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Physician, heal thyself

I am not in the business of attacking anyone else, putting anyone else down or judging anyone. I think that kind of thing is already all-too-common online, and it is negative, it really doesn’t help anyone. I have been blogging for over 4 years, and I have not attacked anyone else in that time.

However, some self-proclaimed healthcare professionals, some folks with lots of academic qualifications, have told me I am a quack, a danger to the public, preaching pseudo-science and quackery.

Those of you who have been to my live Seminar, you be the judge of that.

Meanwhile, under the watchful guidance of the medically qualified, our great nation seems to be suffering -

  • National obesity EPIDEMIC
  • Diabetes EPIDEMIC
  • Heart disease at EPIDEMIC proportions
  • Cancer rates SOARING
  • Depression rates SOARING
  • Childhood obesity SOARING
  • Statins, antacids, anti-depressants and PPIs widespread
  • Now see this -
    - HALF of all the women in the UK, and NEARLY HALF of all men are now taking PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.

Quote “The more medicines you take, the more contact you have with contemporary medicine, the less well you feel.”

Quote “We are over diagnosing and over-medicating”

Quote “Stopping smoking, being a healthy weight, eating more vegetables and fruit, and being physically active reduce people’s risk of these diseases, for people who want to avoid taking medicines.”

Right - lifestyle factors, exactly what I teach people, can and will significantly help our entire nation. Drugs are not the answer. Preaching 5-a-day, from NHS staff who are themselves overweight and out of shape (there have been many press articles about this recently, accusing a large portion of the NHS’s million plus staff of being in poor health and grossly overweight) is not working. MND doesn’t just teach people what to do, MND works on “your reason WHY” - get people wanting to be healthy, get people motivated, that’s half the battle. Medical statistics

Quote “..everyone over 50 is being told to go on a statin”

If you have been to my seminar, I told you about this.

Quote “Simvastatin - which lowers cholesterol - was the single most prescribed item with 40 million prescriptions.” - As I told you at my seminars, Lipitor and Simvastatin are the highest grossing drugs on the planet - making tens of billions of dollars for the manufacturers.

Quote “What we’ve got is too many medicines and not enough health”
I don’t like to be the one to point this out, you HIGHLY QUALIFIED EXPERTS - but frankly, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

OK, I always say I don’t ‘attack’ the establishment (even though they attack me from time to time) but this post IS an OPEN CHALLENGE. Heathrow Dec 2014

Here’s an open challenge to ALL doctors, surgeons, nutritional therapists, dieticians, cardiologists, NHS staff, consultants - come to my MotherNaturesDiet seminar and see if I am wrong. The MND way will do more, for the majority of people, than the present way of ‘waiting til folks get sick, then medicating them like crazy.’

I don’t know what “the establishment” thinks it’s achieved over the last 40 years, but as a nation, ‘we’ seem to be fatter and sicker than EVER, and we are being medicated to death and it doesn’t seem to be helping.

Maybe that’s not YOUR fault. Perhaps the medical profession is trying hard to help, while the nation favours junk food, cheap booze and junk TV. But the medical profession is ‘largely’ funded by the government, so my challenge is to the TOP - maybe you are spending in the wrong areas.

If a foreign power attacked the UK and killed hundreds of thousands of people every year, we would bankrupt the country to combat that invading force. Yet UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLES are attacking our national wellbeing, killing hundreds of thousands every year and threatening to bankrupt the cornerstone of our Welfare State, and we don’t seem to be doing ANYTHING meaningful to address this invasion. I suggest YOU -

  • TAX sugary drinks
  • Push to wipe out smoking altogether
  • Higher tax on booze
  • Higher tax on tobacco
  • Take VAT off bicycles
  • Task NHS staff, doctors and government health officials to lead by example
  • Higher tax on single car occupants
  • Incentivize walking and cycling to work
  • TAX on junk food
  • Promote 10-a-day veggies
  • Fund exercise schemes
  • Reinstate free swimming for school children
  • Encourage recycling, reduce waste to landfill, foster an attitude of caring for our environment
  • Fund more green spaces, parks, woodlands and outdoor play areas
  • EDUCATE the public to cut sugar, processed grains and junk food
  • Tighten up on advertising standards - stop THEM selling junk food and sugar to our children
  • Put HEALTH WARNINGS on foods and drinks containing refined sugar
  • Reduce/eliminate tax on organics
  • STOP supermarkets and so-called Health Food shops from selling weight loss shakes and protein powders as ‘the solution’ when these products contain added sugars and cheap maltodextrin
  • Invest in community sports centres and swimming pools
  • Clean up school lunches
  • Help companies to offer staff healthy eating options

I want to see our government INVESTING in a healthier Britain. At our current trajectory, we will be a entire nation of obese, weak, sick people in 50 years. The NHS, the Doctors, the highly qualified, ALL THOSE WHO LOVE TO QUOTE RESEARCH STUDIES AND PAPERS and tell people like me that I am a charlatan - you have been running the show the last 40 years AND YOU ARE FAILING MISERABLY. shutterstock_155716589

I openly invite ANY doctors, nutritional therapists, dieticians, cardiologists, surgeons, consultants and senior NHS staff to come to my seminar (you can come for FREE) and see if the advice in MND could help our sick nation.

Clean, natural living IS the answer to MOST of our problems for MOST people. Not all…but we could change the course of this entire nation with this common sense natural approach.

I will take on ANYONE who calls me a quack - and I am extremely tenacious, so you better be ready. Before you come at me, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror, and make sure YOU are perfect before you start attacking me. Then attend my seminar to find out what MotherNaturesDiet is really all about. Food choices

In contrast to the rising trends across our nation, see what people say about MND:

Physician, heal thyself.

Read this article and watch the short 1 minute video:

With respect to all doctors and medical professionals - I respect you all and what you do and your choice of career, and of course, many of you work in specialised areas such as oncology or you work in hospitals patching up folks who come in from car smashes and so on. If that is ever me on your A&E table, I’ll be very pleased to see you.

Yes I respect all who work in such careers…but I firmly believe the entire UK medical establishment is LOST in science and DEVOID of common sense. I think General Practitioners are over-medicating and the NHS from a top-down directive is failing to address the bigger national trend. YOU folks need to come and listen to the MND way. Seminar Heathrow Dec 14

Government policy makers are clueless, confused by all the science. Politicians lack the balls to do anything to change the current situation. They fear upsetting huge corporations (food, agribusiness, pharma) and they are not prepared to take a stand on LONG TERM health challenges.

When my child was 25 minutes old, still covered in blood and laying naked on my bare chest, he started trying to suckle on my nipple. How come a blind baby less than an hour old KNOWS instinctively and intuitively what to EAT, yet by the time we reach adulthood, it becomes so confusing that people need a degree in nutritional science to tell people what to eat? LOST in science, and it’s screwing us ALL up.

Its high time people stop worrying about the detailed research, and start paying a bit more attention to common sense. You KNOW that sugar, junk food, sedentary lifestyles, too much TV, beer and soft drinks are bad for you, so if YOU care about YOUR health, start doing something about it, now. Take some personal responsibility.

Participate in your own fate.

Wake up Britain, you’re a bloody mess.




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