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MotherNaturesDiet is a Lifestyle, not a temporary diet

I have been looking and studying, for years, other ‘diet solutions’ and ‘weight loss programs’ and healthy living sites and blogs, and I have been thinking about MotherNaturesDiet and the 12 Core Principles.

When I set up MND, I used the word ‘diet’ in its correct form, meaning ‘the way we should nourish ourselves and the range of food we should eat permanently’ not in its misused modern form ‘a temporary restriction of calories so you can squeeze your fat butt into those new jeans for your summer holiday.’

However, it seems that MND is being interpreted by you good people, my readers, as the latter type of diet, a way to lose weight, perhaps a way to get fitter, a way to quit some of those bad habits. Hey, I don’t mind how MND works for you, I am just pleased that it does. My goal with MND is to help people achieve better health, and to show people a way through the confusion and the conflicting advice in the world of diets, weight loss and healthy living. I want MND to reach and help as many people as possible in my lifetime, that’s why it is all here, free, there is no ‘sign up to find out more’ or ‘just pay a few bucks for the secret weight loss plan’ – nothing like that, in my opinion there is no ‘secret’ to being healthy, it’s just a case of eating clean and natural and getting plenty of fresh air and varied exercise. So MND is just free, it’s all here on this site for you to read, learn and use in your own lives – of course, as time goes on, people will be wanting books and videos and other tools to help them learn it quickly, and implement it in their lives easily, and I will likely sell such books and videos for a few bucks if that is what people want. But the knowledge, the things I have learned in 20 years about being healthy, is and will always be, here for free for those who want it.

MotherNaturesDiet – The Rules

Anyway, I must get back on track here! As I was saying, I thought at length about the 12 Core Principles of MND, ‘The Rules’ for this healthy lifestyle, and they developed over a long period of time and they are designed to reflect the all-encompassing ethos of MotherNaturesDiet as a healthy long term way to live our lives. They are so much more than a quick way to lose weight in time for that beach holiday, wedding or office party.

The 12 Core Principles are set out the way they are for many good reasons.

  • Only 2 of them are about the food we eat
  • Only 2 of them directly mention exercise
  • 4 are about avoiding poisons
  • 4 of them relate to removing stress from our lives, enjoying nature and relaxing more often

The 12 Core Principles are designed this way, in these proportions, for a very good reason. It is twice as important to learn what we should not be eating (avoiding the poisons) as it is to learn about the good food we can eat. It is as important to remove stress from our lives and be happy, as it is to eat the right foods and stay hydrated. It is as important to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and nature, as it is to sweat down the gym, run on a treadmill and lift heavy weights. MND puts these priorities in balance, where sadly, many other ‘health programs’ are too one-dimensional and all out of balance. MND is way more than a temporary ‘diet’, it’s a whole way of living.

Long, healthy, happy lives

MotherNaturesDiet is designed to help us live long, healthy, happy lives. The stated purpose of MND is – To help us find the natural way to achieve supreme good health and abundant energy. MND is about much more than just the food we eat and the exercise we get. Too many ‘diets’ (of the fad, temporary sort) only look at food, and too many ‘weight loss programs’ are only based on exercise, trying to convince consumers they will have 6-pack abs for the price of a ten pound DVD if they just do this work-out 4 times per week. Without mention of diet or lifestyle, for 99 percent of people, that’s just never going to happen. You see, stress and negative emotions drain our energy, make us sick and kill our libido. It’s as important to be happy in your life, in your relationships and in your work, as it is to go running, avoid burgers and cakes, and eat broccoli. You can’t just look at food, or only at exercise.

To be truly healthy, to live a balanced and healthy life, you have to look at your whole world and implement healthy living standards into all areas of life. We must be multi-faceted, we must be balanced in all areas, including the emotional and spiritual areas of life. Love, work, nature, relaxing time out, these are all important facets of good health.

I define the goal of MND this way: To help us find the best natural way to achieve supreme good health and abundant energy.

My definition of supreme good health is this:

  • Free from pain, disease, immobility and any obvious illness
  • Abundant vibrant energy
  • Resisting the signs of premature aging – maintain youthful looks and energy levels
  • A good level of basic fitness, strength and flexibility
  • A balance of moderate physical ability across a range of functions
  • Attractiveness – clear skin, not too fat, not too thin, bright healthy looks, a fit sexy body
  • Natural virile healthy sexual function and high libido
  • Longevity – I want to live a long, healthy life, free from disease and disability
  • Age well – maintaining excellent levels of physical and mental ability well into my old age

If my stated purpose of MND was “to get ripped and have bulging muscles and a shredded 6-pack” then the 12 rules would be very different. They would more likely be 6 rules about diet, 4 rules about exercise, 1 about hydration and 1 for sleep.

If my stated purpose of MND was “to lose weight and get thin” then they would more likely be 8 rules about food and 4 rules about exercise.

If my stated purpose of MND was “to be an awesome rock climber/yoga goddess/weight lifter/rugby player” etc., then the rules would be different in each case, emphasizing size, strength, fitness, flexibility, etc., as appropriate for the relevant discipline.

However, the stated purpose of MND is “To help us find the best natural way to achieve supreme good health and abundant energy.” and the 12 Core Principles of MND are set out to meet that desired goal.

  • Not to “get big muscles”
  • Or to “get ripped and have a shredded 6-pack abs”
  • Or to “ditch the flab forever”

Solid foundations to achieve any goal you set your heart on

I believe MND can act as a solid foundation to meet any of those other objectives, but they are all very individual, and the diet and exercise that would be required by each individual different person to meet each of those different set goals, will be different every time. No ‘one size fits all’ approach to diet and exercise can possibly fit all people. I’m afraid to say, in my opinion, any home-workout DVD promising a lean toned physique or 6-pack abs, that offer sonly exercise and does not look at nutrition and other lifestyle factors, can’t possible deliver results for anything but a tiny minority of the population. And similarly, any ‘low fat cook book’ or ‘fad diet recipe book’ that offers set menus and meal plans for all its readers with no discussion of lifestyle, exercise and movement, again is unlikely to win results for anyone but a small handful of buyers.

MND is different. MND is a lifestyle approach, a recommended way to eat, move, and live that aims to deliver supreme good health, fitness and flexibility; a healthy body inside and out that will not sustain injury and damage doing normal daily things; a body that looks vibrant, clean and attractive; a body that does not get sick and has the strength and energy to work and play and be productive; a body that is sexually healthy and virile; a body that supports the soul inside to live a full and exciting life, with passion and purpose.

MND is about MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR LIFE, having the good health to live for a long time, the good health to remain upright, active and productive long into later life, and the energy and vitality to make the most of those long years. MND is about being ALIVE in every sense of the word, not weighed down with illness, prescription drugs and just about enough energy to make it to the doctors and back a couple of times each week. I have devised MND as a foundation to lifelong good health.

The principles are universal, they can apply to everyone, and then I encourage each and every one of you to learn to tweak the diet and exercise to what suits you, to what works for you. Some people will do more aerobic exercise and less muscular training, while others will prefer to lift weights and not do so much cardio. Some people will eat more veg, some will eat more meat and fish. But the point is, the 12 Core Principles of MotherNaturesDiet are about far more than what you eat and how you exercise. MND is a lifestyle, it’s about getting our lives in balance and back in harmony with nature a bit more. We all need to stress less, love more, watch less TV, spend more time among the trees and flowers.

In my book, I will write more about this, I will expand on the broader aspects of healthy living. While I claim to know a lot about nutrition and exercise, I do not proclaim myself to be a world expert on spirituality, in fact that whole area of my own life is a weakness for me. My life is not perfect, and not in the right balance yet, I still work too much and spend far too long inside using a computer and not enough time outside in the fresh air. So we are in this journey together, I am learning too, right here with you. While I may not be an expert, I do know that it’s important, and while we are mentally stressed out and emotionally unhappy, we will never achieve true supreme good health.

As promised, I will write more in my book, for now, I think the following gives us all something to think about.

In my opinion, to be healthy, balanced and successful in life:

  • Eat plants and animals
  • Don’t eat and drink any poisons or garbage
  • Avoid all processed and heavily packaged food
  • Do what you enjoy
  • Love your work, or change it
  • Spend less, save more, owe less, stress less
  • Spend more time outside
  • Get lots of fresh air, sunshine, natural exercise
  • Avoid the addictions
  • Recycle. Reuse. Restore
  • Less TV, less driving, less sitting
  • Enjoy nature
  • Laughter, rest, sex, walking, swimming, play-wrestling with children - do more natural things
  • It’s all easy and simple - as nature intended
  • Love more
  • Don’t hate
  • Read more books
  • Get a dog, or a horse, or both! Keep chickens, or sheep, or both! Get outside, take your kids with you
  • Consume less
  • Spend less
  • Play
  • Climb hills
  • Camp
  • Picnic
  • Dance in the rain
  • Look up more often
  • Care for yourself and for others
  • Love animals
  • Be kind
  • Love passionately
  • Be honest
  • Don’t pre-judge others
  • Smile more often

It’s not rocket science. It’s a more natural way of life.

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