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Physician, heal thyself

I am not in the business of attacking anyone else, putting anyone else down or judging anyone. I think that kind of thing is already all-too-common online, and it is negative, it really doesn’t help anyone. I have been blogging for over 4 years, and I have not attacked anyone else in that time.

However, some self-proclaimed healthcare professionals, some folks with lots of academic qualifications, have told me I am a quack, a danger to the public, preaching pseudo-science and quackery.

Those of you who have been to my live Seminar, you be the judge of that.

Meanwhile, under the watchful guidance of the medically qualified, our great nation seems to be suffering -

  • National obesity EPIDEMIC
  • Diabetes EPIDEMIC
  • Heart disease at EPIDEMIC proportions
  • Cancer rates SOARING
  • Depression rates SOARING
  • Childhood obesity SOARING
  • Statins, antacids, anti-depressants and PPIs widespread
  • Now see this -
    - HALF of all the women in the UK, and NEARLY HALF of all men are now taking PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.

Quote “The more medicines you take, the more contact you have with contemporary medicine, the less well you feel.” Read more

Controversial Rant #2: The latest FAD Diet book or “diet system”…

You know, one thing that REALLY bugs me is the over-complication of food, the over-science-ification of nutrition. Where scientists and nutritionists and doctors are trying to help us get to the truth then I applaud them, but I find WAY TOO MANY commercial interests even among seemingly open folks.

Some of my heroes
•I love the work of Mark Sissons - but he sells supplements.
•I love Dr Mercola - but he sells supplements.
•I love Charles Poliquin - but he sells supplements.
•I love Dr Robert Young – but he sells treatments and supplements and chemical products.

And so it goes on...and once these folks have products to sell, particularly supplements, it becomes SO hard to separate opinion and science and facts, from their commercial interests.

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