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Sugar is Public Enemy #1 - stop blaming meat and fat!

A friend of mine shared this link with me this morning:
Just read the article, it's pretty clear, even though the smart ones among us have known for years that refined sugar is bad news, here is yet more evidence, but will anyone listen?

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Horse meat in our food supply – why you only have yourself to blame, Joe Public

I have been avoiding writing about this horse meat scandal in the UK, but I can’t keep quiet about it any longer.

I am not the only nor the first to voice the broad opinion that ‘you the people wanted cheap food, you wanted to be able to buy a microwave dinner for 99p, you wanted a whole box of frozen burgers for just £1.99, what the hell did you think you were getting? Did you relay expect high food safety and quality standards when you were demanding such ridiculously cheap goods?’ I want to say ‘Shut up and quit complaining, you get what you pay for in life.’ But that doesn’t say enough, to state it like that sounds aggressive and ignorant, when perhaps ignorance is the problem in the first place, so this needs a little more explanation.

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Caution: stupidity may damage the human race


I just opened a packet of cashew nuts. They are plain, unprocessed, unsalted, plain old cashews. The packet has no list of ingredients, refreshingly, as they are just 100% plain natural cashew nuts. On the front of the pack it says "Cashew nuts" and basically nothing else. On the back, at the top, it repeats "Cashew nuts" then underneath that, like 2 mm away, it says "Allergy advice: contains nuts"!!

OMG come on! I'd want my money back if it DIDN'T contain nuts!! I mean really, seriously, do they need to write that? What judge would support a court case against Morrison's "You didn't warn the complainant that the product contained nuts..." really? It's called NUTS you f*****g stupid people!

Seriously, in all honesty if you are so thick that you buy a bag of nuts and eat them, not knowing they are NUTS, and you have some savage allergic reaction, then it would really be doing the world a favour if you die, because that level of stupidity needs to be eliminated from the gene pool in order to further our species. Really...madness.

But there is a serious message here...

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