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Sugar is Public Enemy #1 - stop blaming meat and fat!

A friend of mine shared this link with me this morning:

It’s the Sugar, Folks

Just read the article, it’s pretty clear, even though the smart ones among us have known for years that refined sugar is bad news, here is yet more evidence, but will anyone listen?

Seriously, come on guys, books like ‘Sugar Blues’ by William Duffy have been around long enough, that book was a BEST SELLER in the latter half of the 1970s! That book is 38 years old yet for the last 38 years we have been adding more and more, WAY more, refined sugar to our food supply. That book details hundreds of years of history, showing endless evidence of how refined sugar made it’s way around the planet, and every new nation it entered, the collective health of that nation deteriorated.

The findings of this research are NOT new

Duffy talks in the book about the findings of Dr. Robert Boesler, I quote: “Modern manufacturing of sugar has brought about entirely new diseases. The sugar of commerce is nothing else but concentrated crystalized acid. If, in former times sugar was costly that only the wealthy could afford to use it, it was, from the national economic standpoint, of no consequence. But today, when, because of its low cost, sugar has caused a degeneration of the people, it is time to insist on a general enlightenment. The loss of energy through the consumption of sugar in the last century and the first decade of this century can never be made good, as it has left its mark on the race… What has been destroyed by sugar is lost and can never be recovered.”

He talks about the last century and the first decade of this century - and he is talking about the 19th century!!! Yes, this was written 101 years ago!!!

Was anyone listening?

Here we are a CENTURY later and now here we have the NY Times proclaiming ‘sugar is bad for you’ like this is NEWS…we have known for decades and decades, but the problem just gets worse.

It’s not meat or fat that is killing people

I blogged about this the other week - see Naturally reared meat versus ‘junk meat’

The diet industry has spent a long time trying to sell us all a vision - that fat makes us fat, and that fat is clogging our arteries, causing heart disease and other conditions. We are told that the bad foods are meat, fatty animal products, and these cause high cholesterol that kills us.

This is all wrong. Animal products have been portrayed as the enemy for a long time.

But who by?

Food companies, which grow grain crops and use automated industrial processes in big factories to turn those few grain crops into a million different consumable products. They buy machinery, from tractors to factories, to automate it all, and they bleach, beat, boil, bag and bastardize everything with a focus on profits, not health.

Drug companies, which use similar levels of automation in similar sterile factories to manufacture a million pills and potions, none of which existed ten thousand years ago, and none of which occur naturally, yet they sell these to an uneducated public as ‘solutions to all our modern problems’.

The real Public Enemy #1 is sugar. Refined sugar has been destroying human health since it fuelled the slave trade and poisoned sailors hundreds of years ago. Food companies, Big Agra, poison us, and drug companies, Big Pharma, sell us INSANELY expensive drugs to ‘cure’ our ills. Wise up folks, do some research, find out who are the big shareholders, who are the major owners in BOTH the big food companies and the big drug companies. If you do your homework, you’ll find the SAME handful of big companies owning major stakes in the openly traded shares of all these big companies.


It’s ALL about making money folks. We are being poisoned and sold ineffective cures all to make money. Lots and lots of money.

Money. It’s simple, the reason there is so much sugar in our food, is economic. I touched on this in my post a couple of weeks ago - We wouldn’t feed pizza to a rhino, so why are we feeding it to our children?

Food companies add sugar to our food for 2 main reasons:

  1. It tastes like shit without sugar added. That’s because it is not real food, it’s processed garbage, it starts out as some grain based, indigestible fibrous pulp, and then it’s beaten, bashed, shaped, coloured and flavoured to taste appealing, they pump if full of artificial vitamins and minerals (because if they didn’t, and we ate too much of it, we would become very ill, very fast) and they pump it full of additives and preservatives to prolong the shelf life (economic motivating factors once again) and they pump it full of sugar so that the final chemical concoction tastes nice.
  2. To make us eat more. Simply, they want to make the food yummy so we BUY more of it. They don’t care whether we eat it or not, they don’t care whether it is good for us or not, they are companies out to make profits, and what matters is that we keep buying. They want their food to be tasty, deliciously tasty, and addictive, and sugar in its many forms and under its many names, is the way they achieve this. You never heard of anyone addicted to broccoli did you? Addicted to roast beef? Obese from eating too much savoy cabbage? Kids throwing tantrums in the supermarket because mum won’t but more carrots? They don’t sell cauliflower with a free toy to make children want it - no, they do that with sugar coated cereals and McDonalds burgers though, because they want to sell more.

There is no short, quick, simple solution to any of this. It comes down, yet again, to education and personal responsibility.

  • We each have to KNOW this truth.
  • We each have to CARE enough about our own health to make a choice to banish refined sugar from our diet.
  • We all have a DUTY to steer our children down a healthier path, to ensure they do not reach adulthood obese and addicted to sugar.

Spread the word, tell other people, wise up and read the labels, or better still just don’t buy food that has a label - real food doesn’t need a label.

MotherNaturesDiet - not big Agra, not Big Food, not Big Pharma

Just eat plants and animals. MND addresses ALL of these issues. When I say I have been reading, studying, researching, for the last decade, my research has been about a lot more than just learning a few ‘healthy recipes’. To know why we have the major health problems we have today, it is important to understand the forces that have shaped human society and our food supply over the last few hundred, and few thousand, years.

I have devised MND to address all these issues, and my recommendations around what to eat, offer a solution to the sugar problem discussed in this blog.

MND promotes:

  • Eat only plants and animals (avoid sugar completely, NO refined sugar and no grains, refined or otherwise)
  • Eat only humanely-treated, outdoor-reared, grass-fed, organic meat (no hormones, no chemicals, properly treated animals, no disease, lower in fat)
  • Eat only ocean-caught, pole-and-line caught, sustainably managed fish (as above, not factory farmed fish)
  • Eliminate refined sugar and grains
  • Avoid packaged, tinned, boxed and bagged food. Avoid anything with a label or list of ingredients (to avoid the chemicals, additives, preservatives, and sugar under its many hidden names, like HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • Try to buy local, seasonal, organic as much as possible (opt-out of the world of Big Agra and Big Food Inc, support the small guy, your local farmer, local grower, reduce carbon footprint of food)
  • Don’t take drugs, recreational, Over-The-Counter (OTC) or prescription, look for natural nutritional remedy for any ill feeling)

MND addresses all the sugar problem. Spread the wisdom, share the 12 Core Principles of MotherNaturesDiet with those you love and care about. Only through education and personal responsibility will we be able to reach and help enough people.

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