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KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

You know, everyone wants to try to over-complicate this whole health and weight loss thing, but in my opinion, that just isn’t necessary.

I often feel sorry for ordinary folks trying hard to lose weight and be healthy, but stuck in the quagmire of books, diet programs, conflicting advice, confusing messages, and so on. Of course, all these celebrities, doctors, publishers, companies (who make supplements) all offer their big complex ‘solutions’ because they are trying to make money - diet books sell, supplements sell, pills that promise to increase the rate at which you burn fat, sell.

The truth is, in my opinion, that 99% of all that stuff is just not necessary.

Caveman didn’t need a ‘diet system’ to be healthy

There are simple basic rules to follow, and in my opinion, it all comes down to common sense, and thinking about how we ate and used our bodies prior to 10,000 years ago when we ‘built civilization’.

Prior to modern times, our ancient ancestors lived off the land. They would rise in the morning when it got light, they would hunt or gather, or both, they would build shelters, collect firewood, craft weapons and tools, and look after their young all day, and they would bed down when it got dark. They had no clock, no wrist watch, and no set idea of 3 meals per day. Some days they might just eat one big meal after a kill, other days they might ‘snack’ all day as they foraged for fruit, roots, leaves, seeds, berries and eggs.

They would have times of rest, periods laying on soft grass relaxing with their babies, and times sat quietly on a log or rock, teaching their young children how to whittle a spear or make an old bone into a knife, but they would not have had a comfortable sofa to sit on, with a TV to stare at or a pile of magazines to read, encouraging hours of reclined inactivity.

I could talk and write about this stuff for hours and hours, and in my book I am writing many pages on this topic. For today, I just want to equate some of this back to modern times. In the modern world, we are getting fat and sick because we are eating processed junk and sitting on our backsides all day and all evening.

Stick to the basics

Losing weight is easy - you either need to eat fewer calories than you consume, do more exercise to burn up the excess you are eating, or change the mix of what you are eating - cutting starchy carbs and eating more protein helps and making sure your diet is free from chemicals, additives and acidic poisons helps.

Food choices are simple, just eat natural things, plants and animals. Your diet should be made up of veggies, lean meat, fish, fruit, herbs, nuts and seeds, and not much else.

The other problem with diet books and structured solutions, is the notion that ‘one size fits all’ - in my opinion, it doesn’t. We are all different, male and female, short or tall, fat or thin, black or white, active or sedentary, we have different blood groups, different genetic and biological make up, different food intolerances, different metabolic rates, different levels of fitness and different physical abilities. No book can cover everyone and their different ‘starting points’ and end goals.

The 12 Core Principles of MotherNaturesDiet

We don’t need complex books and structured programs, we just need to Keep It Simple. The 12 Core Principles of MND are just that - simple. Over the last few years, I have ditched most of my excess weight, in total I dropped 100 pounds of fat weight from my heaviest to my lightest, and in part I used a strongly vegetable-and-fruit based diet, and in part I used lots of cardiovascular exercise to do that, mostly running and cycling.

In all honesty, the two times in my life when I experienced the most effective weight loss (without having to run marathons to burn enough calories!), were:

  1. Switching from a diet heavy in processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol and sugar, to a diet mostly made up of vegetables, fruit, meat and salad, and a lot more varied regular exercise.
  2. When I ditched starchy carbs and started eating a lot more meat and fish.

Weight loss and good health is easy to achieve, just Keep It Simple, eat less, eat natural foods, drink water, exercise more, keep active…simple stuff, really.

Such advice won’t sell many books or pills or powdered supplements, but then caveman didn’t buy books, eat pills or mix up supplements, Mother Nature didn’t feel the need for such things.

We just need to do the simple things, that’s all. But we need to do them consistently, that’s the secret. Once in a while, like a temporary ‘diet’ does not work, it needs to be a consistent healthy lifestyle, sustainable, enjoyable and permanent.

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