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Giving things up…

MND is all about giving things up, it’s ‘the diet of reduction’, it’s all about keeping things simple and getting back to basics.

When taking on MND as a change in lifestyle, you will give up many things that are not nourishing you.

Interestingly, a friend of mine raised a good point last week, that when embarking on a new ‘diet’, or healthy eating plan, or exercise regime, many people focus all their attention on the things they are giving up, and not on the things they will gain. I think this is a key point where so many people fail on ‘diets’

See, if you are starting a new ‘diet’ or going on a ‘health kick’ or ‘fitness regime’ and you focus your attention on the things you are giving up - cakes, sweets, sugary drinks, biscuits, chocolate, pizza, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, cola, beer, whatever it is, then you spend all your time thinking about the negative sides of your new regime or routine, and mentally you attach ‘loss’ or hardship, or denial to your new habits.

This is a poor mental connection to make…in your subconscious the diet becomes ‘the enemy’, the cause of your pain, and this dooms the diet to failure.

Control your self-talk, focus on the positives

I think it would be much healthier to think of all you gain - better health, longer life, more energy, a better body inside and out, sex appeal, virility, youthful looking skin, feelings of energy and vitality, and much more. Attaching positive thoughts to your new habits, thoughts about what you are getting, not what you are missing out on, will surely help you to succeed.

Before I moved to living the MND way all the time, I had already given up a lot of things, over the course of 2010, 2011 and 2012. Significantly:

  • Caffeinated coffee (I quit in 2006)
  • Grains (about 2 years ago)
  • Cows milk (2010)
  • Refined sugar (in 2011)
  • Alcohol (New Years Day 2012)

As I refined my diet and formulated the 12 Core principles that make up MND, I further gave up:

  • Cheese
  • Salad cream
  • Peanut butter (here endeth a life-long love affair with peanut butter…)
  • Chorizo sausage
  • Yoghurt
  • Milk chocolate
  • Vitamin pills, protein powders, supplements, etc.
  • Chewing gum
  • Breath mints
  • Mouthwash
  • Daily use of aftershave

Over the longer term, I am trying to drop toothpaste (and my teeth are felling BETTER for it - I’ll blog about that again another time) and I still want to find a more natural under-arm de-odorant. Remember Rule 12, the 90/10 rule. Sure I have the odd nibble of hard cheese, the odd mouthful of organic dark chocolate, but compared to how I lived the first 40 years of my life, these things are near enough gone completely.

Enjoy the results

And I ENJOY the results. Quitting cheese, coffee and dark chocolate have been the only tough ones, and they were all easier than I expected. I can live without alcohol no problem, even the cheese and dark chocolate are not too tough, but quitting my two cups of black, unsweetened, decaf coffee in the morning has proved to be the hardest. It’s the only thing I can’t quite kick.

I am focussed on the good, the end goals, the body I have always dreamed of having, the increased energy, the longevity. I am not focussed on negative thoughts all day “oh I so miss all that pizza, beer, chocolate, wine, cream cakes, etc.”, instead, I focus on how I feel great and my body looks the best it has looked in years.

I believe that so much of success or failure in weight loss and good health comes down to our mental attitude. A head full of negative thoughts will derail the best of intentions. Keep your thoughts positive, aim for your goals, don’t dwell of the cake you had to give up, instead focus on the body you have always wanted, and the admiring looks you will get when you achieve it. Instead of thinking about the ice cream, beer or pizza that you miss, think about never being ill, feeling great and having boundless energy.

I am focused on my end goals. I am posting this picture of Georges St Pierre, the world champion fighter, as my ‘body goal’ and inspiration picture.

Who inspires you? What image will motivate you and help you move forward?

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