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Feedback from attendees of the Mother Nature’s Diet leading 1-day seminar

Praise for the MND 1-day Seminar

Selected feedback from MND Seminars and Workshops over 2013 to 2018. To learn more about the 1-day seminar, to look for upcoming dates and to buy your tickets, please visit this page today.

Had an absolutely amazing day at the MotherNaturesDiet seminar today! Karl was absolutely incredible, I have never seen a human being have so much energy and then some! He could have gone on for a month! When you see the guy in the flesh it’s impossible to question what he teaches! Do yourself and your family and friends a favour and get your butt down to one of his seminars this year, you will not be disappointed! – Mr B, UK

“Great fun. Hugely enjoyable. Karl is an engaging and charismatic presenter with a persuasive message. Loved his passion and desire to altruistically help humanity and the planet. More power to you!” – Mrs L, Scientific Journal Editor, UK.

Great Day. Cannot recommend Karl’s seminar enough. Walked away with so much information and totally fired up. That guy is awesome and he walks the talk! – Ms C, UK

“He’s changed my life I can tell you!! x”

“Very good, sensible information presented in a passionate, dynamic and entertaining way.” – Ms G, Wilts.

“Karl shows great passion for the subject and is inspirational in helping people change their lives for the better.” – Mr P, Personal Trainer, Oxford.

“On the way home from Karl’s 1-day MND Seminar. My second time and once again a phenomenally great, fun-filled day full of inspiration. I was reminded of why I came home from the Leamington Spa seminar last July and pretty much changed my life, emptying my kitchen cupboards of grains, cutting out the crap and ditching a dead-end job. I am so glad I made those decisions and there’s lots more to come.


I will definitely be attending more seminars and workshops this year because I always come away with truck loads more inspiration! Thanks for such a great day Karl x”

“Fantastic! So much better than I thought it would be. Learnt so much!” – Mrs G, Somerset.

“Just brilliant! I knew it would be good but it was even better than expected!” – Mrs H, Edinburgh.

“Fabulous!” – Lucy, UK.

“Love the ‘no-bullshit’ way of delivery Karl!”

“Excellent – very informative and inspirational. Great networking with other like-minded people, very sociable day, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

“All I can say to those of you attending Karl’s seminar for the 1st time……. Strap yourself in……Brace Yourself……and enjoy one hell of a ride. This is one seminar were you won’t catch yourself nodding off. You will leave that room very fired up and bursting with nothing but positive energy. I attended my 1st one just a few weeks ago in Dec and it set me completely fired up and I loved the positive change in me so much I’m going back on 31st for another shot! You guys are going to love it!”

“Amazing day. It was an action packed day from beginning to end.
If I find myself with half as much energy as Mr Whitfield in 2015 I will feel like superwoman.
And….to anyone who’s contemplating going to an MND day but feeling a bit apprehensive……Don’t be.
I wasn’t sure what to expect but Karl made everyone feel at ease and relaxed throughout the whole day.” – Ms. W, UK

“Great, inspirational, love your passion! Your enthusiasm is awesome!” – Mrs N, Salisbury.

“Very interesting, enjoyable and inspiring. I expected to find it difficult to cope with a full day due to my Chronic Fatigue, but your energy and passion for the subject keeps everyone engaged.” – Mrs. L, Wiltshire.

“Karl, your session was so entertaining. I loved every second of it. If only schools/colleges had lecturers that could captivate an audience like you!”


“Karl, thanks for your talk this weekend. Your energy is incredible and the best advert for the way of life you promote!”

“You were such a fantastic speaker at today’s event Karl. Very powerfully executed with such humour and integrity. Rare that anyone could ever do such a job discussing such things. SO many people commented to me about how fantastic you are. YAY!!!! Broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner then!!”

“Excellent. Really informative. Love your enthusiasm Karl. Covered a lot but very user friendly.” – Mel, South West.

“You were outstanding today Karl, truly inspiring x”

“Lots of useful, achievable info, well delivered - great balance of seriousness and fun! Lovely people and great friendly atmosphere.” - Seminar attendee, Leamington Spa


“Absolutely great day, learned so much. Would recommend it to everyone!
Thanks Karl Whitfield. It was a great seminar, well worth the journey. I’m looking forward to doing the homework and making some changes!” – Mr Smith, Glasgow.

“Brilliant seminar, thank you Karl. x” – Mrs V, Norwich

“Absolutely brilliant again, Karl is so inspiring and driven, and the juice bar was fantastic, well worth the ££ and the 350 mile round trip….a lot of food for thought…excuse the pun! x” – Mrs Wade, Midlands.

“Brilliant day for so many reasons x” – Mrs B, Norwich

“Fabulous day with Karl yesterday. Feeling withdrawal symptoms already!
First task done. Goodbye grains 
I got masses from the day. I want the energy I’ve been denying myself for 25 years and I’m gonna go get it!!! xx” – Mrs R, East of England.

“Fabulous day thank you so much Karl Whitfield” – Mr T, Midlands, UK.

“Amazing day, amazing people. I didn’t want the day to end!” – Mr B, UK.

Having an awesome day here at the seminar with Karl Whitfield and the gang. Amazing energy in the room and everyone is being fired up. Time is passing way too quickly and I can’t wait to get further fuelled up after lunch. This man knows his shit and he is on Fire today. Seriously People, get yourselves signed up for the next seminar , It is just too good to miss. So glad that I have come here today. – Ms C, UK.

“Given me so much food for thought and highlighted areas of my health I need to address”

“I learned so much, again! Got inspired, motivated and met lovely people!! Can’t wait for the weekend MND  Intensive Workshop!!

“Awesome day!!!! Fact-filled, intense, fun and a great atmosphere. Huge thanks, Karl, and also to everyone else who contributed. So nice to meet a lot of my FB MND friends in person as well!! It’s got me even more excited for the MND Intensive weekend workshop!”

“You are a legend Karl! Infinite gratitude!”


“That is testament to your presentations Karl Whitfield. you held your audience’s full attention all day without one eyelid closing and just when I thought at 6pm It was over and I had done so well you delivered another hour on a topic that really caught my attention and had me captivated and wide eyed. Thank you, thank you for that extra hour which was very specific to the five of us remaining. It is really appreciated” – Joan, UK.

“Wow….what a fantastic seminar…. Karl Whitfield, you certainly live up to your reputation. Probably the only person I’ve ever met as fired up and passionate as me…but your delivery was outstanding. I am still wondering why I went really, but two minutes in I knew if nothing else the whole show would be entertaining. Ultimately, it was that and so much more besides. Food for much thought…well 17 portions of veg for thought and ultimate health to be a little more precise. Stuart, it was great to meet you too and have a few momentary chats within Karl’s 8 hour rant! As for the attendees…great to meet you lot too. As I said when I left, and indeed Karl underscored throughout, it is the community spirit on here which got me to the seminar…it is so important to our personal successes. Thank you all.” – Mr M, UK Seminar Heathrow Dec 14

Question to seminar attendees, at the end: “What was good?”

  • All of it!
  • Every bloody minute!
  • Fun, pace, quality of information.
  • No stone left unturned.
  • Karl is SO believable.
  • No nonsense, easy to understand & follow.
  • Vibrant energy.
  • Karl’s passion!
  • Enthusiasm. Realism. Fun. Informative. Motivational. Given me action steps to take. Loved it!
  • Loved it! Highly motivational, entertaining and informative.
  • Informative, funny, full of energy, thought provoking.
  • Karl’s energy and enthusiasm.
  • Helped me to understand how easy it is to inadvertently poison your body. Honestly, Karl is great, there are no bad points to be made!
  • Most enthusiastic delivery of a seminar I’ve ever seen!! 
  • I feel motivated and informed!
  • Karl’s energy, enthusiasm & motivation.
  • It was all good, I loved Karl’s attitude in delivering the message.
  • Really good and funny!
  • The session was packed with information and was very motivational.
  • I truly enjoyed it! Thank you!
  • Very good and informative.DSC00881
  • Fantastic delivery, informative and enthusiastic, enjoyable experience!
  • Karl – direct, energy, simple explanations, massive injection of motivation!
  • The energy, the passion.
  • Really well put together, organised and easy to understand. Really helped me understand how under-nourished most of us are & how to change that. It was great!
  • Given me the motivation to change my life and some very good tools.
  • Loved all of it and of course compounded by Karl’s energy and enthusiasm.
  • The high energy presentation and fast moving pace was awesome and extremely inspiring. The content was very informative and the whole day went far too quickly. Amazing day all round!
  • All of the information was useful to me. Having suffered a heart attack 6 years ago – I need to constantly keep motivated – your energy is boundless. Lots of valuable information made simple.
  • All of it!
  • Really great day – so informative.
  • Very motivating!
  • Realization I need to relook at my priorities in my life.
  • Need to put myself first – in order to enjoy the rest of my life for as long & as much as possible.
  • Everything!
  • Presentation was brilliant, very clear and simple. Also it was very motivational and inspirational.
  • Loved the Wheel of Health, Elimination List and the quality of sleep/need of sleep.
  • The pace of the course was good throughout the day.
  • Karl – the energy of Karl!
  • Passion and enthusiasm.
  • The in-depth knowledge of everything.
  • The content, the energy, the people, his knowledge and simple way of delivering it.
  • Fantastic enthusiasm.
  • Informed knowledge passed on/communicated in an easy-to-understand format, among a group of like-minded individuals.
  • Being surrounded by like-minded people, who asked clear and intelligent (and relevant) questions.
  • Karl, the location, the content.

Question to seminar attendees, at the end: “How has today helped you?”

  • I feel I’m amongst supportive, open-minded, positive friends.
  • It has improved my whole knowledge on health and well-being.
  • Very logical, clear explanations of problems in diet and health today. So much bullshit around which has been bugging me for years!
  • Helped me to improve my understanding about healthy living and eating.
  • Helped me to realise what should be my priorities in life.
  • Gave me an understanding that to be healthy and fit does not need to be complicated.
  • To understand the background to everything, thank you!
  • [MND has] totally changed my life so far, only 2 weeks in but the benefits are great! THANK YOU!
  • Better understanding of WHOLE life factors that are important as part of an optimum healthy life.
  • Made me reflect on where I am (currently) on my healthy lifestyle/journey, and where next…?
  • Gave me so many great pointers.

“…seeking ever more impact he deftly grabs his own energy field and wields it like a light sabre cutting through nutritional myths…” Heathrow Dec 2014

“Good fun as always. Good to go back over the 12 Core Principles and identify what they mean to ne 6 months after my first seminar. Your presentation gets better and better, thank you for being you! x” - Second-time attendee, Midlands UK.

“…a first class human being who gives and gives and gives…yes this MND goes way beyond food intake…”

Another absolutely rocking day at the MND Heathrow seminar. That was the 5th time I have seen the 1 Day seminar and I continue to learn new things every time.
So brilliant to finally meet some of the community as well. I hope you all took as much out of it as I continue to do. – Stuart, team MND!

“Brilliant day, really enjoyed it, learnt a lot. Thank you.” – Mrs P, UK.

“Karl’s enthusiasm and belief, this is your faith! You have such credibility because you have done it all yourself and the results in you are there for all to see. You are a star!” - Mr K, Leamington Spa

An information packed day if ever there was one!

“Loved the whole seminar! Well presented with enthusiasm - impossible not to feel motivated!” - Natalie, Kenilworth

“Loved it and learn so much, thank you Karl Whitfield.” – Mrs V, UK

“I enjoyed the level of energy and your presentation technique. The passion you demonstrated for your topic is inspirational.” - Mrs A, Warwick.

“Fabulous way to spend a Saturday!”

“Have to say I loved yesterday, thank you Karl Whitfield - funny, inspirational, living proof that hard work and bloody common sense can achieve the dream. Karl is a great speaker, particularly the swearing and the sex, but the knowledge is pretty hot sh** too!!!” – Mrs L, Race Director for series of 10k running events in South East.

“Fantastic day yesterday, food was lush and the people were fab. Motivation currently very high…”

“It was a great seminar in London yesterday! My motivation is on top, and I learned so so much….even though this was my second one, there was so much new stuff and lovely people to chat to and the lunch was lush! Thank you for a great day!! Xx” – Mrs S, Brighton

“Penny is dropping ☺ great day today. ‪#‎mindblown”

“I come away from every one with something different to think about! Thank you x”

“It was very engaging and informative. I was sceptical but may have changed some views and ideas of mine for the better which I honestly really wasn’t expecting!!” - Ms S, Kent.

Had a really good day, learned so much. Thank you! – Mrs C, UK

“Thanks for such a life changing, thought-provoking, intense day. You were amazing, now I believe all the comments about the force of energy that is Karl Whitfield !! Xx” – Ms B, UK.

You are such a great inspiration Karl thanks for trying to make a difference. X – Mrs V, UK.

“Was brilliant Karl, thanks again!” – Liz, Lincs, UK. Louth 2014

“Absolutely brilliant day yesterday Karl . You’ve given me lots to think about . You’re a true inspiration , thanks!” – Ms W, UK.

“…appreciate the time, energy and passion you gave” – Jim, Lincs.

“Absolutely awesome day with Karl Whitfield from Mother Nature’s Diet yesterday. A full crazy 8 hours talking about health…definitely gave me some things to think about!” – Ms H, UK.

“Great day today, nice delivery and breakdown of what can often appear too complex and boring for many. Keep up the good work and all the best.” – Mr F. Lincs, UK.

“Mother nature’s diet ROCKS!!!” – Sarah, UK.

“Day 1 post seminar… I really enjoyed the day with you all yesterday, it was a truly inspiring seminar packed with dynamic teaching from Karl himself… What a public speaker he is! I can’t usually bear videos etc. to be more than 20mins long but Karl can keep you riveted for 9 hours! amazing!” – Mr Elliott, London.

“Awesome, awesome day Karl you smashed it!! If I have a fraction of your energy Karl at 40 I’ll be a happy man!!” – Mr. E, Berks.

“Fantastic day Karl Whitfield, thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and enthusiasm. I for one cannot wait to get started on the MND life!” – Mr. R, Derbs.

“Awesome, it has really helped me think about what I really want…and I am working towards it but now it feels real! I WILL make it happen!” - Chris, UK.

“Many, many Thanks Karl Whitfield, It was all I was hoping it would be and a whole lot more. Plenty of food for thought (excuse the pun) and really put in a language I understand. Stick me, my wife and my son down for your three day retreat.” – Mr C, London.

“Had a supercharged MND day, thanks Karl your energy and passion is so infectious and your abundance of knowledge impressive, awesome, awesome day x” – Mrs W, Derbs. Holborn Stu 11

“Thank you so much for a terrific day, your knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious and greatly appreciated! An amazing day all round with such lovely people xx” – Ms O, Suffolk

“Fabulous! Learned so much, laughed lots too! Great, great day - thank you x” – Mrs. S, Kent.

“Karl! You are special! You rock! I want to be like you! Lol x” – Mrs L, Birmingham.

“Fantastic day Karl! Am still buzzing!! So much knowledge, enthusiasm and love. Thank you so much for your generous soul. I feel totally inspired to treat my body with the respect it deserves. See you in the 100 club!!! Xx” – Mrs H, Surrey.

“Karl you are so motivational, and it is so refreshing to hear the truth shouted in my face! I loved the information about nutrients and how they relate to fatigue.” - Catherine, seminar attendee.

“I received lots of inspiration and motivation. Great to meet people who think alike. Thank you so much!”

“I attended the weekend seminar in London. I was more than sceptical and now I can’t stop myself - I am full of energy and super motivated. My vitamin intake is insane and I am buzzing now 🙂
Thank you so much!” – Mrs S, London.

“Hahahaha you were brilliant Karl Whitfield!! Broccoli rocks!!  Fab to have connected with you! Here’s to 17 a day! Now is best time to start! The nation needs you!!” – Ms N, London

“He’s a legend!” – Mrs R, UK

“Great energy and passion. Loved the motivation and 12 Core Principles and …holistic view on lifestyle and nutrition” - Ms N, Norfolk

“Thanks Karl! 9 hours of speaking and truly not a dull moment.” – Mr E, London.

“Great to attend my second seminar and I still learnt loads more stuff! Great to meet like-minded people and get more motivation and reinforcement for my journey.
Great to see Karl again…I need that exposure to him and his passion and energy!” - seminar attendee, Norfolk

“Well done Karl, yet another fabulous day, full of great energy, knowledge and laughter! Xxx” – Mrs F, Kent

“And you did rock, now where’s the broccoli!! Fab day had by all. Thanks so much Karl xx” – Alex, London.

“Awesome day, downside = went too fast……1luvx” – Jane, Derbyshire.

“The cost of the day is a small price to pay for what could trigger a massive change in your life. I went in January this year and has been a trigger for a huge change in my life. I’m not 100% MND, but it is my guide and has improved my life, I am in better health than ever before, it has helped me feel so much better about myself and given me courage to address some issues with the way I think. I am a different person to the Person I was a year ago, I feel amazing, the best EVER in my life. I am grateful every day for the changes I have made and those who have helped facilitate those changes, Karl being a key one!” – Ms F, Hampshire.

“First time EVER, outside at 6.30 this morning for a little jog!!!! BOOM! Proof that the seminar has had an impact already. Baby steps lead to Giant Leaps. Feeling Grrrrrrreat! Karl Whitfield. Can’t thank you enough.”

“Expansion of my knowledge - I have been to this 1-day before but today I learned more in different ways due to the dynamics of the other participants! I feel re-motivated, more ideas to use at home with the children.” - Angela, UK

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you. Such an inspiring day and genuinely didn’t want it to end.”

“Feel effing amazing today Tnx. Juicing all the way, full of energy and not a spot of acid reflux. I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. Without doubt the best £££ I have ever spent on myself. Sooo fired up. Watch this space for some  BIG changes.” - Ms C, London

“What a super workshop at Heathrow with Karl Whitfield founder of MotherNaturesDiet. Stratospheric delivery. Fired me up…”

“What an awesome person! THE END x” – Sarah, Midlands.

MotherNaturesDiet seminar. Brilliant!!!

“Lovely to meet you, Karl. You are an incredible man. Very best to of luck in your journey I totally believe in what you are doing and it is going to be a hard mission but rewarding. x” - Julia, London

“That was a great seminar!”

“Everyone … and friends alike should get yourselves along to this seminar, whether you are well down the line on journey and just need the last few pieces of the jigsaw or you are just beginning, it is passionate, enthusiastic, enlightening. As many have said, this guy knows his stuff, A LOT of stuff. You can see that he lives the way he talks. Like he says “it really is quite fucking simple” Thanks Karl and Stuart.” – Andy, UK.

“Great day listening to this amazing dude! Karl Whitfield -– Jason, UK.

“Karl Whitfield …. so much Love and respect for you. Thank you for an amazing day. I have honestly never met anyone so full of energy and soooo positive. You are infectious and I know already that some of your energy has infected me today . BIG Loves, x” - Joan, London, UK.

“I loved the whole day! It was totally awesome!” Lutterworth october 2014

“…focus on how to work yourself out and apply solutions”

“helped me to…have more focus on [good] nutrition…but other aspects too”

“very informative and detailed”

“Karl’s passion! The way he spreads the passion to every single person in his audience and captures their attention.
Informative, factual, oodles of knowledge!”

“Thanks for a brilliant day Karl, you’re the man! Brilliant day for so many reasons x And thanks Trish, the food and juices were absolutely delicious - a really great addition to Karl’s seminars! Xx” – Mrs B, Norwich.

“Epic day! Loved it. Thanks again dude!” – Mr B, UK

“I loved all of it, loved the directness…’bullshit excuses’…really helped me think about the next steps on my particular journey” - Mr K, Wiltshire

“An inspirational day of learning. Magnificent job, Tigger. Awesome day. X” – Mrs T, Norwich.

“Thanks Karl Whitfield. It was a great seminar, well worth the journey. I’m looking forward to doing the homework and making some changes! Great seminar. The food was brilliant. Loved it. Absolutely great day, learned so much. Would recommend it to everyone! Brilliant day!” – Mr S, Glasgow.

“Very informative, a great presentation, fun!”

“Given me a new mindset – for the first time dieting has been explained to me…that it’s about more than just food.”

“Informative, especially the science bits”

“Factual information is great. Karl’s amazing energy! It’s good to understand the ‘whole life’ effects of diet, stress and lifestyle on your health.”

“Lightbulb moments!”

“Everything was great! It has made me totally rethink many aspects of my life!”

“Karl puts so much energy into the day”

“…all about health in every aspect of your life and not just your diet, but how diet affects every aspect…” - Mrs W, Norwich

“Karl’s Energy!”

“I enjoyed the day very much and found it very inspirational and motivating. The motivational section was very good as was the educational part. The day has challenged me to think about aspects of how to live my life and what changes I need to make to improve it.” - Richard, Norwich.

“Great ‘black & white’, nitty-gritty information.”

“…made me even more focussed on spreading the word and continuing it with my own family.”

“I have learned a lot!”

“Loads of information, it really opened my eyes”

“The energy and passion showed during the day was great! It has helped me to look at a few things differently and the day was filled with very useful information to drive me forward.”

“I liked the variety of information given, very interesting. I LOVED Karl’s energy and the way it was delivered. It all made me realise there are many other areas of my life that I want to change.”

“I had the opportunity to go to one of Karl’s MND workshops, it was amazing! Karl is a powerhouse of energy, you just want some of what he’s got and if following MND can do that then I am having some of it lol!”

“Loved your message and your enthusiasm and your mission. It’s such an important message that you are giving to the world – best of luck with it!”

“Extremely good, very relevant considering today’s health issues around the world. Although I have already changed my eating habits recently, today I have discovered even more ways to improve my life. This is my second MND Seminar, and it will definitely help improve my health and lifestyle even more.”

“I found it very informative.”

“I thought everything was good. I need this information and it is vital for my change of life…it’s made me realise what I am and what I’m doing wrong…it has really helped me.”

“I love…Karl’s energy and enthusiasm and passion, and the information I have gained and questions now answered. Also made me think about…other friends and family I know with health issues. It’s fired me up and focussed me, and I want to pass this on to my family and friends to help them.”

“Excellent content! Very watchable delivery! Open and honest!”

I was privileged to spend the day delivering an MND 1-day workshop to a fab group of martial artists in Leicester. We ended our day with a fairly tough workout, an hour plus in a local park - these guys are all fit and exercise regularly, so the workout suited this group…it was not a workout I would have put a group of beginners through! (Please note, the 1-day workshop does not usually include an exercise session - but it can be included by special arrangement if you ask!)

In the name of blatant self-promotion, here is what they said about their day, in their words. Praise for MND 1-day Workshop in Leicester:

“Absolutely bloody awesome day with Karl Whitfield from MotherNaturesDiet. I don’t think life, in fact I know life is not going to be the same again. So much to digest and use to improve every aspect of our life…and finished with an amazing training session up Bradgate Park”

“Had an awesome day attending the MND workshop with Karl and learned some great info that I can implement and finished with over an hours training at Bradgate Park with the guys. Knackering but really enjoyed the training and just made me want to improve my fitness even more now.”MND at DLL May 2014

“Was an awesome day throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed the day”

“Brilliant mate loved it! Love my MND t-shirt as well!!”

“Wow! What a day mate! I could have listened to you talk about MND all day & night, such an impressive wealth of knowledge! Such a good end to the day up Bradgate Park as well, mother nature officially put her stamp on us! Hopefully we can all arrange another day like today in the not so distant future! I predict MASSIVE things for MND! Thanks again Karl!”

“On behalf of myself and everyone in attendance I’d like to say a massive thank you to Karl Whitfield for taking the time to come and share his extensive knowledge and passion with us. An incredibly generous man and I too predict massive things for MND in the none too distant future. Perfect finish to the day with a workout up at Bradgate Park getting absolutely soaked! Loved it!!”

“Well I went to this event, really impressed, Karl really knew his stuff, could listen to his knowledge for ages, deffo go to this if you get the chance in the future”

“It was a pleasure as well as a honour to have you visit us at Defence Lab Leicester Karl. I learned a lot of life changing stuff today that I can implement in my life to help improve it and the training session at Bradgate Park was awesome and the rain and hailstones was the perfect ending to a great day mate. Hope to see and chat with you again sooner rather than later.”

“Was a good day mate. Very informative. Even surprised myself on the training, I didn’t think I’d manage to finish!”

“Yeah it’s definitely made me want to improve my fitness even more now”

“It was an awesome day and the soaking at the end was the perfect finish!”

“Thanks a lot for today mate, thoroughly enjoyed it and picked up loads of great info! Love your energy as well, I could listen to you for hours! Keep me posted on your future events in the Midlands area, I will be the first name down on the list! Stay healthy buddy!”

“What ya say?…bootcamp?..where do I sign? Ha! Still flying high off yesterday Karl!…still can’t work out how you managed to arrange thunder, hail & lightning right on cue??! & mother nature so have got a special thing going on! Ha!”

“Yeah bootcamp I’m in!! That was a very cool ending I have to say ; ) looking forward to the next get together”

“Bloody awesome. Tomorrow I’m going to make a life plan. Cheers Karl. Left wanting more. You said you could stay awake for about a week. Let try it at the next one!”

“Great day top fella is Karl and lots of knowledge, I could of stayed there all weekend”

“Morning Karl, well I have woken up full of beans this morning…”

“You’re amazing, you can’t help but feel motivated feeding off your passion! … Life changing experience yesterday!”

“Fantastic information Karl, thank you so much for coming up to sunny Leicester to share your knowledge with us.”

“We know this man called Karl Whitfield who has spent years of his life developing MotherNaturesDiet. This is a way of healthy living and longevity of life. He has all the science behind your body and how your body reacts to everything around it and in it. We went to his seminar yesterday and basically changed our lives and the way see things.
Find MotherNaturesDiet on Facebook and start reading his blogs, etc.”

“Top man cheers buddy my head still spinning from everything you said yesterday!”

“It’s time to make sure every single cell of by body is working together as a team to create an amazing life. Let’s get the fuel right, to give me the energy I’m going to need.
MotherNaturesDiet will give you everything you need to create the life you wanted when you were a child, and the energy to go and get it. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.”

“Thanks again Karl! Those kinda days with such like-minded people is what I’m all about! True positivity environment while gaining a wealth of health knowledge! Let’s all do it again real soon hermano!”

“Mate, you can’t help but push your fitness levels wen you’re around like-minded people pushing each other on! That’s what I’m all about! So much positivity in the air!”

“What a day! Thunder & lightning on cue!…you can’t script that!”

“Perfect end to a day with the ‘Guru’ Karl Whitfield. We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing role model share his passion with us on a daily basis. MND is the way to go for true health.”

“Very informative, followed by a training session in Bradgate Park devised by Karl. Almost killed me but I enjoyed it! I ache a bit today though lol!”

“I soon realized it was no beginners workout Karl lol. Halfway up the first hill I was really struggling but really glad I managed to get through to the end.”

“Bootcamp sounds great. I rather think I need to vastly improve my fitness before thinking of going. You guys were awesome yesterday”

“Yeah was a great day…”

“Yeah and the thunder at the end was awesome as well Karl!”

“I definitely plan to keep it up and improve even more now I’ve got the bug”

“I’d definitely be down for the bootcamp as well. One day’s learning from you was awesome so three days would be super awesome fella.”

Thank you Leicester!!

‘Was very enlightening morning.’
 - Norfolk, seminar attendee, UK.

“…it was a privilege and honour having you visit us and the information was just mind blowing so a big thank you to you.”
- Midlands, UK.

From a workshop attendee - “That was a life changing workshop. So glad Karl Whitfield made the journey to come here!” – Ms P, UK.

“Go to the seminar! Do it! Do it!! Do it!!!
You won’t regret it, it’s like the gift that just keeps on giving - I found courage to go in July, and would say there’s not been a day since when I haven’t been mindful of all I do (not that everything I do would be approved behaviour!). And you know how once you know something, you can’t “un-know” it, well that too - where previously the “I didn’t know” card could be played… not so much now, once you “know”, you also know the only person doing good or harm with your life choices is you!!
You may even find your own personal “haters”, I have one - I’d told her when I booked what I was doing, what it was about, etc., next time I saw her, well the diatribe against Karl, against the principles and how this was clearly a brain washing cult was quite a revelation!!
No brainwashing required though, just the information and confidence you need to make beneficial changes, baby step by baby step” – Mrs T, Midlands, UK.

“Thanks for the interesting seminar Karl, we loved it!” – Ms D, Cyprus.

“Great day & the juice & food made it extra special.” – Mr S, Leicester

“Brilliant seminar, thank you Karl. X” - Mrs V, Norwich.

“Absolutely brilliant again, Karl is so inspiring and driven, and the juice bar was fantastic, well worth the ££ and the 350 mile round trip….a lot of food for thought…excuse the pun! X” – Mrs W, Midlands.

“Fabulous day with Karl and Trish thank you so much! Fantastic day!” – Mrs W, Norwich.

“Karl’s enthusiasm! I feel so motivated!”

“Karl can answer every possible question that people ask!”

“Lunch was incredible! Thank you Trish!” - Attendee, Norwich

“I loved the understanding of the 12 Core Principles”



And from a special training workshop we ran in Rugby in the Midlands:

“Big thanks to Stuart and Karl Whitfield for a brilliant training session on Sunday … best one I’ve had for a very long time ….. and yes I’m feeling those lunges (even though I couldn’t get down all the way ) actually I’m feeling it everywhere lol …. an easy 3 miles tonight and found me a tree to do pull-ups on no surprises that I had nothing left in my arms to do one lol! Thanks again folks!” – Mr P, Lichfield, UK.

“What an awesome day at MND FITNESS. 3 hours of amazing training.
Big thank you to Karl for introducing some funky new ideas. And a massive thank you to everyone who came along to show support and build the atmosphere.
Very proud of every one of you.” – Stuart, MND Fitness, Rugby, UK.

“Loved it but realise now just how feeble I really am!
…….where’s my running shoes lol! x” – Jane, Burton, UK.

“Awesome challenging workouts… love love loved both parts! And particularly part two…made a new friend and fabulous training partner x” - Mrs T, Midlands.

“Wow aching in places I otherwise take for granted, Karl thank you for the lunges I’m reminded of them every time I stand up or sit down!! X” – Mrs Wade, Midlands, UK.

“You are a genius PT, my body feels like it’s had the best workout ever! God help me when I try to stand up later after a few hours sitting in my office chair! Lol…” - Workshop attendee, Rugby.

To learn more about the 1-day seminar, to look for upcoming dates and to buy your tickets, please visit this page today.




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