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What people say about ‘MND Life!’ – our members-only community

MND Life! is a private members-only community, based on a monthly subscription.

Learn more here if you are interested.

“Karl Whitfield… undersell being a full member!! A member has access not only to the closed lovely supportive group, but the information is endless. The webinars, all our newsletters, information in general, all the research you have done. I have had all my health, weight and well-being questions answered by you and all that is written on the member’s website. It is just a ‘well of knowledge’ and information. Becoming a member is one of the best investments I have done! And for what, a few pence a day!!”

“Community membership brings huge benefits and in my opinion is well worth the very small outlay.”

“It is only the cost of a 1 cup of (Costa or Starbucks) coffee a week, which is nothing for all that info help and support you get, to get and keep you in good health. Not counting the fabulous like-minded friends you meet too.”

“I’d like to give this testimonial to you Karl, because this is where I’m at 🙂

You and MND have changed my life over the past year. I have to admit I’ve always been interested in nutrition and had previously tried so many ways to stop feeling the way I did, which was ‘heavy’, having abdominal pain, lack of energy, suffering from bouts of depression and insecurity and I’ve been addicted to alcohol since I was 14 years old.

I went to the seminar in July 2015, I was desperate to find a way out, and I did. Someone FINALLY told me it’s ok not to eat grains, to ditch all the crap in my life and DO something about it. I went home and cleared my cupboards and changed my diet to MND stylee!

From there I got serious about working out; I MADE myself do it. I instilled some new habits, one of which I love so much: get up at 5.30am and get outside for a walk. I love this time of day and it energises me, it’s a great way to start the day. I quit a stressful thankless job. I took the MND Intensive Workshop in November 2015 and after that I took time out and studied hard; studied me; studied what I actually want and how to change those parts of my life that aren’t serving me.

It’s a year on and I’ve lost 2 stone, I have not suffered from depression for over 6 months, I have been on more adventures in the past year than ever before and now I feel that every day is an adventure if I choose it to be!

And finally, I’m free of alcohol after 40 long years; a battle I never want to go through again.

MND has fuelled my love of life! I’m determined now that I’ve lost the weight to build muscle strength.
What I love about this group is our support for each other.

Thank you (again and again) Karl xoxox” - Mrs R, East of England

“I need to implant you into my brain, keep me away from Xmas food. I don’t want any of that crap tonight after listening to an hour of Karl!” – Ms. B, Oxon.

“This month’s newsletter is once again brilliant.. So much information, loved the interview well done Monty, what an achievement.
If you haven’t signed up for it you really should, it’s not expensive if you spend money on gossip mags, replace them with ‘Against the Grain’ it is much more inspiring!
Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow too.
Honestly if I had to cut down on my monthly outgoings my MND would be one of the last to go!” – Mrs C, Lincolnshire.

“THIS is why I follow you and MND Karl Whitfield I trust you to know what I need to know, without having to research it all for myself. I would not be able to do that as well as you even if I had the time and resources I am a ‘big picture’ person not a detail person! So my monthly subscription is worth every penny - best value for money ever! Just need to ensure I stick to core principles! Thank you!” – Jenny, Midlands.

“Just read this months ‘Against the Grain’
Fantastic read Karl!! Looking forward to part 2 and putting it all into action!!” – Mrs. H, Surrey.

“I cannot tell you how much this group and its kindness is transforming my life at the moment. It is so simple and I’m so grateful, otherwise I could have spent my next decade getting it wrong, researching, over learning and over complicating everything. I’m feeling the changes and I’m feeling fantastic and I thank you x.”

“Was great wasn’t it, learn more each day, love it” – Michelle, UK.

“I’m so stoked, that was brilliant Karl. Got to wait another month now for the next one.”

“….spent the day reading the brilliant meticulous MND Xmas newsletter…Yes I knew some of that stuff before but man I certainly needed reminding….Love the bit about…” - Mr. M, Ireland.

“Wow…thanks for the Newsletter Karl…”

“I’m at my sisters this weekend, we are out for a meal later ( I’ve seen menu and will be good) I’ve just started reading ‘Against the Grain’, I am only on page 2 but have been motivated already, so have told kids get coats on we are going out for a game of football.. Exercise & fun + valuable time with kids win! Everyone should sign up.. Webinar and newsletter are worth £20 of anyone’s money! Absolutely fantastic.. Thank you! I really mean it!” – Mrs C, UK.

“…my hubby … was sceptical at first but has been eating nearly the same as me and has lost half a stone, now he’s singing your praises!! I’ve lost just about a stone…[in a month]”

“I am feeling great! No knee pain, still swollen but no pain! No feet pain from my op! AND I have had to put a new hole in my belt about an inch and a half from the last one! I know I have lost weight because I can feel it. Energy level is improving too. My husband said my face and skin look really good yesterday, he said I don’t look puffy. For him to comment let alone notice is a miracle lol! x”

“Thank you Karl, the webinar was really interesting - I have lots to learn , enjoying soaking it all up. The bit that really hit home to me was “what does a farmer feed his pigs to fatten them up for market?” GRAIN. That one will stay with me.” – Mrs. B, UK.

“Great Webinar Karl, didn’t know what to expect but very impressed  xx”

“I had no idea what to expect…but loved it”

“Karl you know how I feel about you, this post brought tears to my eyes because it came straight from your heart (and I am a big softie). I have said that your goodness shines through and this post shows that. It is impossible not to be inspired by you and your passion, you are making a difference, YOU are making a difference to people’s lives - I can attest to that!” - Mrs V, Midlands

“If ever there was a post that showed heartfelt sincerity, passionate belief, genuine desire to share and give hope to others, this was it.
Thank you, Karl, your energy and your drive is inspirational. X”

“The “get a life” MND TV rant video is still one of if not my most favourite clips on the Internet lol” - Mr B, UK.

“It’s wonderful to be in the company of such dear sweet people. Everyone helping one another. I think Facebook is a better place because you are on it. I think The world is a better place because you are in it. My personal thank yous for your unstinting help and inspiration will last the rest of my lifetime, since joining this group has changed the rest of my lifetime xx”

“This group is why I now get on to Facebook, love and best wishes to you full of life being on here !!!”

“Only just joined this group and over-awed by the beautiful souls and wonderful support for each other Thank you Karl xxx”

“I just read the newsletter - really great thank you Karl.”

“that newsletter was one lightning-bolt packed with solid info, garnered from years and years of sacrifice, I learned tons from it …” – Mr. M, Ireland.

“Great Against the Grain issue this month Karl - was late for work this afternoon as I got so absorbed in reading it!
Learning so much from MND - not only the information which is of course invaluable but about myself too…” – Mrs Smith, Kent.

“…watching Episode 2 of MND TV (love it!)”

“I love MND for not just weight loss but all the other benefits I gain from its holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, and it’s MND I will follow for the rest of my days.” – Seminar attendee, Cardiff, UK.

“I was outside for 8hrs plus timekeeping and race directing at our running events over the weekend, and I kept moving in MND style! I was doing star jumps, squats, running on the spot, leg kicks, lunges and so on in between tracking the runners - it kept me warm too! It’s such a stupidly simple concept - waiting for someone/something for 2mins - do some activity - I’m like ‘durr how come I never thought of this before!’ It’s a no brainer!” – Mrs S, UK

“I opened this up and started reading. Holy s*** this is the most informatively dense PDF I’ve ever read! You are a freaking powerhouse man. All your years of consolidating data now being applied to health is such a gift. Thank you for creating this. I want a print version to keep in the kitchen. I can’t read it all at once as my brain overflows!” – Mr M, Los Angeles

“I feel like a switch has been flicked! Perhaps because I’ve been making healthy changes for a couple of years now I feel like the MND way just brings together all the good bits from what I learned in a way that is so blindingly obviously simple that I don’t know how I didn’t see it before…..but when you start looking into all these ‘healthy alternatives’ you get blinded by science and confliction and can’t see the simple bigger picture! Hallelujah I think I’m a convert!! BUT still lots more potential to clean up and simplify further and of course learn and understand - it’s all work in progress and I’m happy to take it little step by step. I cannot tell you how much support I get from this community in such a short space of time - thank you!” – Rachel, UK

Testimonials  for our group (optional) ‘Summer Camp’ which is hugely popular:
“It was an amazing 4 days… changing. We all pushed ourselves to the limit and overcame pretty big fears. We also had a massive laugh and got on so well. Membership is worth it just for this xx” - Mrs B, Midlands, UK

“This was one of the best times of my life! 😍” - Mrs R, South East, UK

“I had the most amazing time. A fantastic fun filled time of doing brilliant stuff with fab people all squashed into a long weekend and it cost peanuts !!!
Karl is just the most supportive, inspiring , joyful nutter I have ever met.
Get your short arms out of your long pockets and join up guys!!!!!! x” - Mrs H, Surrey, UK.

Testimonial for The MND Guide to Body Composition, eBook: ‘Just finished your eBook Karl, great read. The significantly reduced average lifespan of elite athletes is quite an amazing stat. Your analogy with the car in both the fat section and to summarise is very good.’

And - “Wow-that ‘MND guide to body composition’ is really fascinating! Will be reading it again tomorrow! Couldn’t leave it once I started…cheers for that!” – Ms K, Northern Ireland

“Hey Karl , I can’t thank you enough for showing me the errors of my ways , and shining the torch of reality straight to where I should be . Thanks to you, over the last 9 months I’ve lost over 2 1/2 stone, I’m enjoying life again, and I’ve developed the habit of doing loads of walking.” - Mr.S, Midlands, UK

“You are a genius PT, my body feels like it’s had the best workout ever! God help me when I try to stand up later after a few hours sitting in my office chair! Lol…” - Workshop attendee, Midlands.

And from a private coaching client - “Karl has really researched and perfected his coaching. He puts a lot of time into working with your individual needs, and explains things well when you don’t understand. He definitely helped me to set the ground work for long term success for a healthy, leaner, fitter life!”  - Ms M, UK.

“I’m having a good day….started out with a bike ride…on the way bumping into a runner, turned out to be the big man himself…Karl Whitfield. Can’t believe he managed to squeeze me in for a cuppa. Brilliant to catch up…I’ve been living less than a mile away for four months! Anyway, the point of this post is just to say that whilst I went to a seminar, it was good to really see and feel that he does walk (or run) the talk….out for a run in the morning (with quite a sweat on I might add), the drink I was offered came from the garden (lemon balm tea), his house was a monument to MND complete with climbing wall on the side of the house and replete with vegetable patches and fruit growing, standing desk with books, files, gadgets and all manner of work related paraphernalia. It’s not that I doubted any of this for even one moment, but it was strangely affirming to see first-hand that my loyalty to the cause is not in any way misplaced. I even walked away with two branded MND shirts!” – Mr M, Wiltshire

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