking MND rules - I ate bread, rice and potatoes, I stared at my PC far too many hours each day, and I didn’t get enough sleep = net result, felt a bit crappy.

I feel reassured to be back on MND rules properly now 🙂

A few days after I got home, I ran the Tough Guy Winter UK race, that was 3.5 hours of cold sufferance…watch out on for a full blog about that some time in the next few days.

OK, so that’s an update, now I shall log off, and I’ll be back in a while when the next site is ready. I’ll try to get the basic frame work up in the next week or so, and at least then there will be something to look at over at, then I will port across all this content as time allows.

Thanks for your interest folks, stay healthy!

Karl x

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