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The 12 Core Principles of MotherNaturesDiet are very carefully balanced to help you focus on the MOST important issues in improving overall health.

The 12 Core Principles of MotherNaturesDiet are clustered in 3 groups:

Group 1: Things to quit 12 Core Principles - 3

Group 2: Things to consume

Group 3: Exercise and lifestyle factors

Each group contains 4 Rules. All these rules are brief and purposefully simplified - MND is all about keeping it simple, to help ordinary busy people cut through the ‘diet industry’ and ‘health industry’ marketing bullshit and get to what really works.

You’ll see that there are TWICE AS MANY Rules about ‘what not to eat’ as there are about ‘what TO eat’. This is structured this way on purpose, because I believe it is TWICE as important to get all the crap OUT of your life than to spend all your time worrying about the nuances and minutiae of what you should be eating. Diet perfectionism be damned, just eat real whole foods, eliminate chemicals from your body and avoid ALL processed foods, and you’ll have ‘the diet thing’ 90% licked.

You’ll see that 50% of the Rules around ‘what to consume’ are focussed on things other than food - namely air and water. This is purposefully structured this way. For the vast majority of people, they are not breathing properly, and not drinking enough, and they place all their focus on food. They often mistake signals from within their own bodies calling for water or fresh air, as signals of hunger, and they turn to snack foods, junk foods and ‘quick fix’ choices.

fresh air

People are not getting enough air, they sit at a desk all day hunched over a computer screen, their lungs and diaphragm squashed up and only working at a fraction of capacity, then wonder why they feel so tired all day. Breathing air conditioned air, in their cars and offices, then wondering why they feel lethargic. People don’t get out and exercise at maximal capacity, such as my sprint workout I did yesterday (see earlier post), forcing me to push my lungs to work at their max. In the West we are conditioned to believe that a protruding belly is unattractive, so we all walk around all day sucking in our stomachs, but this forces UP the diaphragm, closing off the bottom half of your lungs and rendering them unused most of the day. Your lungs have a higher density of alveoli in the lower halves, so squashing the lower half of the lungs significantly reduces the efficiency with which you are drawing oxygen into your blood on every breath.

In short, these factors all contribute to people not getting adequate fresh clean air every day. But the solutions are easy -

  • Move!
  • Get outside
  • Let your stomach out and your diaphragm move
  • Breathe deeply
  • Walk
  • Engage in maximal effort exercise at least a couple of times per week
  • Engage in moderate intensity exercise at least a couple of times per week with your stomach/abdomen relaxed
  • Often, when you feel hunger, you just need to step outside and take a dozen gulps of fresh air. Avoid the biscuit tin!

Water is a similar story - too many people go through the day on tea, coffee, energy drinks, cola, fizzy pop and not enough water. You can live 3 months without food but only 3 days without water, water is a far more important nutrient. Your body will often send out thirst signals, which too many people misinterpret as hunger.

When you feel hungry, grab a glass of water and head outside. Guzzle the water while you breathe fresh air and the chances are, that hunger will be gone in minutes. Give your body the nutrients it really needs.

The third cluster of the 12 Core Principles deals with lifestyle factors. Rule 10 encourages us to Reduce Stress. This is SO important, but so ignored.

I see many people are getting freaked out over food, all the focus is on food, people thinking “Oh my God, if I can’t have an organic dehydrated fresh whole natural sustainably-farmed raw vegan home-made hand-pressed seasonal local kale chip right NOW, then my life is practically over!!”

OK, so maybe I am exaggerating a little, but in essence, I see a lot of this, while that same person is unemployed, buried in credit card debt and crashing through their third divorce! People, get some perspective!

Good health is about BALANCE in all areas of our lives. We will never achieve perfect good health while all our attention is focussed on food, we need to achieve peace and balance in other areas of our lives. Relationship stress, work stress, financial stress, spiritual disconnect, lack of calm, lack of connection with Mother Nature, these are all vital elements in dragging down our overall health. We MUST place equal attention on these areas of our lives too.

I see far too many people who want to ‘get healthy’ obsessing over food and nutrition all day long. Think about it, I find people fretting over [just as one example] getting enough Vitamin B12 - but tell me, what is B12? What does it look like? Can you hold it? What does it smell like? What colour is it? What does it taste like?

Right, no one knows. It’s something a scientist can see under a microscope, and they have published books telling you that you need it, but no one really can describe exactly what it is. That’s just B12, I could have listed a hundred other vitamins and minerals. The point is, if you follow MND and just eat real, whole, fresh foods, plants and animals, your B12 and the other hundred nutrients, will all take care of themselves. Man didn’t know what B12 was for most of the last million years, and he shouldn’t need to be worrying about it now.

In my opinion, it is far more important to focus on reducing these other stress factors from our lives. Pay off those cards, have less debt, focus your time and energy on your relationships, on love, on family time. Change your job to one you enjoy, focus less on buying possessions, and more on nourishing mind, body and soul. Spent time outdoors in Nature, not staring at the TV. Exercise!!!!!

Good health is simple - not always easy, but always simple.

What we DON’T eat is often more important than what we DO eat. Our #1 priority should be to cut all the sugar and processed food and ‘Western Diet’ junk from our lives, and then worrying about ‘the finer details’ can come later. For longevity and disease prevention, focus on eliminate chemicals.

Get outside. Exercise. Move.

Air, water, movement, Nature.

MND takes thousands of books and decades of learning and offers you all that complex education in 12 simple rules for living a healthy abundant life.

I’m trying to make this easy for you folks.

Any questions?

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