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The BBC seemingly ‘recommending’ a Big Mac over a home cooked Sunday roast

Many of you may have seen an article the BBC News site ran regarding new research linking red meat consumption to heart disease.

This is the original article:  Red meat chemical ‘damages heart’, say US scientists

A good friend of mine who runs a vegan health retreat asked me for my thoughts, and I ended up writing a long reply to him, so I thought I would share it here with you too.

Here are my thoughts.

There are so many holes in this it’s ridiculous.

Firstly, there is no PROVEN scientific link between cholesterol and heart disease.

Secondly, they are talking about “…UK, the government recommends eating no more than 70g of red or processed meat a day…” so they are lumping cheap nasty processed meat, from grain fed animals, pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives, in with good quality grass fed meat from clean organic sources. This is all wrong.

I have written extensively about this before -

And -

And -

And -

And -

And -

And -

Until I see some research where someone tests clean organic meat versus “the typical western diet” then I think it’s all baloney. I would agree that I suspect eating too many McDonalds burgers (if you can call that meat) and cheap processed supermarket ham probably does promote heart disease, but not because of the cholesterol argument…because that junk isn’t real meat, it’s chemical-infused processed crap.

The BBC recommending McDonalds over a home cooked Sunday roast

Then the article discusses the carnitine issue, but again there is no clear distinction about what kind of meat they tested, then the whole thing collapses into shockingly bad journalism, where the article shows unknowing readers a handy chart discouraging them from eating a small rump steak or a Sunday roast but suggesting that a highly processed Big Mac is OK and some kind of healthier choice! OMG…I can’t believe how irresponsible this is, a trusted site like the BBC News site promoting this story. People need to understand that this is wrong, before Joe Public goes out buying Big Mac’s saying “…well the BBC website said it’s less likely to give me heart disease than a Sunday roast” - Jeez, the Sunday roast, if done to MotherNaturesDiet guidelines, could be the best nutritious meal a family east all week, and a Big Mac is among the worse crap on the planet! What does the Sunday roast include? Vegetables! What comes with a Big Mac - chips and a Coke!!!

The source of the ghastly Thumbs Up for Big Mac - NHS and World Cancer Research Fund - who should know better!

If you research the originators of this study, it turns out some of the directors have patents pending and they earn money from paying fat Americans who come to them for cholesterol lowering treatments, so it is in their direct financial interest to keep up the story that cholesterol causes heart disease, and that meat/fat causes high cholesterol levels.

Finally, the article lacks the balls to make any clear statement of it’s own, quoting some UK Dietician who also avoids “doing an Edwina Currie” and warning people off beef altogether (she doesn’t want to lose her career over one newspaper article…) so she just advises people not to take supplements (MotherNaturesDiet says no supplements) and she says that “we know that eating a couple of portions of red meat weekly is of no risk, heart wise.”

So the article seems incomplete and inconclusive to my eyes. They say to go low on processed meats (I say don’t touch them at all) and they say that lean red meat a coupe of times a week is fine. But they show a ‘visual’ and many casual readers will see that but not read the text, suggesting a Big Mac is the healthiest option on the list, and for that, the article ranks as “utterly appalling crap” in my view.

Well, that’s just my personal opinion, feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. the reason a big mac is ok is there is no meat content in it. karl clean meat or not it still contains cholesterol - the only source of cholesterol is animal products you cannot got cholesterol from vegetables

    April 9, 2022
  2. Hey Carol, I recommend you read Dr Malcolm Kendrick -
    And Anthony Colpro -
    And Justin Smith -
    For a detailed and opposing view on Cholesterol.
    And those links in the article above, explain in detail in my previous blogs (see ) how there has never been any research looking at the difference between a vegetarian diet and a diet that includes clean meat from clean sources. The research is always between a vegetarian lifestyle and “the typical Western diet” - personally, if that was the only choice, I would go vegetarian!

    April 9, 2022
  3. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this brilliant blog!
    I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to fresh updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group.
    Talk soon!

    September 5, 2021
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