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The 3 major problems with most ‘diets’ and health ‘experts’

I think that most ‘experts’ in health, diet and nutrition are well-intentioned, but many are making the whole healthy lifestyle thing more complicated than it needs to be.

As you can imagine, with my passionate personal interest in all things to do with health, nutrition, food and longevity, I read a LOT of books, blogs, articles and magazines, and I listen to many hours of videos, presentations and seminars on health related topics. I have to say, the vast majority of the material I read and listen to, fails to win my complete support because of any one or more of these 3 most common problems.

  1. Too many ‘new’ ideas. I hear about ‘a new paradigm in health and weight loss’ every month. Seriously, there is no new paradigm in health, only degradation. The population of the Western world is in worse shape this year than last year, which in turn was worse than the year before, which in turn was worse than the year before that. And I can keep going if you like. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think we need any new paradigm shifts in the way we look at healthcare, we don’t need some clever over-qualified doctor to invent a complex new diet plan, so he can sell millions of recipe books and run an expensive training program for other doctors to become accredited trainers spreading his system worldwide. We don’t need anything NEW. What we need is what is OLD, very old. Mother Nature invented all we need for good health when she made us, hundreds of thousands of years ago, before anyone knew what a medium-chain triglyceride was, before anyone had heard of essential fatty acids, long before anyone printed books full of diagrams of cell walls and the molecular make-up of essential amino acids. She made fresh air, sunshine, clean water, plants, fish and animals. Simple, let’s get back to that.
  2. Too much focus on food, on taste, on recipes and cooking. If people spent as much time planning workouts, thinking about their exercise, and actually working out, as they do planning meals, thinking about food, and actually cooking and eating, then there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic. Diet plans that offer a solution to our health and weight problems, and talk ONLY about food and eating, are completely missing the point. In the MND 12 Core Principles, only 2 of the 12 rules actually talk about food. That ratio is not accidental, it is highly significant.
  3. Insanely over-complicated science. I think doctors, nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists are wonderful people, the vast majority of whom care deeply about helping people and work very hard to try to give the best healthcare they can to as many people as possible. I think the scientists, researchers, doctors and professors who spend years studying ways to combat cancer and other awful diseases are great people, they devote many years of their lives to trying to help find cures to conditions that ruin so many lives. All these people are good honourable people, doing great work, and I applaud them all. However, I believe that the entire healthcare community should take a HUGE step back, wind things back to what you might call ‘the 50,000 foot view’ and look down on the modern Western world and think about why so many people get sick from the same things, things which, if we study anthropological records, did not seem to be the cause of death of our early ancestors. We seem to live in a world where millions of people spend all their time sitting in a car, on a sofa or in front of a PC or TV. These people eat little that is fresh or natural, and instead gorge all day on sugary soda, cakes, burgers, pastries, chocolate bars, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs. These people breathe air-conditioned air all day, they don’t sleep properly, they eat and watch TV in bed, they smoke, get drunk, never exercise and are usually stressed out over money, health and work. Does it REALLY need a bunch of massively qualified scientists with microscopes to see what is wrong with modern 21st Century Western lifestyles? Maybe the scientists and doctors are searching using microscopes to look up CLOSE at the detail inside, looking at what is broken, then figuring out complex ways to fix things, but if they stepped back and used the COMMON SENSE 50,000 foot view, the ROOT CAUSE of all these problems would be so gob-smackingly obvious that everyone would see it.

And after 20 years of reading books and trying different diets, and being confused by all the conflicting advice, and being frustrated by not getting results, it was when I started thinking this way myself, applying common sense to my thinking, searching for natural answers, searching for what works for my body, that’s when I formulated MotherNaturesDiet. Born out of a combination of common sense thinking, real life experience and years of trial-and-error, MND is not new, not complex, and not all focussed on food. MND is more about what NOT to eat than what you should eat.

Just try it for 30 days

I have nothing against ANY other health professional, diet system or nutritional advice program. I support everyone who is genuinely interested in trying to help people to be healthier and live longer, I have bought and read hundreds of books, I frequent many websites, and I have attended lots of seminars and lectures. I am not a highly qualified doctor, scientist or medical research expert. However, MND has not been thought up in a lab, or in the research department of a university or hospital. MND came about as this one fat unhealthy man, got fit and healthy. As this one smoker, with a stressful job, young kids and a demanding life, got rid of the roll of flab hanging over his belt, quit the cigarettes and got out exercising, so MND was created. I think that’s all the qualifications I need.

But don’t take my word for it. Study this site, read about MND, and try it out. I’m not selling anything here, it’s all for free, I have no interest in tricking you or making this stuff up. I am sure there will be a few people for whom this doesn’t work, I can’t imagine there is one way that works for everyone, but there is nothing ‘weird’ here, no recommendation to eat only cabbage soup, or only apples, or only bananas, or only water, there is no crazy high-cal, or low-cal starvation plan here, nothing here can harm you. MotherNaturesDiet is very simple, you have nothing to lose trying it out. MND simply recommends avoiding all the garbage, eating natural healthy organic plants and animals, and getting some fresh air, sunshine and varied exercise.

Simple. Try it for 30 days and see how you get on. You have nothing to lose but excess weight.

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